The Republican merit badge for hypocrisy...

Congratulations to GOP State Legislator Calvin Hill of Georgia who won his Republican merit badge for hypocrisy. Last Year, Hill led a movement in the state to prevent public universities from teaching sexual health and gay history classes claiming, “Our public colleges are not the place for our young adults and future leaders to experiment and experience these types of sexually explicit behavior.” Has Mr. Hill ever been to a college?! Well, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, even though Mr. Hill has a problem with “future leaders” experiencing sexually explicit behavior, he has no problem with current leaders, like himself, making money off of it. Yes, it turns out that Mr. Hill is the CFO of a company that sells sex gadgets and other sexual paraphernalia. Gila Distributing sells everything from “phallic” stress relievers to gay pride lapel pins. Is this is a new requirement for all Republican politicians now a days – launch a public crusade against something that is an integral part of your private life? Paging toe tapper Larry Craig…Paging serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, and hooker customer David Vitter.


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lukedoog 12 years 23 weeks ago


Hey wanted to welcome you back to the east coast. I am assuming the DC move is to put you at the heart of all things political in our country. Hope to see you at the Colbert/Stewart Rally on the 30th.

Quickly one other thing I have wanted to run by you, and believe you will find quite interesting. A few weeks ago I happened upon a History channel show “all about” Thomas Jefferson. I found it quit odd when they kept referring to him as a republican. Now as you’ve informed us it was the Democratic Republican Party, I believe. But the corporate controlled so called History channel kept calling Jefferson a Republican (in a positive light, particularly positive toward the republicans). And one might question this considering there other point of “history” is that Lincoln founded the republican party….right?

I immediately though of you (and the M-F lessons provided care of your fine show) and wanted to let you know, maybe there is a show topic or something for you in this obvious misrepresentation of history, by the so called history channel. Just another dumbing down / repugnicant re-writing of history.

Thanks for all you folks do and welcome back to the East Coast!


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dwalker81 12 years 23 weeks ago


Loving you on RT. We got Comcast in Chicago, so no Free Speech TV, but we do have RT.

The show is great, almost an interactive approach. Also, we do get an occasional chuckle watching you adjust to it. Just settle down and stop thinking about the cues! People watching are on your side, remember that.

But yeah, just wanted to drop a note to congratulate you on your success. You're coming up nicely and that is a victory for all of us.

See you at the Great Debate,


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stopgap 12 years 23 weeks ago

When I hear Sarah Palin speak, it reminds me of back when you'd see a dog barking wildly while chasing a car. Inane and pointless.

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stopgap 12 years 23 weeks ago

The "Tea Party": where ignorance is bliss; bigotry is patriotism and denial is their Bill Of Rights.

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hph3 12 years 23 weeks ago

Sort of reminds me of Jim Bakker and Jessica Hahn, Jimmy Swaggert and Debra Murphree. . .these guys seem to be incapable of seeing the beam in their own eyes.

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stonesphear 12 years 22 weeks ago

Food , shelter and procreation. Irrepressible animal instinct. You no more attempt to repress sexuality than it wreaks havoc on the mind trying to repress it. Islam as practiced in many cultures is another example of the dangers inherent in such an enterprise.

Catholic priests another. Celabacy is every bit as unatuaral as homo sexuality, perhaps even more so. Seems you no more repress sexuality in your public life than biology kicks in and it surfaces in deviant behavior in your private life. Irrepressible biological impositions for survival that cannot be denied without physiological and mental consequences.

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stonesphear 12 years 22 weeks ago

It's difficult to live a lie.

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stonesphear 12 years 22 weeks ago

I am being blocked from Chat as of yesterday. Page will not load. OK ! Guess I will just have to chat here for the time being.


:pigeon: pigeon: :pigeon: :pigeon: :pigeon:

Given a choice pigeons will choose a big immediate payout over a smaller immediate payout even though that over time the smaller immediate payout produces more pellets. No surprise. What is surprising is that the new conservative's may as well be pigeons but they are not, Pigeons are from :zknew: (sp?) and pigeon brained humans are from :earth: Time out 4 non pigeons to celebrate.

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gerald 12 years 22 weeks ago

Louise, thank you for the information on Calvin Hill! These low life slimeballs are brilliant.

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