Daily Topics - Wednesday November 24th, 2010

Quote of the Day: “A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues” -- Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman/Orator & Scholar (106BC - 43BC)

Hour One: A young Florida woman dies after Jeb Bush's Medicaid program outsources to private insurance...is this "compassionate" conservatism? Plus, will peace ever come to Africa? Dr. John Eibner, Director of Human Rights for Christian Solidarity International will be here - www.csi-usa.org

Hour Two: Where are all the jobs Reagan promised us? Thom has a rumble with Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute, www.businessandmedia.org

Hour Three: Are private colleges turning our kids into the next indentured servitude class? Thom debates Tim Cavanaugh, columnist for Reason Magazine - www.reasonmagazine.com


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gerald 9 years 37 weeks ago

Average Americans and Slave Wages

Slave Wages

$5,000 per year $1 per hour 100 hour work week!

-1250 25% federal taxes


-375 7 and one half% employer does not pay into social security because the program is privatized!


$3,375 annual salary

Minimum Wages

$15,000 per year $7.50 per hour 40 hour work week!

-3,750 25% federal taxes



-1,125 7 and one half% employers match employees’ SS payments!


$10,125 annual salary


Had minimum wages kept pace with cost of living

$38,000 $19 per hour 40 hour work week!




-2,850 7 and one half% employers match employees’ SS payments!


$26.650 annual salary

With slave wages and no matching SS payments the employer can save $33,000 in salary plus $2,850 in SS matching payments for a total of $35,850. I did not include state income taxes. Michigan State Income Tax is 4.35%. Here is the percentage a working American pays in taxes for Michigan – 25% federal taxes, 7 and one half% in SS, and 4.35% state taxes for a total of 36.85%.

I did not include property taxes and goods and services taxes. An average employee is paying at least 50% in taxes.

Average Americans are screwed again and again. Average Americans pay more in taxes and the American rich and American corporations pay less or nothing in taxes. Average American taxes are Socialism Taxes to subsidize the American rich and American corporations from paying little or no taxes. The American rich and American corporations are Socialists.

AS A SIDE NOTE, I am informed that in January, 2011 the fascist-Nazi Party will introduce a bill that will prohibit family vegetable gardens for homeowners and for city lots. More takeover from our Police State!!!

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gerald 9 years 37 weeks ago

Can anyone help me with this question? I AM HETEROSEXUAL!!! I am not homosexual!!! Is it possible for me to have a woman grope me instead of a man when I fly???

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rladlof 9 years 37 weeks ago

The gate-rape and rape-a-scam issue is about union-busting and privateer-zing airport security at the expense/price of the mobility of America’s middle-class.

It is about destroying our feeling of security and mitigating our ability to seek a better life. Serfs should be born, live and die in a five mile radius . . . Just like in the 1400s CE.

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Maxrot 9 years 37 weeks ago

Mr Gainor thinks businesses won't hire if they're uncertain? WTF, the whole nature of business is uncertainty, if you don't take risks you're most likely going to fail. Where the hell did he learn about running business?


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MugsysRapSheet 9 years 37 weeks ago

The "redistrubute" canard.

Thom, I'm disappointed you fell for Mr. Gainor's "redistribute wealth" canard. Because it is THEM that want to "redisitribute wealth"... UP, from the poor to the rich.

I don't want to "redistribute the wealth down from the rich to the poor", I simply want the rich to pay their fair share. Pay for all the extra services they benefit from... paved rodes to their businesses, an educated workforce, etc.

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MugsysRapSheet 9 years 37 weeks ago

"Uncertainty" ------------------------

As I've said on my blog about a dozen times:

"Democrats have been completely clear for two years now that they want the Bush Tax Cut to expire for the Top 2%. Republicans blame 'uncertainty' for why the cuts aren't creating jobs NOW, but the only people creating 'uncertainty' are Republicans promising to extend those cuts when they take power."

If "uncertainty" is the reason corporations aren't creating jobs, maybe someone should tell Republicans to stop creating it?

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gerald 9 years 37 weeks ago

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.” G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, April 29, 1922!

