Multi-Millionaire Glenn Beck is the Anti-Christ

Yesterday, far right wing Faux News Performer & Multi-Millionaire Glenn Beck preached to a reported 87,000 supporters at his “Restoring Honor” rally and then later appeared on Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace. When Wallace noted that Multi-Millionaire Beck called President Obama’s faith “a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ” and Wallace wondered who made Multi-Millionaire Beck “the God Squad,” Multi-Millionaire Beck called the President “demonic." Multi-Millionaire Beck said, "The pope even said, this is Pope Benedict, that it is demonic not divine when theology crosses into the line of doing that which only the divine can do. He was speaking specifically about liberation theology." Media Matters also notes that during his interview with Wallace, Beck dismissed the economic agenda associated with Martin Luther King's march 47 years ago, and said that Christians don't recognize Obama's faith. The reality is that Martin Luther King and Liberation Theology call for the same things Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. Jesus fed the masses, and didn't ask for a co-payment. Jesus said, to his disciples the only way to get into heaven was to feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit those in prison, and make sure people were clothed and housed. Multi-Millionaire Glenn Beck, on the other hand, is collaborating with oil billionaires who promote "less government" which really means no regulation of the oil industry; "lower taxes," which really means "don't raise taxes on billionaires"; and "roll back Obamacare," which really means "keep multi-millionaires like Steven J. Hemsley, who took a half a billion dollars as CEO of United Healthcare, in charge of only healing the wealthy." His Mormonism aside, the anti-theology and naked plutocratic agenda that multi-millionaire Glenn Beck is promoting makes him not only NOT a follower of Christ but arguably the opposite. Multi-Millionaire Glen Beck is the Anti-Christ.


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Larry-T 13 years 42 weeks ago

The combination of an ignorant public and political demagogues aligned with corporate wealth and religious extremism is what may destroy our nation.

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stopgap 13 years 42 weeks ago

HONOR? MY ASS!! Nothing says," restoring honor to the good'ol U.S. of A.", like the Clueless Clucking Clan (white hoods optional) packing up their broods into their gas-guzzling Hummers and schlepping their asses halfway across the country to grovel and drool at the feet of a bunch of cynical, money-grubbing political opportunists, led by a babbling, drug- addled, "Shock Jock"? - Incidentally, haven't these people noticed that they have an ungodly obsession with seeking divine inspiration, guidance and leadership from drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, warmongers, whoremongers, adulterers, sadistic torturers, self hating hypocritical liars and pedophiles?

But Beck was right about one thing. This was not a political event. - It was however, a cynical, grandiose charade, masked as a benefit for veterans, insidiously crafted to insure loyalty of the flock to the fold by allowing the devoted pilgrims to assuage themselves of any feelings of guilt and transfer any sense of blame that might have resulted from their complicity in aiding and abetting the Bush administration. - Yes, the same Bush administration that started an unnecessary war which may have killed up to one million people, left millions as refuges, destroyed an entire country's infrastructure, and recklessly took our own economy from the longest period of economic growth in modern times, to the brink of collapse and the deepest recession since the "Great Depression" while placing our debt in the receivership of Communist China. Not to mention - committing numerous acts of treason such as harassing vote counters in Florida's 2000 presidential election; scrubbing voter rosters in minority areas of legally registered voters, whose name just happened to be similar to convicted felons; and numerous other election shenanigans. - And not least, for committing the blatant treason of outing the identity of undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame, in an effort to seek revenge for her husband telling the truth about the fraud of Saddam's efforts to obtain yellow cake uranium form Niger. Which the Bush administration touted as irrefutable proof to justify their illegal, immoral war. Of course, the list of crimes of the Bush administration goes on and on.

