To Donate to The Salem Children's Trust...

Salem needs your help. In these trouble economic times the states are slowing their payments to kids in care. If you can spare $5, $25, $100 or more...please help by going to and donate.

"If I had one wish for every child that comes to Salem, it would be that he reaches goals that have meaning for him as an individual."

In 1979, Thom Hartmann founded the New England Salem Children’s Village (NESCV) in New Hampshire, and continued to spread the Salem message of peace and environmental respect. Since that time, NESCV have served over 250 children here in Rumney, and the village continues to be a leader in treating children with behavioral challenges.

The New England Salem Children’s Village is a non-profit corporation whose main purpose is to provide a home and nurturing environment for neglected and emotionally disturbed children. This village was first established in Rumney, New Hampshire in 1979 and is one of two Salem Villages in the United States. The Salem Children’s Village is a group foster-care facility that provides various levels of care, from most to least restrictive environments, according to the individual needs of the child.


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mebchris 10 years 14 weeks ago

Get drunk and save children!!

Thom made a good point that for the price of a beer and a pizza, you could donate $25 to The Salem Children's Trust.

Lately I have been enjoying about a case a week of the new Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale, and spending about $36 a week to do so. Normally I do not drink that often but this beer has been creeping up on me from 1 to 2 to 4 because it is simply sublime. (note; I have no affiliation with the above said brewery but for being a fan of their Pale Ale for 30 years)

I just donated $60 to the The Salem Children's Trust and spent the rest on a large (cheap) $10 bottle of vodka to make home made Kahlua and enjoy (Big Lebowski style) white Russians for the next two weeks instead of indulging in this Ale.

Please consider a small drinking change in your life to uplift the lives of so many others who without your help may well may become alcoholics just as ...well, I won't say or admit myself but then I am sure you can put 2 & 3 together and come up with six just like I do regardless of whether I consume it all or extend help others.


Please google options, I use something like the following:

2-3 cups of water to brew some very strong coffee or about 3/4 of a cup of instant in the same amount of water. Note: instant is used as the most common source of coffee and seems to add an edge that brewed coffee misses in this recipe.

Add a cup of sugar. -I use Organic sugar from Wall Mart mixed 50% with brown, and then add about a tablespoon or two of vanilla...or you can use the fake stuff. (some people feel just as married with diamonelles)

Literally, shake it and it is ready to pour over ice and add a splash of 1/2 &1/2 to make a great White Russian. Many friends have commented on how great these WR's taste and can not believe I made the Kahlua, many needed a ride home.

We enjoy so much and so often and yet leave out brothers and sisters walking streets alone rejected by family or friends.

Enjoy! ..and give; my heart felt so full making the donation, my blood alcohol seems to know no difference!

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