Daily Topics - Monday August 23rd, 2010

Quote of the Day: "We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government." James Madison

Hour One: Should Roger Ailes be in Guantanamo for supporting terrorism? Thom has a rumble with Televangelist Bill Keller, Founder-LivePrayer.com, and proprietor of the forthcoming 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero www.911christiancenter.com

Hour Two: When will America wake up and adopt Swedish socialism? Thom mixes it up with John Berlau, Director of the Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs at the Competitive Enterprise Institute www.cei.org

Hour Three: With people literally committing suicide because the economy is tanking, how can the right keep screaming about a community center next to a strip club near Ground Zero? Thom confronts Scott Wheeler of the Republican National Trust PAC http://nationalrepublicantrust.com/

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