The American Chesterton Society has a new book on their shelves. John Medaille is the author. The title of the book is “Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More.” Maybe Thom can have the author on his radio show. This book is a refreshingly clear case for Distribution. But what really sets this book apart from others is that Medaille demonstrates that even apart from the moral imperative, Distributism prevails over other economic theories even on purely economic arguments. Along the way, he shows how we can slash the federal budget in half, streamline the bureaucracy, end the bailouts, and actually fix the health care mess. This book is new and it may not be at the libraries. A brief description of the book sounds good but who knows the real motives of the book. Below I have tried to share with you some of G. K. Chesterton’s thoughts on Distributiveness.

Government and commerce should not grow too large because the people will not control government and commerce. They will control us. You cannot have a moral government from an immoral government.

Industrialism is too crooked and complex. The voice of God is important in a democracy. Enemies of the family are the enemies of democracy. For democracy to work we must value the family. (Do you sense that there are politicians and corporations who care very little about families in our country?) Democracy is from the bottom up and not top down. Freedom is independence. Self-denial is the test of self-government. Self-government is thinking for your self. We must do things for ourselves. Big business and big government are bad for democracy. When you lose a common heritage, you lose common sense. We live by the wage. Wage slavery is still slavery. The servile state is inconsistent with democracy.

Property is a form of democracy. Distributiveness is necessary for democracy. Human happiness should be our end in a democracy. A small salary is eternal slavery. (Today, we are seeing eternal slavery in the USA with small salaries and the loss of the middle class.) Democracy is difficult. Democracy must be concerned with justice. For a democracy to work we must love God and we must love our neighbor.

G.K. Chesterton argues politics. In a democracy people should govern themselves. Corporations and the rich are governing us. Common sense is better than a corrupt government. Government and commerce are ugly necessities. They control the people and the people do not control them. CAPITALISM IS NOT A FRIEND OF DEMOCRACY. Democracy MUST serve both God and man. Both capitalism and communism are too materialistic. We cannot give everything to the government and commerce. Rich men would rather starve the people.

Industrialism is an indirect system. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Enemies of democracy are the enemies of families. For democracy to work the best interests of the family must be considered. (Single payer health care reform plans is democracy and it serves the families.) Self-denial is important in the world. We cannot rely on other people. We should do something for love.

Mob rule is democracy in its purest sense. Government and democracy isolate people from each other. We have cut off ourselves from each other.

Property and money need to be distributed to the people. We need more skill trades. Society declines when there is a great difference in salaries between the rich and the poor. (Our minimum wage law has not kept pace with the cost of living. If our minimum wage law had kept pace with the cost of living since it was enacted, the minimum wage would be at nineteen dollars per hour.) For democracy to work we need to be concerned about justice.

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gerald 9 years 37 weeks ago

I have a difficult time celebrating Thanksgiving. Obama spared the life of two turkeys. I wish that he would spare the lives of our soldiers and the lives of God's children in the Middle East. He can spare lives by returning our soldiers home and end these immoral and wrong wars.


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gerald 9 years 37 weeks ago

Thom, I have listened to your recycled radio show and I believe that having good, informative people, like Wendall Potter and Chris Hedges needs three or four segments of radio time. Listening to Potter and Hedges offers us more learning for our brain. Please cut the conservative filibuster's time to five or less minutes. The filibusters are nauseous guests.

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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

But I like: Roads,
Firemen, some cops,
traffic lights,
National Parks,
the Coast Guard,
various TLA’s, etc.
So I pay them anyway.

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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago
gerald's picture
gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

Groping is here to stay! Since I am a heterosexual, can I ask to have a woman grope me?


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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago


May it Rest In Peace!!! As of Monday, November 29, 2010, it looks like antiwar.com will be out of business. I will miss this favorite website. You provided me with great information. RIP!!!

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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

Thom, here is a suggestion. Maybe you could have Dale Ahlquist of the American Chesterton Society on your show for two segments. He may be able to share light on how G. K. would be thinking about our current issues and problems, such as the wide gap in money between the rich and the poor and on immoral and wrong wars.

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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

Black Friday, Bloody Teabags, and Smells of America

Black Friday reminds me of a typical American way of life. Americans will trample over the body of a Wall Mart employee on their way for a bargain sale but they possess lust in their heart for the killing of God’s children.

