Daily Topics - Thursday December 30th, 2010

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It's Anything Goes on Townhall...Thursday!

Hour One: "Brunch With Bernie" - Holiday edition - Senator Bernie Sanders spends the hour with Thom dicussing the issues of the day and taking your calls - www.sanders.senate.gov

Hour Two: Pushing for real reform in the Senate - Thom speaks with Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) - www.merkley.senate.gov


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Maxrot 13 years 30 weeks ago

Bernie is so on top of it, not only does he agree with the caller that says we all need to get out to vote, he goes the step further and say everyone needs to educate themselves and get involved. How true, voting is almost pointless if you haven't a clue as to what (or who) you're voting for.

Got to love his political acumen too, he agreed with the caller and just added what was important, instead of countering it... I can see why Bernie has been so successful in politics.


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gerald 13 years 30 weeks ago

December 30, 2010

Dear Thom,

If you have written an article on our country becoming a Third World Republic and/or a banana republic, please let us know by printing the title on your Thom’s Blog. I would like to save it and have a copy printed out for family and friends. Thank you for any help!

Below are three articles that will open our eyes to the tyranny in our Third World country.




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making progress 13 years 30 weeks ago

Tax Cuts Move US Closer to Fiscal Crisis

by Simon Johnson

"At this point, we will have only two choices: Raise taxes or cut spending. Given that the Obama administration is unprepared for this scenario, and has no sensible tax reform plans under way, this gives an opportunity to Republicans intent on big spending cuts. For anyone hoping to “starve the beast,” this will be a historic opportunity."


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gerald 13 years 30 weeks ago

Here is the poster child of a Republican cry baby!!!


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j.sea 13 years 30 weeks ago

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Pass this message on:

I am asking for your help to get the word out regarding a very important charity that Thom Hartmann founded. ‘Tis the Season for end of the year giving. I have little left over to share this year. I am deeply sorry about that -- there are so many worthy causes.... I want to tell you where my $20 is going (after a donation to progressive causes, of course!) in the hope that some fellow progressive out there might have the heart to make a larger tax deductible gift. Many of us know progressive leader, author and radio host Thom Hartmann well. Fewer know of his previous life as a rescuer of intensely traumatized children. In 1979 Thom and Louise Hartmann founded the New England Salem Children’s Village. Based on the work of the great humanitarian Gottfried Müller, Salem’s Children’s Village provided a family setting for the healing of children so abused and neglected that no other path out of their nightmares existed. Thom wrote about many of those experiences in his book "The Prophet's Way". That Village is still there, still saving lives and minds and spirits, still providing a door that is always open to the survivors of abuse that pass through those doors and out into the world; teaching love instead of hate, generously providing kindness instead of madness. I have been moved to simply reach out and ask: Please. Please. Fellow progressive fans of Thom Hartmann, support this work. Thom and Louise have done so much to expand the progressive movement and widen the circle of love, caring and concern. You and I are a part of that family circle -- and it is the New Year.... Please pass this on to your friends and associates. Thank you so much! And a very, very Happy and Progressive New Year...

The New England Salem Children’s Village
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Happy New Year!

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Maxrot 13 years 30 weeks ago

I keep wondering about the end game of corporations running offshore everytime the country their exploiting begins to regulate. I mean eventually won't they run out of countrys they can run to, that slowly the global market is harmonizing, and even though the lowest common denominator is quite low, is it not realistic to believe that it will continually rise by default? I know it'll be generations before it happens, but is it not possible that the system will destroy itself? The only question is, will humankind survive the process?


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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

We have killed the Golden Egg.


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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

More and more evidence mounts to our evil, vile, and wicked ways!!!


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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

I believe that the Republican and conservative crazies are more prone to brain farts. Let us again examine the article on brain farts!


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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Child and dog invent their own game.


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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Selective outrage and the spreading of lies!!!


Selective outrage!


Spreading of lies!

Information is power. The more information we have, the more powerful we are!!!

Is the evil federal government and politicians keeping us stupid so that we will always remain sheeple and not human beings? With information we may embrace the Golden Rule and the Eleventh Commandment. "LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU."

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

We can close our eyes and defend Obama but his DNA is closely linked to Cheney and W.

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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Why Is It So that we deceive ourselves about American Democracy?

Why are things this way? Well, believing in a national image that is unhinged from reality has something to do with it.

American politicians know that identifying yourself with the idealized U.S. (democracy, stability and progress, etc.) is a winning political formula. But how do you bury the contradictions?

You either hide your hypocrisy behind a thick cloud of secrecy (a la the WikiLeaks affair) or you obscure your double standards with mass propaganda. Washington uses both strategies.

If you pursue these strategies long enough and consistently enough you build yourself a "thought collective" – groupthink on a national level. Within the thought collective self-deception and rationalization become high arts and soon both the leaders and the followers no longer notice the underlying hypocrisy.

It also helps that most of the public is indifferent toward the world beyond their local sphere. Indifference results in ignorance and the void left by ignorance is readily filled with manipulative misinformation.

Nor do the indifferent care about government secrecy on subjects that appear to have no relevance to their daily lives.

To make all this a bit clearer, think about your own experience. When you act in the world things usually work out if the ideas and beliefs in your head match well with the reality outside you. However, when those ideas and beliefs do not match up with outside reality, things almost never go well.

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gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

We are in a new year. Hopefully, this New Year will be better than previous new years.

You have been very successful as a progressive radio show host and as an author. People who follow you and your work have been given more information about our country and our world. But, Thom, even with all your successes, I believe that you have not reached your true potential. When I hear your geeky Thursday segments and when I also marvel at your intelligence, I cannot help but believe that you have not reached your full potential.

Thom, your full and true potential was to be a medical doctor! That is my belief.

Sincerely, Gerald, a Christian, a liberal, a pacifist, a progressive, and a socialist

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Here are some resolutions that you should never make!


gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Let me offer some back up for my belief! As a medical doctor Thom Hartmann could still be able to be on radio and to also write books. But, as a medical doctor, you would be able to offer more creditable information on better health, better healthy choices, and preventive health and medical information.

Yes, even now you can do it over the radio and in your writings but there is something about the words, Dr. Thom Hartmann, M.D. or D.O.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Here is the last sentence in the above article, "The Height of Hypocrisy."

Well Pakistan may be indulging in and carrying out its own atrocities. It pales in comparison to our own despicable behavior committed all over the world.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Birds and animals bring joy to our lives. We have two bird baths on the railings of our porch. Watching the birds splash and bathe is uplifting to see. Any loss in the bird population is difficult to accept.


gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

Why is it so difficult to practice the Golden Rule in our lives? Practicing the Golden Rule will bring us closer to a peaceful world.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

I am deeply saddened by the behavior and atrocities of my country. Why is it a joy for Americans to see and to hear of our killing of God's children?

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 29 weeks ago

"When we cheer for WikiLeaks' demise, we are cheering for our own." - Paul Craig Roberts

Are we witnessing the demise of our freedoms and rights so that we will forever be enslaved under the American rich and American corporations?

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