Daily Topics - Wednesday July 21st, 2010

Quote of the Day: If you think mitigated climate change is expensive, try unmitigated climate change ~ Dr. Richard Gammon

Hour One: If the British are ok with a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street, why aren't Americans?

Hour Two: Would you pay more for energy to save the planet and has anyone broken your nose yet? Thom has a rumble with Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute www.businessandmedia.org; Plus, what can we learn from Germany's energy renewal program? Hans Josef Fell, Member of the German Parliament's Green Party, will be here www.energywatchgroup.org

Hour Three: Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL, 8th district) talks to Thom about the Republican crazy train http://grayson.house.gov


Jeanie's picture
Jeanie 10 years 14 weeks ago

So since we know about the ACORN fraud that the right-wingers pulled, why can't it be re-funded?

michaelxg 10 years 14 weeks ago

Fox, GOP, et al, are trying like crazy to divide us on racial lines, because they are terrified that we will divide instead on class lines. There are a lot more people making less than $250K/year than $250K and up, but it's that privileged minority that sets the tone of our debates!

Jeanie's picture
Jeanie 10 years 14 weeks ago

There's a reason why there is no real 9/11 investigation. Getting complete information about the improbable destruction of skyscrapers and the deaths of thousands of people and all of the strange coincidences surrounding the event is not nearly as important as going into the sordid details of a democratic president's affair. That is what needs to be thoroughly investigated.

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

re: #1;'cause we're the only ones who know

Jeanie's picture
Jeanie 10 years 14 weeks ago

What is the reason that conservatives are so against the concept of climate change? Why oh why? Is it because "tree huggers" are worried about the planet and they don't want to be associated with them? Or is it all financial--we shouldn't have to pay one cent for anything other than war?

Jeanie's picture
Jeanie 10 years 14 weeks ago

Why don't conservatives ever ask where the money will come from when they give enormous tax breaks to the super wealthy or to wage unnecessary war?

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

I think the non-rich neo-cons operate on denial. They deny a lot, including denying any responsibility for their fellow man. It's just a lot easier that way, as the ulcer grows. I prefer to differentiate between conservatives (fiscal conservatives) and neo-cons. I think the rich conservates are just voting in their own self interest.

Foodfascist's picture
Foodfascist 10 years 14 weeks ago

Excellent interview! thx so much for having Hans-Josef Fell on today! We just had him join in a briefing here in Sacramento. State Senators Darrell Steinberg and Fran Pavley are open, as well as Assembly persons Nancy Skinner, and some others that are trying to push through REESA- from the FIT Coalition.

SAN FRANCISCO— The FIT Coalition cited UC Berkeley findings this week that a Robust Feed-in Tariff (FIT) would be essential in order to realise California State Renewable Portfolio Standards. The model assumes the passage of the FIT Coalition’s Renewable Energy and Economic Stimulus Act (REESA). A version of the REESA FIT has been introduced in the the California State Legislature as AB1106 sponsored by Assembly Members Fuentes and Ruskin.

REESA legislation calls for enacting a FIT for renewable energy projects up to 20-megawatts (MW) in size and delivering an incremental 2% of California’s delivered energy from renewables every year through 2020.


Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 10 years 14 weeks ago

What's the difference between private organizations and the mob?


harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

re:#9: "Roberts Rules of Order"?

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

During the debates on defunding ACORN someone suggested that any federal contractor who commits fraud or crimes be defunded. Then someone realized that Blackwater, who had to pay a $50 million plus fine, would be defunded.

ACORN did not commit a crime - their contract required them to report any violations of voter registration. They found the culprits and reported as directed. ACORN received less money in a several year funding than Blackwater had to pay as a fine in one year.

Jeanie's picture
Jeanie 10 years 14 weeks ago

I found the quote in a bunch of places, and it apparently happened before he was president.


“Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.”

Ronald Reagan (b. 1911), U.S. Republican politician, president. Sacramento Bee (April 28, 1966).

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

The problem with very many politicians is that they have fine tuned their campaigns. They know how to win an election and no other skills are required.

