Our Infotainment-Based Media and a Mentally ill Cult Leader

In August, the FBI put out an intelligence bulletin warning of Islamic retaliation to Saturday’s planned Quran-burning event. The FBI's bulletin notes that evan though no information indicates there is a planned attack, there is a “high confidence as with past incidents” in desecrating Islam that, “extremist actors will continue to threaten or attempt to harm” any involved. The Florida Christian cult leader, who had been kicked out of Germany for exploiting and spiritually abusing his parishioners when he ran a church there, claims he's going to burn Korans in protest of the planned Muslim and interfaith center planned for lower manhattan near ground zero. The Imam of that center, Feisal Abdul Rauf, said yesterday that if he had known the difficulties with the Muslim community center near the 9/11 site would provoke, that he would not have proposed it. He has said he will not change the location now, because that would create risks for American abroad by radicals. On ABC’s Good Morning America, President Obama condemned hate cult leader and Florida pastor Terry Jones’ plans to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, saying the Quran Burning Could could incite the possibility of suicide bombers on American soil. The consequence of our infotainment-based media has been that a mentally ill cult leader with only 50 followers has been turned into an international celebrity.

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