Welcome to third world America, Germany's cheap labor depot...

Just how bad has it gotten for workers in our country? Imagine foreign nations outsourcing jobs to the US for, you guessed it, cheap labor. German automaker BMW announced they are opening a factory in the US and they need laborers. Answering the call, are a crowd of skilled workers with advanced degrees who have now been squeezed out of the American workforce thanks to the Chamber's outsourcing death grip on our economy. BMW is paying these workers $15 an hour. In Germany, the same worker would make twice that. Welcome to third world America, Germany's cheap labor depot.


Aussie Progressive 12 years 22 weeks ago

Wishing you the best in the Great Debate in Chicago!

SueN's picture
SueN 12 years 22 weeks ago

I guess it is a bit far for you to travel to? :)

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 12 years 22 weeks ago

Michael like to point out that no government worker is as good as a private sector worker. I think he must have never called Blue Cross/Blue Shield to question an Explanation of Benefits. Medicare workers are much better.

SoloPocono's picture
SoloPocono 12 years 22 weeks ago

On my way out-but wanted to tell David--I taught back in the 90's while I was getting my Masters..as a returning student, I was also friends with many professors.

The BIGGEST challenges?

1. Unprepared students-not prepared for college level courses, most of our students required 2 years of "labs" in basic reading & math skills before they could even start.

2. Attention Span-whether from video games, AD(H)D medications, anti-depressants....half my students showed up in class acting like zombies, almost literally, from meds they took.


dwalker81's picture
dwalker81 12 years 22 weeks ago

Man, you should've seen Thom at last night's great debate. You'd think Michael Medved wanted to cry.

As for those who saw the first debate live or on Youtube, Thom came out a little nervous, and I could not hand him outright victory. However, this time he came out firing, confident and controlled the entire debate.

He was even funny. God bless Thom, but we know comedy is not his strong suit. At one point, he proclaimed: "You guys have the balls to talk about deficits?"

Another stellar part of the evening was when Mr. Medved tried to point to Germany as some Western European, conservative success. As we all know, Thom is quite astute in German economics and he thoroughly dissected the entire argument.

So yeah, I'm sure curious minds wanted to know how the evening went. Just want to let everyone know that he did us proud last night.


nikkinew's picture
nikkinew 12 years 19 weeks ago


I'd love to watch this debate. Where can we find it? I've been searching the net for weeks :) I'd love to post it on Facebook too.


mélaniecardin's picture
mélaniecardin 11 years 48 weeks ago

It's strange but i prefer bmw production in USA than China..

But it strange because the german car is very special and the fabrication is so hard no?

mélaniecardin's picture
mélaniecardin 11 years 48 weeks ago

Hoo I forget... I hate BMW car and I prefer US car of course.. :) mostly a dodge challenger

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