A Texas skateboarder and the KKK

In Amarillo, Texas, David Grisham, director of Repent Amarillo - which aims to deter promiscuity and homosexuality - planned on burning a Qur'an at a 9/11 event, but before he could set the book afire, 23 year old Jacob Isom, a Texas skateboarder swooped in and grabbed the Qur'an. Jacob told News Channel 10 that “he heard something about burning the Qur’an. Then I snuck up behind [Grisham] and told him, ‘Dude, you have no Qur’an,’ and took off.” Isom made sure the Qur'an ended up in the safe hands of a local Muslim leader. The bad news is that at another rally at Ground Zero against the Muslim cultural center, North Carolina GOP congressional candidate Ilario Pantano told a bizarre conspiracy tale in which Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf, the leader of the Park 51 Muslim community center near ground zero, was in league with Iran. If most muslims were black, these hysterics would probably be bringing back the KKK.


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Maxrot 13 years 41 weeks ago

Dude, you don't need blacks to increase KKK membership. If you're not a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP), you're worthy of being persecuted by the KKK. I'm not sure when and why the KKK went from hating blacks almost solely to just about everyone, but my guess it was a way to drive up membership back in the day.

Anyway, good on the skater. Being a skateboarder is pretty much synonymous with being young, so symbolically this action represents a new ideology saying "We don't wish to tolerate, intolerance quietly anymore".

What a beautiful image... the photo accompanying this quote above, captures it well.


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hgovernick 13 years 41 weeks ago

FIVE PRESIDENTS WITH ONE IMMIGRANT PARENT - I called this morning to give Thom information to counter "Cathy" the birther about her false claims regarding Presidents having to have two natural born citizens as parents for them to be legal. It's hard to tell where to post this information on these blogs, so I'll start here and hope Thom sees it.

"Only one president was the son of two immigrant parents: Andrew Jackson. Five presidents ([Thomas] Jefferson, James Buchanan, Chester Arthur, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover) had just one immigrant parent each."



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leighmf 13 years 41 weeks ago

The KKK never went away! They are The Invisible Empire, still doing business under names like "Superior," "Pure," and "White."

Sometimes they are a Church, also Invisible, which addresses matters of theology.

Is it hard to believe that early Texas oil men (TOM) were the real rabble rousers, planting men with printing presses in outposts in target states, to nationally organize the Klan? TOM will resort to anything to keep the attention off TOM, and they seem to operate kind of like the CIA.

Amarillo ought to repent the career of Don Powell, former Amarillo-an and Busharian head of the FDIC, whose new company http://www.nubank.com/ makes misleading links to FDIC from its website AS IF it were the FDIC.

In 1957 "Bush Estate Wm. H.; " referring to G.H.W. Bush's brother William Henry Trotter, is listed in the Amarillo newspaper. Horsefeathers! Walker and Trotter?

Amarillo is the home of Shamrock Oil, something of a Disney subsidiary or vice versa.

IN 1959 it was written," Amarillo has replaced Kansas City as a banking center for cattlemen...the commercial banking community here is a 'little federal reserve bank.' Correspondent banks in the smaller towns do not send their checks to the Federal Reserve. They send them to their affiliate bank in Amarillo. "

In 1969 Powell worked at First Federal Savings and Loan Association 406 Polk St Amarillo,TX 79101 FDIC Certificate #: 29319 Date Established: 1/1/1934.

The bank failed on Halloween 1988.

Not much has to be said about the number of banks which failed in Powell's wake as he departed his last job in charge of the FDIC. Except I think we are still counting-

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leighmf 13 years 40 weeks ago

A few more snippets I found in my notes concerning Amarillo, KKK et al.

The year is 1965:

The Man With The Golden Gun was published;

Frito-Lay, Inc. and Pepsi-Cola Company merged to form PepsiCo, Inc.

Pennzoil Company acquired United Gas Corporation; Union Oil acquired Pure Oil;

(Don Powell president of this bank before appointed by Bush to FDIC) The First National Bank of Amarillo 901 South Filmore, Suite 101 Amarillo,TX 79101 FDIC Certificate #: 19427 Date Established: 4/10/1965 Date of Deposit Insurance: 5/6/1965 Inactive as of: August 24, 2002 Merged without Assistance into Acquiring institution: Wells Fargo Bank Texas, National Association - (14533)

4/30/1965 National Cryptological School established

(Indiana) THE PURE OIL CORPORATION : 2141 Rosecrans Ave.Attn: Donna Pierce Ste. 4000, EL SEGUNDO, CA 90245 Control Number : 194457-120 Active Creation : 7/19/1965 : Original Creation State: NV

(Indiana) SUPERIOR INVESTMENT COMPANY INC Control Number : 194458-130 Creation : 7/29/1965 Inactive: 12/31/1987

10/20/1965 "Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton made known his vision for the Klan to infiltrate large cities and industrial centers, particularly auto plants, to gain respectability and lucrative income not forthcoming from the rural impoverished constituency. It was known that numerous workers in big plants were opposed to integration. A Union in the south was reported to have supported the defense of Klansmen on trial for murder.Target areas in the North Shelton said would be Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, also industrial areas of Kentucky and West Virginia."- News Distributed by The Hall Syndicate, 1965.


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