Thom's blog - Thursday November 4th 2010

On Tuesday, Oklahomans approved a ballot initiative that would forbid judges in the state from using Sharia law to consider a case. Voters supported the measure by about 40 points even though many of them cannot name a single instance where Sharia law was used to rule in a case – that’s because its never happened in Oklahoma– or any other state in the country for that matter. On top of that, Islam isn’t even that prevalent in the state – out of a population of 3.7 million, there are only 15,000 Muslims there. Still, voters found the need to hit the polls to make sure this non-existent threat was stopped before it’s too late. Maybe that’s because in wake of the “ground zero mosque” controversy, certain media outlets and entrepreneurs have made quite a profit off promoting Islamophobia – “they’re coming to subvert our government.” This scare tactic has resonated around the country in places like Murfreesboro, Tennessee where it’s nearly impossible for Muslim Americans to get approval in to build a place of worship – basically shredding the First Amendment. While Oklahoma has never been a victim of a Islamic terrorism – it was notable the site where Timothy McVeigh – a roman catholic – blew up the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. Yet there was no rush by voters to discriminate against Catholicism afterward. Since the Sharia law ballot measure passed by a wide margin – it’s likely other states will follow with initiatives of their own. Not sure which state will be first to forbid courts from considering the laws of the Giant Spaghetti Monster.

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