If I had supported such a criminal, scandal ridden, immoral administration; I too might be seeking to convince myself that I was righteous and not at fault, rather than bear the weight of shame and guilt for cheerleading such transgressions. And what better and easier way to do that, than by blaming all the problems on Barack Obama, who just happens to be our first black president; and blaming Mexican immigrants and believing that all muslims are terrorists. - After all, if Obama is the muslim antichrist and wrong about everything; then that means; we must be right. If we are the ones that say we are seeking out the "good" in this country. Then that means, liberals must be the bad ones. Or so they believe.

Ken Melman outing himself and Fox News totally ignoring the story tells you everything you need to know about the "Tea Party" mentality. That they will knowingly ignore any truths or facts that interfere with their treasonous ideology of opposite reality: "Clean Skies", means I can pollute with impunity; "Clear Water" means I can poison without conscience. If I name it the opposite of my intentions or my beliefs; then that makes that it's al right for me to do. If I hate and oppress gays, then no matter what the evidence there is to the contrary, I'm not gay. If I hate and oppress muslims, then that means that I'm not a terrorist. Even if I engage in a campaign of "Shock and Awe", that's sole purpose was to terrorize. Who needs a dictionary? When you can create your own definitions.

"Now see kids... mommy and daddy were right after all... and if you're afraid of global warming or climate change or whatever scary name they call it". "Then we'll just rename it, Operation Eden."

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SoloPocono 13 years 42 weeks ago

This Twilight Zone Episode-portrays Beck SO aptly-a MUST SEE!!!

Thanks to Kevin Gosztola from

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally: "He's Alive!"

The VERY worthwhile accompanying article:

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Foodfascist 13 years 42 weeks ago

Ban plastic bags in California! Californians. Please call your state representatives today. Vote on getting rid of plastic bags is going to happen soon. Plastic and plastic junk is filling the oceans- see this link to understand see this

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Foodfascist 13 years 42 weeks ago

@solopocono- Great article:

Allow me to post the last 2 paragraphs:

There's an analogy to be drawn to an episode of the Twilight Zone called, "He's Alive!" It was Twilight Zone's creator Rod Serling's warning to Americans that as long as ignorance and hate persists so too will characters who are perpetually hungry for greatness, who are looking to exploit ignorance and hate for honor and power.

On first look, Beck's rally seemed like an event organized so that tens of thousands of fearful easy-to-manipulate would give him a strokejob. When one goes deeper, it's much darker than that--Beck wanted a strokejob, but he wanted that to also be part of pushing the country closer to one that abandons religious pluralism, forsakes the idea of separation of church and state, and marches onward toward the kind of closed-minded society most Americans would condemn Muslims for instituting.

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Boris31 13 years 42 weeks ago

I hope before too many folks get carried away with the crowd size of the Beckaplooza..

they remember that the Beach Boys old July 4th shows on the National Mall pulled in more people..

even the Annual Smoke-In pulls in quite a crowd.

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Foodfascist 13 years 42 weeks ago

Thx Boris :)

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padlake 13 years 42 weeks ago

@solopocono and @Foodfascist - great reference and quote, so I cross-posted on my blog:

I didn't watch this thing, but from what I've heard, this thing was a train-wreck! What's disturbing, however, is the people calling into the progressive shows defending this craziness of a wreck. Do they seriously blindly follow this sludge and believe it hook line and sinker enough to defend it?

I think we need to be careful how much credence we give this moron (missing an 'm'), because if he keeps this up, he will literally be following the ranks of those in our history that bring the sheeple to near destruction.

idiut 13 years 42 weeks ago


The President of the the Church is on the other side of the world right now. Believe me, (no pun intended), when he gets back there will be calls into his home ward from the top. They will excommunicate him for whatever problems he has caused them. They will keep all conversations persuant to that very private. Then, they will discredit Beck in a statement, almost alluding to the "false prophet" meme. Then they will call for more prayer among the church members and increased service devotion.

Thanks for reading this and please, no more garment jokes.

