These Marxist Governors...

BP CEO Tony Hayward told the Financial Times that It now is looking like BP did not have all the equipment it needed to stop the leak from its Macondo well in the Gulf after the oil explosion six weeks ago. Hayward said, "What is undoubtedly true is that we did not have the tools you would want in your tool-kit,” and added it was “an entirely fair criticism” to say BP was not fully prepared. Meanwhile, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has asked President Obama to to restart deepwater drilling soon, and at the same time Gov. Bob Riley (R-AL) is pointing fingers at the Coast Guard for not protecting Alabama’s barrier islands from oil. Charlie Crist (R-FL) has asked that Florida’s commercial fishing industry be declared a disaster. This is a fascinating spectacle, with five Gulf coast Republican governors now torn between the big bucks the oil company gives them, their proclamations that they hate "big government," and their demands that "the federal government" declare emergencies - making them eligible for big government federal funds that they used to call welfare - and for "big government" to do more to protect their states. These Marxist governors - that's Marxist as in the Marx Brothers because they can't get anything straight - hate federal money and help when it goes to working people as unemployment compensation or to children as school funding or AFDC payments, but love federal money when it comes to their offices in the form of emergency funds so they can pass it out and look like they're doing something. They love tax breaks for the oil industry like the oil depletion allowance and for hedge fund billionaires like the Bush tax cuts that cut most billionaires income tax rates to a maximum 15%, but freak out when there isn't federal tax money to pay for the resources necessary to protect their states from the oil companies they keep inviting in. It's bizarre enough to even cause Limbaugh to stutter.

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