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

@Maxrot & Harry Ashburn: The Mob is better organized and more honest.

scottgee1 10 years 14 weeks ago

Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.

RONALD REAGAN, Sacramento Bee, Apr. 28, 1966

More RR wizdumb here:


speedbird9's picture
speedbird9 10 years 14 weeks ago

There was NEVER an apology to the Iranian Government or any victim of that downing. Remember, George H.W. Bush (as VP, of course) said "I will never apologize for the United States — I don't care what the facts are... I'm not an apologize-for-America kind of guy." There was a settlement, a rather pitiful one, but there has never been any sort of apology to the victims onboard that airliner, the airline or to Iran for that incident.

I've always wondered what the world might be like IF the United States had taken responsibility for that incident.

rladlof's picture
rladlof 10 years 14 weeks ago

Hi all . . . I’m back from my first vacation in almost twenty (20) years:

File under “Thank you , Ben Nelson”: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/07/early-signs-point-to-tough-landscape-for-elizabeth-warren.php?ref=fpa

Breitbart, the scandal he IS: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/07/breitbart_i_did_not_edit_this_thing.php

Corporate strangling information flow: http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/FCC-1424-Million-Without-Broadband-109473

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

re:#14: The mob uses "Mugsy's Rules of Order". The irony is now they've gone legit and occupy the board room instead of the pool room. And they pay few taxes. And launder billions in drug money.

rladlof's picture
rladlof 10 years 14 weeks ago

From Alan Grayson's latest fund raising e-mail:

"I'll give $100 to first Rep. who punches smary [sic] idiot Alan Grayson in nose."

That incitement to violence was tweeted yesterday, by Dan Gainor. Who is Dan Gainor? The Vice President of the Media Research Center (MRC). MRC is a right-wing Washington slur tank that glorifies Big Business in its "Business and Media Institute." It is a $6 million lie factory, blessed by Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

And in case you missed the point, Gainor later tweeted, "I'd love to see the video."

Foodfascist's picture
Foodfascist 10 years 14 weeks ago

Okay- just sent in what I could to Salems Childrens Village- http://www.salemchildrensvillage.org/


Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

@rladlof #19: Gainor probably couldn't reach Grayson's nose, even if he had the stones to try hitting a 6'5" man who is very likely to laugh at such an attempt.

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

Andy Borowitz has suggested that we could wipe out the national debt with a tax on lies.

scottgee1 10 years 14 weeks ago

I sure hope someone doesn't use that as encouragement/an excuse to do that.

When Thom spoke with him today, did Gainor say he was joking?

JohnnyO's picture
JohnnyO 10 years 14 weeks ago

Thom Hartmann: We should "refutiate" FOX noise for their shamefull distortion of not only current events but also history.

"Refutiate" is a new word designed by S. Palin.

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

re: #20: I sent 'em a carton of Salems. snicker...guffaw....chortle

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

re: #24: "I can see Daniel Webster from my house!" -sarah palin

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago

It WAS the farmer's wife! She cut off their tails with a carving knife. Have you ever seen such a sight in your life? etc...etc...etc....

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 14 weeks ago

When ghw bush nominated Clarence Thomas and sprinkled the story that Thomas was as capable as Thurgood Marshall, someone commented, "Clarence Thomas is to Thurgood Marshall as paint-by-numbers is to art."

harry ashburn 10 years 14 weeks ago
Zero G's picture
Zero G 10 years 14 weeks ago

Alan Greyson was spot on point when Thom asked him about working with GOPhers. The Dan Gainor's of the world are like the thugs who steal lunch money, advocate violence for profit, excuse torture, etc. I doubt there's a glacier's chance in this warming world of getting any of them out of their "habits of view" or "reality tunnels."

gerald's picture
gerald 10 years 14 weeks ago

With the help of George Schultz President Nixon set in motion to control the masses. His plan was to "divide and rule." This plan was to divide Whites and Blacks. This plan was to pit one race with another race. Current conservatives have adopted the Nixon/Schultz plan.They recycle old ideas with new ideas. Nothing ever changes in the United States of Satan's Disciples.

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