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hgovernick 13 years 42 weeks ago

Military / Evangelical Complex: New addition to the American lexicon

August 28, 2010 - Washington, D.C.: On the 47th anniversary and at the same spot of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, Glenn Beck held his "I have a miracle" rally, with many well known guests telling of the coming resurrection of the Nation. Beck's "Miracle" message:

1. this nation is about GOD.
2. this nation is about the MILITARY.
3. send money NOW to the SOWF (Special Operations Warrior Foundation)

Personally, I believe that ANYONE who is against Christ is the "Anti-Christ" - and that there will be no one specific person, or "monster".

It is my opinion that Beck falls perfectly into the definition of "false prophet" and "false teacher".

Examples from Scripture that fit Beck's "activities":

Matthew 24:24
For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect--if that were possible.

Matthew 7:15 "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Matthew 24:11 "Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

John 4:48 So Jesus said to him, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe."

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Foodfascist 13 years 42 weeks ago

@padlake Great blog Padlake- but I was hesitant to click on it because to me it sounded like a place for teapartiers to go- clever- you probably get a lot of tea partiers onto your blog- and then after you lure them in-- merciless ! :)

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Foodfascist 13 years 42 weeks ago

What was the name of movie Thom said to check out? Can anyone find the link to his article? I read his book review and posted that a few days back here on Bad Samaritan and that reminds me, I need to order that book-

owkrender 13 years 42 weeks ago

Frankly, I think that a christian minister criticizing mormonism for its bizarre beliefs is the height of comedy.

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tpolsen 13 years 42 weeks ago

50,000 Bicyclists Yesterday in Madison, WI (Sunday, Aug. 29) came to ride car-free streets - and see Lance Armstrong.

87,000 people came to Washington, DC on Saturday to see some other guy(s) - after months of relentless, national radio, tv and newspaper buildup and promotion.

How much "Fair and Balanced" national news coverage will there be on Madison's 50,000 people "Ride the Drive" Event?
P.S. If the coverage is only half as much as that 'other' event, that's cool.
not a savage 13 years 42 weeks ago

I think Glenn Beck leaked the fact that he was wearing a vest and talked about the extra security he had to pay for at the rally so that he can look like a marter. He's INSANE!!!!!!!!! And many will love him. I'm going to go throw up now.

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clarkwyoming 13 years 42 weeks ago

Tommy smuckmann!!!! Fuck you!!!

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louisehartmann 13 years 42 weeks ago

Clark - Just a personal attack? No specific point that you disagree with?

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padlake 13 years 42 weeks ago

This GB and those of his ilk pretending to be martyrs is very sick. See the insane anti-prop 8 people who successfully got the SCOTUS to ban televising the trial based on martyrdom; now this?

@foodfascist Thanks! The blog is growing, and yes, have had two rumbles with tea partiers, so it must be luring them in. Strangely, I have yet to have anyone "sign the pledge" (motivated by this very program in February by Thom), though. Oddly, posts mentioning Glenn Beck seem to get the most traffic, because you'd be surprised how much of my traffic comes from that search term.

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cmoore68 13 years 42 weeks ago

The message I took from Beck's speech is the need to unite under the banner of God to overthrow the government. More than once he and the minister who closed out the event encouraged the spectators to "pick up that stick". This message was reinforced by using historical events and fables; Moses, original tea party and sadly by distorting MLK.

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thurstyone 13 years 42 weeks ago

Wow, that was an amazing tirade, even for a progressive/liberal. Let's see, in the first paragraph alone you accused the people attending the rally as racist (KKK reference), intimated that they all drove gas guzzling Hummers so they must all be wasteful as well as racist. They all schlepped their asses to DC, they all grovel and drool at the feet of people who are all cynical money-grubbers, as well as political opportunists. (Look at "your" president and say that with a straight face) What else? Oh, Glenn is a babbling, drug-addled shock jock. And all of these people seek inspiration, guidance and leadership from drug addicts, war mongers, whore mongers, adulterers, sadistic torturers, self-hating hypocrytical liars and pedophiles. Now that is a whole lotta hate for one paragraph. So, really smart have to use lots of hyphenated words man, I have a question or two. Who is the war monger, who is the whore monger? Who is the adulterer and who is the pedophile? Looks like your mommy didn't do a very good job in teaching you how to be polite. Maybe if you got out of your underwear and away from your computer screen you could find some happiness. What a chump.

