From Global Warming to Goldman Sachs - It's all about the Money

From Global Warming to Goldman Sachs - It's all about the money. Flooding from extreme rains has killed at least 313 people in Pakistan and killed 29 people and displaced more than 254,000 in northeast China. Forest fires due to Russia’s most intensive heatwave in history killed 18 people, and Japan’s worst heat wave has killed 66 people. But wait, there's more....the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has smacked down petitions by conspiracy theorists who argue global warming is a hoax. But wait, there's still more....Republicans, with the potential support of Democrats dependent on oil money, are gearing up to block oil disaster reform bills in the House and Senate. But wait, there's even more...Public Campaign reports that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor took in more than $460,000 in the second quarter from the financial industry, including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, and he was in the top ten recipients for oil and gas contributions. Without campaign finance reform that works...expect more floods, fires, oil spill disasters and Republican Great Depressions.

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