Time to wake up - A World Wildlife Fund Report

Evidence is mounting that humans are having a profound effect on the health of our planet. A World Wildlife Fund report points out that the world's population - particularly in the industrialized West - is using more resources than our planet can sustain -- 1 ½ times more. And it's getting worse; consumption has doubled in the last 40 years leading to declining animal populations around the globe and a 60% decline in the tropics. As WWF’s director, Jim Leape points out, “This is like spending the savings: we're spending the natural capital we have on this planet. That's an economic crisis in the making." And global climate change - a result of our overconsumption of fossil fuels - also appears to be turning the world’s fertile crescent into a barren desert. In Syria, four years of drought in the region have decimated ancient irrigation systems, dried up water resources, and rendered farmlands dead. As the late George Carlin once noted, our problem isn't so much that we'll kill the earth - it's been here six billion years and will do just fine without us - but that we're changing the planet to the point where it will kill us. Time to wake up.


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stonesphear 12 years 23 weeks ago

Last time I checked Homosexuals were't very good at procreation and there seems to be reasonable abundance of technology for birth control to meet the needs of less controversial sexual orientation. This does not please Wall Street however. The more mouths to feed the higher the demand for goods and services $$$$$$$ plain and simple. Screw em. They can stand in line for a can a beans along with the rest of us.

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SassyLass924 12 years 23 weeks ago


I am writing to ask you to possibly interview Scott A. Bonn the author of Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq.

Thank you!

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winli 12 years 23 weeks ago

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dhavid 12 years 23 weeks ago

I agree with George Carlin -To use a baseball analogy - "Mother Nature Bats Last"

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shogun60 12 years 21 weeks ago

I don't understand why those who worry about human's effect on the Earth don't off themselves and contribute to their own efforts.

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shogun60 12 years 21 weeks ago

Mr Hartmann is about the only left-wing commentator I listen to. Mainly because he doesn't rant and rave but rather he pleasantly articulates his position, however foolish I think it is. On his show the other day, Thom stated that he felt that the govt. should subsidize those worker's income who did not earn enough to live a decent life. The so-called livable wage. It is my argument that such an intervention would kill incentive and thereby destroy our economy. Why would anybody strive to improve if the govt. was there to even the score.

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