Brother P-Dub 13 years 42 weeks ago

On last Friday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart showed a clip of the Fox & Friends dweebs railing against the funding source of the "Community Center of Death". It's a super-rich Saudi who heads up the Kingdom Foundation and not only is funding the planned "terror center" near ground zero, but also apparently funds other terrorist activities around the world as well. Strangely enough, they wouln't say his name or show his picture. Turns's the same Saudi who is the 2nd largest shareholder of Faux News corp!!! Wow, this is a mind-blowing level of hypocracy, even for Faux. BTW, speaking of oxymorons...Glenn Beck and restoring honor? Amazing how the most widely discredited snake-oil salesman of our time still gets millions of devoted followers! Oy vay....we're in so much freakin' trouble....

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thurstyone 13 years 42 weeks ago

Brother P-Dub,

As long as you vote, we are in trouble. I hear southern France is nice the first two weeks of November, why don't you take a little vacation and find out.

MAFernandez 13 years 42 weeks ago

Here's the "disclaimer" at the bottom of the "Restoring Honor Rally" website: This rally is compliant with IRS Rules and Regulations found in IRS publication 557 and IRS publication 4221-PC. For tax purposes a gift to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is deductible in accordance with Internal Revenue Service's tax laws. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. The purchase of Restoring Honor Rally merchandise is not a donation to SOWF, but all net proceeds from the sale of Restoring Honor Rally merchandise is being donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Honor Rally taking place on August 28, 2010. All contributions in excess of these costs will then be retained by the SOWF. Tax ID 52-1183585. (emphasis added.) This is in response to the caller earlier in today's show who wanted to emphasize how much money poor li'l ol' Glenn Beck was giving the to "the families of fallen soldiers."

Brother P-Dub 13 years 42 weeks ago

This is the response to Thurstyone. Thats not a bad idea, if I could afford it, I would. But I already know what it's like, as well as many other countries around the globe. As a retired 22 year Navy veteran, I've visited and actually lived in several foreign countries. You see, unlike you and Glenn Beck, two people who have never given a day of service to this country but yet proclaim themselves to be the geatest patriots and that anyone else who doesen't agree with you should leave, I can assure you, other countries have the same "Freedoms" we do (in fact, many more). The myth of American greatness is just that. I suggest you get off the computer yourself and go to the library and start learning the truth about our history. I recommend starting with "A Peoples History of the United States"

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bostonfred 13 years 42 weeks ago

Agreed and the caller who mentioned that Beck was doing this for injured soldiers and challeged whether Thom contributed anythign to the benefit of injured soldiers failed to read the fine print on Becks website

Here it says that all contributions made to the Special Operation Warrior foundation will first be applied to the costs of Restoring Honor Rally taking place on August 28 2010.All contributions in excess of these costs will be retained by the SOWF.

So after the large speaking fees for Palin and Beck himself and the costs of printing up the buttons etc then anything left over goes to the injured vets..What a fraud he is

Brother P-Dub 13 years 42 weeks ago

You know Thom, regarding the caller who questioned your level of charitable contributions...I've seen Beck on his show wield that as a club whenever he gets a guest that he can't handle. He loves to throw it in their face about "how much do you give to charity?", much as the caller tried to do with you. I'm pretty sure that having that as a club is the primary (if not the only) motivation for Beck to give anything to charity, ever! Of course, Beck could never think of the concept that if we had a more egalitarian (look it up, thurstyone) society and addressed the root problems of poverty, there wouldn't be a need for so much charitable giving in the first place.

