President Obama is Asking for Help from the Professional Left

President Obama called on progressives yesterday to get out and get active ahead of the midterm elections. The President, speaking at the University of Wisconsin, told the cheering crowd "we cannot sit this one out. We cannot let this country fall back because the rest of us didn't stand up and fight." The President continued, "progress is going to come, but you've got to stick with me. You cannot lose heart." Given that he has so often compromised with Republicans and multinational corporations, and been afraid to take on great wealth and corporate power directly, and has totally failed to message his successes, it's doubtful that the President will be able to mobilize his main base of old-line boomer liberals, youth, and people of color, all who feel he's only done a half-assed job. On the other hand, as Obama almost comes close to implying, if his base doesn't show up and Republicans take control, America may well - and quickly - begin to look like Argentina in 2001, otherwise known as a total economic and social disaster.

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