It's Time to talk about Reparations for Gays & The Mormon Church should pay for all Gay Weddings in CA

Judge Vaughn Walker gave a victory to Proposition 8 opponents by overturning the California Gay Marriage Ban. The Judge ruled that the Proposition 8 ballot initiative that forebade giving marriage rights to same sex couples in California was unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses of the constitution. Interestingly, Judge Walker, when he was appointed by Ronald Reagan back the the 1980s, his confirmation was opposed by Democrats including Nancy Pelosi because of comments he had previously made that were arguable derogatory against gays. What moved this conservative Republican judge to rule that gay marriage is protected under the constitution, was the overwhelming scientific evidence presented at the trial that children of gay couples do as well or better as children of straight couples, and that gay couples are as normal, as much full contributors to society, and as psychology healthy as straight couples. Contrast that with acts of violence gays have suffered at the hands right-wing homophobes such as Matthew Shepard being pistol whipped, tortured, tied to a fence in a remote area, then left to die. Now the question: given that for hundreds of years gays have been the victims of wide spread institutional and state-sponsored discrimination, regular acts of violence of torture and murder, and have been forbidden from creating families and thus deriving the social and economic benefits from legal family relationships like inheritance, isn't it time to consider reparations. Plus the Mormon Church, which provided so much of the funding that caused Prop 8 to pass in California, should be forced, to pay for the all weddings, of gay couples in California.


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DRichards 12 years 43 weeks ago

I don't have a lot to say about the ruling on the Proposition 8 case over gay marriage in California -- the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages was overturned by a federal judge -- because the only decision that counts will be made by the monstrosity that is the John Roberts Supreme Court, and one can imagine how that one will go down. This was like the equivalent of that pre-season game the Birds play against the Jets every August, entertaining for a moment or two but largely meaningless. I'm guessing the only leftover excitement tomorrow will be when right-wing radio goes after the chief federal judge of the circuit in northern California, Vaughn Walker, as another loopy California liberal activist judge.

Really? Except that Ronald Reagan tried to name Walker to the bench way back in 1987, and his first nomination was blocked by liberal Democrats in Congress. One reason? He was perceived as anti-gay, because he represented the Los Angeles Olympic Committee in suing to shut down an event called "the Gay Olympics." But there's more. Walker -- who was nominated again by the next Republican, George H.W. Bush, and confirmed -- is gay. He is currently one of only two openly gay federal judges. And despite his support from Reagan and Bush 41, he's not exactly a conservative but an honest-to-goodness libertarian. Thus, liberals still complain about Walker favoring rich people in many key decisions. But he's also a proponent of drug legalization. And now he's issued what is -- until it's probably overturned -- one of the landmark progressive rulings of the 21st Century.

The thing is, I'm wondering if someone like Vaughn Walker could ever become a federal judge today. We want people to fit into the Glenn Beck box or the Michael Moore box in their ideology, and someone with libertarian and iconoclastic views will probably just end up offending potential supporters on both sides. To me that's the most interesting thing about today's ruling -- the guy who made it. Even if you disagree with the verdict, I think someday soon you're going to miss free-thinking judges when they're gone.

Posted by Will Bunch @ 10:54 PM

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Boris31 12 years 43 weeks ago

It's incredible that an America that could be comfortable with people bringing loaded guns into a Starbucks or a church, could be uncomfortable with the Prop 8 Ruling. If we are indeed a country governed by laws, shouldn't they at least make sense ?

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Redlocks 12 years 43 weeks ago

I sometime hear the argument against same sex marriage be that if gay or lesbian couple raise children, then the children will become gay. Obviously, there is no evidence of this mythology. And even if it were true, so what?

However, if we were to apply this reasoning, then we would have to do away with a marriage between a man and a woman.

Think about it. Who raises most of the children in this country? Straight people do. Whether it is a nuclear family or single parents, for the most part straight people raise most of the children in this country.

Gay and lesbian people exist in this country. Therefore, if most children are raised by straight people, then most gay and lesbian people came from homes with straight parents.

Therefore, if one is going to push forward the argument that gay and lesbian parents raise gay children and this somehow invalidates marriage between gay and lesbians, then it also invalidates marriage between a man and a woman.

Afterall, straight men and women are raising the most gay and lesbian people.

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gerald 12 years 43 weeks ago

Let me start that Iam appalled when gays are harmed or killed. Father Groeschel on Catholic television said that there us a difference between gays and gay lifestyles. There are gays who enjoy the friendship of another man to help pay bills etc. The gay lifetyle acts out it fantasies sexually. We need to know the difference. Harming or killing a suspected gay person is no reason to harm or kill another person. I believe that harming and killing are worse than a gay lifesyle. God should judge another person.

dhavid 12 years 43 weeks ago

Yes, the Mormon's will pay for the weddings for 10 years, America will apologize for supporting Israel's brutal policies and their illegal occupation, Israel will apologize to the Palestinians and give them back their land, and the United States will withdraw it's two illegal occupations starting immediately. Bush/Cheney will be prosecuted in the World Court for war crimes including the illegal invasion of two countries, indefinite detension and torture of suspects as a policy. And America will start making things again to sell to the world, besides weapons. Optimism is key here.

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taxmegarich 12 years 43 weeks ago

A Rainbow Appears Over Utah capitol During Celebration Rally in support of the California Federal judge's decision against Prop 8, according to Mormon church owned KSL-TV. (See KSL story below with video below that appeared on Salt Lake City TV)

This miracle sign in the sky may have intimidated some who were coerced by the church to give money for Proposition 8. See 8: The Mormon Proposition documentary now available on Netflix.

_________- KSL Story & video

Utah activists celebrate overturning of gay marriage banAugust 4th, 2010 @ 10:05pmBy Jennifer Stagg

SALT LAKE CITY -- A federal judge overturned Proposition 8 Wednesday -- California's ban on same sex marriage. Gay marriage activists participated in a celebratory Utah rally Wednesday evening, saying the judge in California heard their pleas for equal marriage rights.

Picture: Hundreds of anti-Prop. 8 supporters gathered at the state capitol Wednesday evening, claiming victory.

This is the day they say they've waited for.

"It's about getting 1,138 rights and privileges and responsibilities that married straight couples have right now that I do not have," said gay marriage supporter Mike Picardi.

Hundreds of anti-Prop. 8 supporters gathered at the state capitol Wednesday evening, claiming victory. It was a perfect way, one couple says, to celebrate their anniversary.

"We've been married for 16 years today," said Tracy Johnson-Faulkner and Marilyn Johnson-Faulkner. "Today really is our anniversary, this day."

As the crowd waved rainbow flags, a real rainbow appeared overhead.

The group held signs saying they too have a right to be legally married -- all while a bride posed for her engagement photos. ...

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ETS 12 years 42 weeks ago

Thom's reparations proposal for gays and lesbians will provoke a November backlash.


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