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thurstyone 13 years 42 weeks ago

Careful about who you accuse of not serving this country. I was instructed to always be suspicious of someone who says that they are a veteran without first asking the person they are speaking to if they have ever served. I was taught to always be aware that anyone I ever met may be of military background and to be respectful so as not to offend someone who had served. I learned that little lesson in a military educational institution you may be familiar with. If you've ever drank at Mc Garvey's, you know which one I'm speaking of. For all you know, the two of us could have met at one time.

I also have lived in many countries and I have seen good and bad in all of them. The perfect country does not exist, I'm sure you agree. I've never proclaimed myself a Patriot, just a citizen of what I think is an incredible country. A citizen that wants honor restored to our country. What is wrong with honor? I find that a difficult question to ask a 22 year Navy veteran. You noted that some countries have many more freedoms than we do. What exactly are those freedoms? I was never exposed to a country with more freedoms than we have. American greatness is not a myth. I really have a hard time saying that to a 22 year Navy veteran. You supposedly spent 22 years serving this great nation, you certainly were not in it for the pay, so if you didn't think America was great, why were you there? It was my experience that men who served a long time had a great appreciation for America and the Navy does not suffer poor performers so you must have some grip on the greatness of America.

This country is on the ropes, my friend. Complaining about restoring honor does not help.

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TheDenverOne 13 years 42 weeks ago

Matthew 24:11 -- Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

Beck, Fox and Friends, and especially the Koch brothers are misleading all the naive tea party idiots.

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stopgap 13 years 42 weeks ago

I'm sorry if my post seemed rude or impolite. Maybe I had seen too many Tea Party supporters when they were boisterously disrupting town hall meetings this summer and screaming at people in wheel chairs that supported public funded health care. Or maybe it was hearing Glenn Beck's, "get off my phone" screed, or Tea Party protesters spitting on Congressman Jim Clyburn. I'll have to take another look at the Tea Party etiquette book.

Perhaps, when I suggested that their might be a racist inclination to some Tea Party supporters, in spite of all the documentation of racists signs showing up at Tea Party rallies and the fact that these people were perfectly content to sit on their hands while George Bush (a white president) lied us into war and and played fast and loose with the banking, stock market and mortgage regulations that is really at the heart of most of our economic problems; and his corporate buddies were shipping jobs over seas at the speed of light; suddenly it's the black guys fault.

Incidentally, that was quite rude of Obama to put the cost of the war back into the budget when he first came to office? War is much better when the cost is hidden.

But your right. Maybe I over stepped my bounds when I made reference to Tea Party Racism and the KKK (Actually, CCC was my reference). Comparing them to the Taliban might have been more appropriate in this case. It seems the rally was about trying to impose a doctrine of Christian Theocracy upon our government to replace the Constitution.

"Gas-guzzling Hummers was not a reference to being wasteful. It was a reference to many on the right and their arrogant disregard for the health of the planet. But again, maybe I was wrong? Maybe they all showed up in hybrids? Maybe dumping millions of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere and our water every day is actually good for the planet?

Beck has virtually admitted that he was addled by drugs and he worked as a "Shock Jock" Look it up. Do the words Oxycotin and Rush Limbaugh ring any bells?

Rather than articulate all the scandals and transgressions and lies of the right wing recently, I'll just list a few other names that might strike a chord. David Vitters, John Ensign, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ken Melman, Mark Sanford, Ted Haggard, George Rekers, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed.....

Maybe Obama is a money grubber. If he quits halfway through his term togo on lucrative speaking tours and lucrative television appearances, then maybe he is a money grubber.

I always thought that honor and respect is something that is earned. When this country elected its first African American president. That was honorable.

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harprx 13 years 42 weeks ago

Since Beck was using US Government property to preach, he should be prosecuted for violating the seperation of Church and State. Also, Tax the Churches!