Bloody Teabags

I would like to start a Bloody Teabag Party. A Bloody Teabag would be the party’s calling card. A Bloody Teabag is about the size and shape of a regular teabag. The gauze is layered and a string ties the gauze together. The gauze is dipped into human blood and placed in the freezer for present and future enjoyment. Each time an American lusts for human blood, he takes the bloody teabag from the freezer and places the bloody teabag in a cup of boiling water. He sips from the cup human blood and you can see on his face a shit lapping grin as he enjoys the taste of human blood. Once a person has acquired the taste of human blood, he seeks no other taste.

Smells of America

I want to say to you that I am deeply upset. Yes, I have been critical of my country and from my posts you, too, can sense my criticism but I tell it like I perceive it. What makes me deeply upset are the subtle rumors, probably by non-Americans, that America smells like human arm pits. If people are going to be critical of my country, they need to be honest and truthful in their assessment of the smells of America. I do not believe that America smells like human arm pits!

If people want an honest and truthful assessment of the smells of America, they must take the time and go outside to fill up their nostrils with the smell of napalm in the morning and the smell of burning human flesh in the evening. The smells of America are napalm and burning human flesh. These smells are my olfactory perception of America.

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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

I may not always be right but I am never wrong! Here is a letter that sent to Blog Posters in 2008

Dear Posters:

On Friday, February 15, 2008, Hitler Bush I endorsed Hitler McCain for the Nazi Party nomination for Fuhrer of the United States of Evil. With Hitler Bush I’s endorsement it became perfectly clear that Jeb Hitler Bush would be on the Nazi Party ticket as vice-Fuhrer of the United States of Evil. Hitler McCain needs a religious Nazi on his ticket. We must never forget that most Nazi Americans are enamored with the Hitler Bush family.

Jeb Hitler Bush IS THE PERFECT CANDIDATE for the ticket. He is a from a “compassionate conservative” family; he is a full fledged Nazi; he has the beloved name of Hitler Bush; and his wife is Hispanic. His wife will gather the Latino vote just like Omania or Omaniac gathers the black vote. The ticket of McCain-Jeb Hitler Bush is a dream team for the Nazi Party.

The ticket will have in Hitler McCain someone who desires to carry out a one hundred year war around the world and in Jeb Hitler Bush the ticket has a proven member of a family that cares nothing about body bags, mass murders, torture, and war crimes. This ticket is truly a perfect match.

Let me also add that Hitler McCain does not look well to me and I believe that he will only serve one term as the Fuhrer of the United States of Evil. Jeb Hitler Bush will receive the Nazi Party nomination in 2012 and he will be elected for the next eight years before George P. Hitler Bush becomes the Fuhrer for another eight years. Again, Jeb Hitler Bush’s wife will help her husband with the Latino voters because she is Hispanic.

The Hitler Bush dynasty will be in the White House for many, many years. This is my prediction and you can take it to the bank.



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gerald 9 years 36 weeks ago

"The world will be saved by beauty..."

In The Idiot, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the main character, Prince Myshkin, is mocked by another character for having reportedly made the statement, "The world will be saved by beauty." As Advent approaches this year, I find myself haunted by the quote.

I live in a Catholic Worker House through which broken people pass every day. I work for any organization that every day is neck deep in the challenges presented by injustice, violence, greed, and war. I sometimes am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all.

As advocates and activists it seems that the only power we can draw on is the power of our pain, or the power of our anger at the way things are. But there is another power afoot in the universe, a power we are sometimes lucky enough to glimpse if we only have eyes to see. We can call it God, or Love. I think maybe Dostoevsky understood it as Beauty.

This Advent, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow darker, let us wait together for the birth of Love, for the birth of Beauty. And attune our eyes to see that which will save the world.

In peace,
Johnny Zokovitch
Program Director, Pax Christi USA

Everything Trump Touches Dies - Including Trade & Bringing Jobs Home

Thom plus logo This just in from Lori Wallach, Director Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch - In his speech now underway at Whirlpool in Ohio, Trump claimed to have met all of his trade promises from 2016. NOT!
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