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In the wake of conservative victories in the recent mid-term elections, the right wing is today flexing its muscles, threatening to turn back the clock on social progress and economic justice and planning to return the country to the dark days of American apartheid and unbridled corporate dominance. And a spineless national media, concerned more about their profit margins than their moral and constitutional obligations to report the truth, continue to cow to the far-right pressures with their decidedly pro- conservative day-to-day coverage of national affairs.

More than ever, America today needs a new progressive movement, a courageous and sustained resistance effort involving millions of people of all colors and creeds and supported by a democratic media infrastructure, especially a national, independent television network that can embolden and mobilize the progressive forces.

You rely on Free Speech TV for programming you can trust. You believe in independent media because you understand that the mainstream outlets compromise their content for the sake of profit and on behalf of their sponsors, who control, oversee and 'spin' all information released to the public.

Free Speech TV is a network committed to providing a real, truth-based alternative to the corporate media by broadcasting the unfiltered voices of independent media producers, like The Thom Hartmann Program, GRITtv, and Democracy Now!, to more than 35 million U.S. homes daily and to the world via FREESPEECH.ORG.

Our progressive network has served the public for more than 15 years without airing a single corporate commercial and completely free of government influence. How is this possible? Free Speech TV can do what no other network has done, because of the unwavering support of thousands of committed members. We've done the unthinkable, because our members believe that The People can produce better and more relevant media than corporations.

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With your support, Free Speech TV traveled to Detroit and was the only network to broadcast the voices of thousands of activists at the U.S. Social Forum (link underline to; partnered with hundreds of grassroots organizations to bring you six-hours of uninterrupted coverage of the One Nation March (link underline to: ben-jealous); and provide you with unprecedented coverage of the US Midterm

Elections featuring in-depth analysis from a variety of progressive thought leaders.

While mainstream media outlets continue to expand their corporate-funded influence on our society and on the shape of public policy, Free Speech TV fights to keep our voice strong and independent. On this last week of our End of Year Membership Drive we find our fundraising goals unmet. By becoming a member of FSTV you will contribute to building a democratic media movement, with the capacity to become the antidote to the daily lies and slander foisted on the American people by Fox News and its powerful right-wing propaganda machine.

On behalf of Free Speech TV, The Thom Hartmann Program, our members and staff, we thank you for accepting this challenge and joining our movement. Together we have done great things. We look forward to a bright future for our network and for independent media.

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Thom Hartmann, Host/Producer The Thom Hartmann Program
Don Rojas, Executive Director Free Speech TV


Al Kelly's picture
Al Kelly 12 years 24 weeks ago

It is easy for us who have a job to get mad at any compromise on no tax relief for the rich. But if you are one of the 2 million who did not get an unemployment check this week and any of the following weeks--than you'd back any compromise for that check. What about those folks--the 2 million without a penny for now, for Xmas, for the New Year????

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Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

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From Screwed:
"I think many of us recognize that for all but the wealthiest, life in America is getting increasingly hard. Screwed explores why, showing how this is no accidental process, but rather the product of conscious political choices, choices we can change with enough courage and commitment. Like all of Thom’s great work, it helps show us the way forward."
Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While
From Screwed:
"The powers that be are running roughshod over the powers that OUGHT to be. Hartmann tells us what went wrong — and what you and I can do to help set American right again."
Jim Hightower, National Radio Commentator, Writer, Public Speaker, and author of the bestselling Thieves in High Places
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"Thom Hartmann seeks out interesting subjects from such disparate outposts of curiosity that you have to wonder whether or not he uncovered them or they selected him."
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