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Mahuleia 13 years 42 weeks ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have had the guts to speak what needed to be heard, for those who have ears to hear! Somebody needed to speak up. "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31 Beck is the new Hitler. So is Limbaugh and the entire right wing, who prance around with their Bibles shouting their religion from the rooftops, never opening those beaten Bibles to the pages with the red print and taking heed. Jesus said: "You are truly my disciples if you keep obeying my teachings." John 8:31 How have Beck and the far right followed Jesus teachings, I would like to ask all the vacant-eyed followers of these false prophets? They are an arrogant lot, spewing hatred, bigotry, judgement and gain money, power, and feel like they are superior to everyone else. Jesus tells us not to judge, lest we be judged. Yet this is what the Right is great at! This kind of fanatical frenzy is similar to that of Hitler's Germany. We Americans should be careful! Progressives say they want to stay home in November rather than get out and vote because they're disappointed that there are no jobs and nothing has been done for them. The Newscasters tell them it's all the Democrats' fault, and leave out the part about the Republican filibustering. I have talked to friends who did not know any of this. They really need to put a clothespin on their noses and get out and vote OUT the Republicans and conservative Democrats. Otherwise we will no longer have separation of church and state. Theocracy with the Right in charge is NOT an option! They are not gentle Buddhists like the Tibetans, who had a benevolent theocracy under the Dalai Lama before the communist Chinese overran them in the '50's. We would instead have a malevolent theocracy or corporatocracy or Plutocracy, and Americans would be even more oppressed than we already are. But our country as we knew it will be long gone if we elect Republicans to power by staying home in Nov. and let the frenzied tea-potty people do all the voting. If we want to keep our country the way our founding fathers envisioned it, we had better not give Beck & Co any more of our ear.

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Mahuleia 13 years 42 weeks ago

Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, and the Tea Potty followers are like minions of the profane. They will stop at nothing to gain complete power. But Jesus said: "And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process?" Mark 9:36 I think Thom is right on. "By their deeds shall they be known". It is refreshing to see some people like you and Thom actually quoting Jesus. I don't see any Tea-potty people reading or actively following the words of Jesus Christ. It looks like the Pharisees and the Romans are with us once again. (sigh!)

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making progress 13 years 42 weeks ago

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Muslims,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Muslim.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out

Where is our "Threshold" as a society? For the love of all that is holy: How much larger must the collapse be? Totalitarianism?

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SassyLass924 13 years 42 weeks ago


This is how the banks and Wall St. are stealing our money.

8-28-10 Rebuild America March - Moratorium Now! Coalition URL:

Brother P-Dub 13 years 42 weeks ago

Reply to thurstyone. Where to start with someone as wholly ignorant as you? First, my original post was directed to Thom, but out of the blue, you jumped in and attacked me first with a personal attack, suggesting I should "leave my country". So don't lecture me about how well-bred, well-mannered, and well-taught you are! And don't EVER think you can attack me without getting immediately blasted back! You simply hit me with a personal attack without any counter-points, facts or sources, which, after reviewing your comments, seems to be your M.O. I haven't seen you present any substantive arguments on specific issues, just personal attacks.I was open and forthright about my military service while you shrouded your "supposed" service affiliation in cryptic terms Sherlock Holmes couldn't figure out! If you were a little more forthright you might be more believeable! Plus the timidity of your counter-thrust also leads me to doubt you've ever served. Now...on to your points. You are correct, I wasn't in it for the money. I joined the Navy in 1980 and retired in 2003. You were probably still a wet dream when I was overseas serving this nation. I joined for the adventure partly but mainly for the same reason many of the current generation joins - economics! I had a low-paying dead end job, couldn't afford college, poor parents. Same as todays economy drives many to serve. I wasn't a rich kid like you abviously are. I was raised republican and was hard-core right wing all my life. I was actually saddened when Rush Limbaugh stopped doing his TV show. It was shortly after I voted for Bush the second time though that I had an awakening. It was the WMD's that pushed me over the edge. I HATE being lied to! And that was a lie of the highest magnitude! To the American people! I originally supported the Iraq war. After freeing myself of my Fox News addiction I was finally freed from the Matrix. I'm sure you can relate. Folks who watch to much Fox, don't see the world in reality. They see the world as painted by the flag-waving infotainers pushing the myth of American greatness and the scourge of evil liberals. I used to fall for it like you still do. Ever heard of Veterans against the War? They're not a bunch of commie pinkos. Many are combat veterans who, like me, have had an awakening. Who now realize that the wars we now fight have nothing to do with protecting our freedom, justice, mom OR apple pie. Look who benefits from the wars. Rich corporations, weapons manufacturers, war profiteers (like Halliburton, Blackwater). Did you know that the U.S. is the worlds biggest arms dealer, by far (of course, you didn't, they'd never tell you that on fox, or the mainstream corporate media for that matter). Do you think THOSE corporations don't have an interest in keeping us in a state of perpetual war? They're kids don't have to do the fighting! What of the flag draped coffins arriving daily at Dover that the Bush administration wanted to hide from the public? Did those poor souls profit from the wars? Did the families who will be shattered for a generation by their deaths profit? We woke up and realized that it's the poor saps like me, struggling paycheck to paycheck who fight, die, or get maimed in wars while the rich kids like yourself stay home and praise yourselves for being such great patriots.

