It's Time to talk about Reparations for Gays & The Mormon Church should pay for all Gay Weddings in CA

Judge Vaughn Walker gave a victory to Proposition 8 opponents by overturning the California Gay Marriage Ban. The Judge ruled that the Proposition 8 ballot initiative that forebade giving marriage rights to same sex couples in California was unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses of the constitution. Interestingly, Judge Walker, when he was appointed by Ronald Reagan back the the 1980s, his confirmation was opposed by Democrats including Nancy Pelosi because of comments he had previously made that were arguable derogatory against gays. What moved this conservative Republican judge to rule that gay marriage is protected under the constitution, was the overwhelming scientific evidence presented at the trial that children of gay couples do as well or better as children of straight couples, and that gay couples are as normal, as much full contributors to society, and as psychology healthy as straight couples. Contrast that with acts of violence gays have suffered at the hands right-wing homophobes such as Matthew Shepard being pistol whipped, tortured, tied to a fence in a remote area, then left to die. Now the question: given that for hundreds of years gays have been the victims of wide spread institutional and state-sponsored discrimination, regular acts of violence of torture and murder, and have been forbidden from creating families and thus deriving the social and economic benefits from legal family relationships like inheritance, isn't it time to consider reparations. Plus the Mormon Church, which provided so much of the funding that caused Prop 8 to pass in California, should be forced, to pay for the all weddings, of gay couples in California.

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