Daily Topics - Thursday September 30th, 2010

Quote of the Day: "I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them." ~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952

Hour One: "Brunch With Bernie" - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spends the hour with Thom discussing the issues and answering listener questions www.sanders.senate.gov

Hour Two: What can America learn from Russia on foreign relations? Thom speaks with Irish Journalist, Eamonn Fingleton, author of "In the Jaws of the Dragon" www.unsustainable.org; Plus, making education work for our kids - Beth Glenn, Director of Education with the NAACP, will be here www.onenationworkingtogether.org

Hour Three: It's here! "One Nation Working Together" is this weekend - SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and AFL-CIO Secretary treasurer Liz Shuler will be here www.onenationworkingtogether.org; Plus, "Taking Our Country Back" - Thom speaks with David Cozad running for Congress (D-TX, 6th district) against incumbent Republican Joe "I'm sorry BP" Barton www.cozadforcongress.com


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Maxrot 9 years 40 weeks ago

Seems to be a time delay lately getting the daily blog up. Can't wait for the show to get settled in.

Keep up the good work support personnel of the Thom Show, we can wait patiently well you get everything sorted out. I know its got to be tough to get everything into ship shape.


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Maxrot 9 years 40 weeks ago

I don't know much about banking, but if the State Bank of North Dakota is doing right by its State, I for my State going with that too. California needs all the help it can get right now.


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gerald 9 years 40 weeks ago

Do Not Be Fooled

I want to share with you how insidious our politicians are in having our people go into immoral and wrong wars. The American psyche craves to be killed in these wars because it is a glorious death for the fatherland.


Do not let yourself be fooled by the lunatics running our asylums in Washington, D.C.

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Jeanie 9 years 40 weeks ago

I say we call Tom Coburn's bluff. He says he doesn't want to set up another gov't bureacracy to hand out the relief money to the Haitians, why not get a non-profit to do it or have some people put something together and do it themselves? Or maybe have the American Red Cross deal with the administration of the relief funds. That wouldn't cost anything. And he couldn't complain or hold up the funding.

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gerald 9 years 40 weeks ago

The GOP have expanded government when they were in power. The GOP can spread their lies because Americans have very short memories.

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Maxrot 9 years 40 weeks ago

Dear Rahm,

Don't let the door hit ya', were the good lord split ya'. Ahh bye-bye.

With luv from an f'n retarded progressive,


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Maxrot 9 years 40 weeks ago

The Power of Nightmares on YouTube... part 1. The rest of the parts can be found from there.



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Gene Savory 9 years 40 weeks ago

Unions are only one facet of Occupational Birth Control. Include the American Medical Association's restricting medical schools and lawyers controlling membership in the Bar Association, just for a couple of examples.

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making progress 9 years 40 weeks ago

Ravi Batra is "Our Favorite Economist"

Eamonn Fingleton is solid and I like his insight but: Where is Ravi Batra? To close out the first hour you said (hopefully only gratuitously) he is "our favorite Economist." I'd like to point out that we haven't heard from Ravi Batra in Too Long! Where is he, and what does he think about our current sad state of affairs? Or has nothing really changed in the 9 months since you've had him on?

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fbacher 9 years 40 weeks ago

If Free Trade is so great...

Then why don't the companies that support it abandon all of those protectionist ideas of "trade secrets," non-compete clauses, royalties and intellectual property? Isn't that what they are asking us to do? They want us to give up some of our market share of labor, skill and income. So why shouldn't they?

Will America Recover from the Rightwing Billionaire's War Against Us?

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