Lets talk about freedoms and the myth of American greatness. It starts when we're young, Our history books present a whitewashed , sanitized version of U.S. history, the corporate controlled media propounds it, Fox news takes it to a whole new level. Have you ever heard a politician speak without proclaiming that we're the greatest nation ever on the planet? Lets examine shall we? Health Care - continually ranked around 37th in the world, right below Slovenia! Of all modern industrialized societies, we are the ONLY ONE that doesn't ensure the health of all it's citizens. But we're the greatest, right? We're the richest country on earth but we have millions of kids going to bed hungry each night. We have HOMELESS VETERANS for god's sake! But we're the greatest, right? The richest 1 percent own 90 % of the nations wealth, the rest of us 300 million squabble over the rest. We are, by scientific study (read "The Spirit Level") the most unequal society on the planet! But hey, we're still the greatest! We are SLAVES to a two-party election system, absolutely corrupted by corporate campaign cash. At the last presidential debates, I didn't like any of the candidates, republican or democrat. I wanted to vote for Nader, an independent progressive and a man imminently more qualified than any of the establishment candidates. But when I saw him escorted off the grounds of the debate hall by security, it sickened me! This is Democracy?! When a small handfull of ultra-rich white guys gets to decide who us millions of citizens get to choose from, something has gone, VERY wrong! We are slaves to a corrupted election system with voting machines that don't produce a paper trail and an electoral college & right-wing supreme court that do not reflect the will of the popular vote. A supreme court that decided that Corporations are people with the same rights as natural persons! We are slaves to one of the developed worlds most opressive tax systems, one that has morphed into nothing more than the greatest transfer of wealth upward from the poor and middle class to the already wealthy. Still the greatest? We bailout the ultra-rich when their personal stock fortunes are in jeopardy and curse the folks receiving unemployment (most caused by the rich). The Chinese own most of our debt and are mopping our asses economically, but they're stupider than we are, right? Most of the European societies have either solved or are light-years ahead of us on solving these basic social issues, but we are the chosen race of superior human beings, right, thurstyone? We live with the most secretive western government, secrets kept, not for national security, like they tell you, but to prevent embarrasment of goverment officials and the reputations of CIA power brokers responsible for massive intelligence failures with disastrous consequences. While the rest of advanced societies are turning away from war as the answer, we lead the charge with foreign adventures, usually designed for corporate profit in some way. Remember that bridge collapse in Minneapolis that killed a bunch of people? There's thousands more across the nation waiting to happen, but oh, I forgot, we're the greatest nation ever concieved, right? We're a nation enSLAVEd to middle eastern oil while vast wind, solar, & geothermal resources go untapped here at home. But we're the smartest people in the world, right. Our jobs moved overseas to Latin America, the far east and the subcontinent, but they're the inferior peoples, right? U.S. corporations cry about being the highest taxed corps in the world, yet last year, the richest company in the world (supposedly) paid 0, zero, ZERO, dollars in U.S. taxes! Goldman-Sachs, (who I believe is REALLY the richest company, with over 3000 offshore subsidiaries-do you know what an offshore subsidiary is, thurstyone?) paid an effective tax rate of 1%!!!. Must be nice! Wish I could only pay 1% rate. Do YOU pay just 1% tax rate, thurstyone? You probably do seeings as how you obviously must be rich since you support the party whos priority is making the rich even richer. And the republicans #1 platform fix for the economy and jobs: of course! Let's give the corporations even more tax breaks! It's worked so well this far hasn't it?

