Who’s screwed if the Republicans take control of Congress?

Who’s screwed if the Republicans take control of Congress? Labor unions, that’s who. Well, I guess you can argue we all might be…but organized labor - the last big funder of Democrats left standing - feels they will surely become public enemy number one in a Republican controlled Congress. On the agenda will be two anti-union pieces of legislation dealing with “card check” and limits on election spending – yes, the Republicans will consider pushing legislation limiting election spending by unions, can you spell hypocrisy? While Democrats failed to pass organized labor’s top priority “card check” bill that allows for easier organization in the workplace through potential members simply by signing pro-union cards, Republicans will be sure to pass legislation of their own ensuring that card check never comes to fruition. In other words, they want to make it easier for your boss to intimidate you and squash any organizing attempts. And, to ensure they hold the upper hand in future election spending, Republicans will forbid unions from using members’ dues for electioneering unless the individual members provide their consent. Yet Republicans are adamantly opposed to limiting corporate election spending without a vote of shareholders. Unions were able to provide a meager balance in their financial support for Democrats this election cycle, but still paled in comparison to the avalanche of money thrown at Republican candidates by unknown billionaires through the Chamber of Commerce.


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Brog 13 years 33 weeks ago

Unions are an organized group of working class voters who have a line of communication outside the corporate media which can be a threat. Since the wages have eroded over time the unions have a shrinking pot of dollars to spend in support of candidates that hopefully would support labor friendly legislation. The total union dollars spent on candidates has not always been enough to assure pro labor support from those politicians in receipt of union support. I suspect the total dollars available for unions to spend pales in comparison to the pro corporate lobbying machines. As Thom mentioned it is no longer possible to follow the money spent by these "political" organizations.

As a baby boomer I am continually amazed at the successful historical vilification of unions oft repeated by those of my parents generation even by those whose financial health were due to in part or largely to the strength of the unions after World War II. I suspect that the portrayal of the oft violent encounters that unions had in the early days of organizing by the news services of the day contributed to this lasting antipathy towards the union movement. I am also sure that the repeated union corruption scandals (money/power/corruption cycles) helped cement these lasting impressions and bias.

My union in California had a surprinsing percentage of members who voted for our lame duck republican governor to reap his ongoing attack on state workers. The media myth ignores the fact that unions are made up of individuals of all poliitical persuasions who work for a living and do not have a unified political front.

I hope that this election will not lead to the further villification and limitations on the shrinking organized labor.

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RentonWa 13 years 33 weeks ago

I remember when being a union member and a patriot were synonymous. My parents, grandparents etc were all happy that I was a teamster working for a police department. I had "union" benefits and they looked at me with a sense of pride. Now, I have a friend who manages a division of a smaller firm that's non-union and they are terrified that a union take over could happen. they do work to enrich the lives of their employees - they try to take 'care' of them. But they are the exception not the rule.

We need a Democratic version of Teddy Roosevelt!

Who else is screwed if Republicans take over? any LGBT former member of the military who can draw their military retirement. They can still loose it.

And I feel horrible for anyone who does not look Caucasian. We hear about the horrible issue of illegal immigration from mexico, but what about Europe? Anyone consider the volume of people from eastern europe who've overstayed or snuck in through canada? Not that they should be treated unfairly, but ALL of these people should be factored into the equation.

I am worried for the labor unions; I'm worried for the farm workers; I'm worried about the tide of racism, sanctioned and encouraged, we are about to see.

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rbbrfish 13 years 33 weeks ago

There's a nagging litte voice that tells me it'll be time to stick a fork in the little guy and turn him over...at least for a while; a long, long while. The problem is further compounded by the further we dig the whole, the tougher it will be to fill it in and climb out.

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stradric 13 years 33 weeks ago

I think it's probably easier to list the people who won't be screwed by a Republican takeover. At least it won't catch any of us by surprise. The Teabaggers on the other hand... they actually think the Republicans care about their interest. In the words of Sarah Palin: "Bless their hearts". They're in for a rude awakening when it's the same destructive Republican nonsense all over again. But then again, most of them are so delusional they probably won't even notice.

There's something kind of ironic about our messed up voting system and the Chamber's poisoning of the campaigns. If the Republicans succeed tonight, they're going to claim "the people rejected Obama's marxist, socialist, muslim agenda". Meanwhile, that's not even the least bit verifiable by any scientific means. For one, if you can't trust the vote because it's allegedly skewed towards the party of big business, then how can you claim the people are on your side? And two: if millions of foreign and big business dollars are spreading lies in key battleground districts, how can you claim victory is due to some so-called populist uprising? The only thing the Republicans could legitimately claim from victory is that their dirty tactics work. But they'll claim a mandate for sure, because they're slime.

If the Democrats manage to hold their ground, well, then that's a mandate. It means the people came out and were able to overcome the skewed voting machines and beat all the odds.

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flyguy8650 13 years 33 weeks ago

Watch Collapse. Read Darwin, learn to survive on your land with a close knit collective of family and friends. Buy seeds, get a plan for fresh water and survival with no electricity or infrastructure. We are heading back to the basics. Those that can adapt survive, those that can't perish. Just like the Dinosaurs. Can't fool mother nature......

Dems, GOP, Progressives, Socialists, Islam, Jew, Christian, etc.....none can or will survive or be effective. Unions, Corps, Free Market, Protectionists, won't matter if there is no grid, oil, electricity, infrastructure. Who are they kidding, I just hope I am long gone when the collapse comes.

It is just simple evolution. Survival of the fit not the wealthy or poor. Can't drive a Rolls if there is no fuel! Can't cash a Gov't Check if there is no bank or atm....

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USMCjock 13 years 33 weeks ago

I've read all of you guys' comments: Thank God for the presidential veto. The Racist Republicans can't pass anything without it getting through the Senate, which we still control and the President's veto pen! I hear all the complaints and I'm depressed and angry more than I've ever been. I'm mad as hell at the Democrats for not seeing this coming from years back. Oh yes! This was planned. The Citizens United case didn't just happen on the year redistricting by chance. This was concerned effort to make the Democrats the permanent minority party. What we have to push is the Disclose Act and various forms of campaign finance reform. As someone who worked for the US Chamber of Commerce for 6 years, I can tell you that they are very organized. Their sixth floor is nothing but lobbyists, with TVs on all day ready to pounce on anything that breaks in the news. Their fifth floor is where National Chamber Foundation or NCF is located and they have a large database of funders. The fourth floor is where Tom Donahue sits; along with Bruce Josten (the chief lobbyist) and David Hirschmann. The third floor is where the swing space is: This is where they have interns and some employees using Hoover's database to go after small, medium and large businesses to build their membership. They also do business analyses of all businesses and then send their thugs out to "drum up business". Institute for Legal Reform or ILR headed by Lisa Rickard is here too. They are responsible for going after Tort Reform. The second floor is their communications and web design floor along HR and Legal Dept. It would seem like they have a battery of lawyers; when all they have is 5; maybe 6. Their operations especially on the 5th & 6th floors are intense and they often have high turnover because ppl don't make their numbers.

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crankylady 13 years 32 weeks ago

We the people are the ones getting screwed and no one even gave me a kiss. Anne

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David Abbot 13 years 5 weeks ago

Who's screwed if the republicans take control of congress? The republicans who voted them into office- including the rich republicans, because they will finish making this planet unable to support human life. So, it really would be in the republicans' best interest to always vote democrat.

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