Don't you see? The myth of American greatness is a tool used by the theocracy to keep you blindly and blissfully in line while they rape the coffers of the treasury. All these things mentioned above, barely scratch the surface. And all those things are the freedoms we went to war for and served for and are supposed to keep on dying for?

I'd love to stand on the coast and shout to the rest of the world that we are the greatest nation, but they would look at the facts and reality as presented above and know that I'm the worlds biggest hypocrit / Liar / idiot - choose your poison. They're not stupid like Fox news has brainwashed you into believing. I CANNOT, IN GOOD CONSCIENCE, DO THAT AT THE PRESENT TIME. The military taught me the 3 pillars - Honor, Courage, Commitment. If you truly have honor, your conscience also should prevent you from enabling the great lie.

I dream of the day when I can proclaim our greatness to the world and the FACTS would back me up! That, my son, is what WE'RE working for. Join us, I can show you how! Suggested reading to start: When Corporations Rule the World. It helped open my eyes!

denny245 13 years 41 weeks ago

I tend to agree with Bill Maher the comedian about religion being a danger to humankind. But speaking from the Christian perspective Glenn Beck is not a Christian either are most wealthy people. Jesus made it pretty clear that it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom. (you notice he said rich man---no mention of women---thats another topic!) In other words rich people have a snow flakes chance in hell of going to heaven---period... On top of that he also said he who is without sin cast the first stone, or in other words as Lincoln said (first Republican President), ye not judge till ye has been judged. Only the father has the right to judge, not Glenn Beck. So maybe Glenn Beck is the Anti Christ---he's definitely not a Mormon.

denny245 13 years 41 weeks ago

If we don't watch out it could happen again. I'm amazed how during the Bush years that I feared that a neo fascist government was developing in our country wirh the patriot act invading our privacy circumventing the constitution. The use of propaganda like Nazi Herman Goering would use to convince the American people to back an immoral war, and many other invasions of our freedoms in the name of security or fear. And now the radical right is using every trick in the Herman Goering book of propaganda to convince America to support their agenda making certain rich people our lords.

denny245 13 years 41 weeks ago

Speaking of the Patriot Act, when is the Obama administration going to get congress to alter the Patriot Act so their is judicial oversight when an American citizen's privacy is invaded. If they don't change it, I will difinitely be suspicious of the executive branch and its police, and spy agencies. Just because a Democrat is in power doesn't mean they are the good guys. No part of the constitution needs to be changed. We can not afford to lose any of our freedoms.

novadust's picture
novadust 13 years 41 weeks ago

beck condemns social justice n progressivism, so i guess he favors social injustice n regressivism. (2 go backward, put da car in R?)

but i'm surprised he wants 2 restore honor. does he mean honor we lost when we started those unnecessary wars? if so, i agree. if not, what?

neway, i'm no believer, but maybe jung almost had it right w/ "collective unconscious", but in my opinion it's same as mcluhan's "information environment". if so, it may xplain how prophecies come true, such as this antichrist thing: applying gematria [hebrew numerology] 2 our alphabet gets FOX = 666.

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clarkwyoming 13 years 39 weeks ago

Liberal louise how about this!!! 1- Glenn Beck is a patriot because he exposes the LIBERAL lies you and your kind say!!!

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