Thom's blog - Friday December 10th, 2010

You need to know this. President Obama’s tax cut compromise was rejected by House Democrats in a near unanimous caucus vote yesterday. Without significant changes to the bill – it’s likely Speaker Pelosi will not bring the package to the floor anytime soon. Reacting to the rejection in the House – the Senate is preparing to take the first steps and schedule a vote as early as Monday. To gain more support among Democratic Senators – additional tax provisions were added to the legislation targeting clean energy investments like hybrid automobiles - energy efficient homes - and biodiesel fuel. But the measures likely won’t sway angry Democrats in the House who still want to see changes made in the proposed new estate tax - which amounts to $66 billion giveaway to millionaires and billionaires. Regardless of whether or not the bill passes – major Democratic donors have already lost faith in their President. And they plan on expressing their discontent by holding out on campaign funds in 2012. As big Republican donors plan on flooding super PACs with millions in special interest money for the next election – Democrats could face a real uphill battle if their wealthy supporters sit on the sidelines in two years.


chaotician 13 years 27 weeks ago

Here's an interesting view of Barry's desperate hope to convince his terrible, terrible appeasement of Repugs is good for us!

This blatant attack on Social Security; this ridiculus continuation of Tax Giveaways for anyone is dispicable!

MediaCraig's picture
MediaCraig 13 years 27 weeks ago

Rather than a $350 billion tax break for the rich… increase Social Security benefits by 25%. The cost would be the same. You'd directly benefit 20% of the population (instead of 1%), and immediately stimulate the economy.

mike.savick 13 years 27 weeks ago


Corporatist right has spent 40+ years of time and fortune to create sound bites for suckers. Progressives don't have those resource but we have lots of folks with brains.

I suggest that progressive talkers sponsor weekly contests for slogans and sound bites for progressive candidates and campaigns to use to get our message across.

We should have used phrases against Bush like "Borrow and spend is a tax in the end!"

Bush should have been depicted with a huge national credit card, with the bills for two wars and prescription coverage. Surely we can collect the combined wit and wisdom of the people and advertise progresive positions. You could even have a competition among the listeners of a variety of progressive media programs. The best of Thom vs the best of Big Eddie etc. This could be a lot of fun! "The oil Dependentcy Tax"

I will be able to listen more freely since my job functions were outsourced yesterday afternoon.

gurjeet 13 years 27 weeks ago

It is time that President Obama listens to his people or he has lost the reelection anyway , on top of that he would lose his own party support!

Again any kind of tax cut, for the top 2% or less wealthiest, at the cost of 98 % or more is a SHAME !!!!!, in what ever disguise it may be put.

Californiamike's picture
Californiamike 13 years 27 weeks ago

I like the Obama/GOP tax deal, because I like it politically for Obama.

The one statistic Americans know is the unemployment rate. Clearly giving tax cuts to the wealthy isn't going to create jobs, but if the unemployment rate continues to rise, which it will once the Stimulus runs out, and state and local governments lay off thousands of public sector workers, if we hadn't given the GOP their wealthy tax cuts, then the mighty GOP propaganda machine would effectively blame it on the "rising tax rates."

In effect, Obama has sold the unemployment rate to the GOP, and we'll prove once and for all that supply side economics is a bunch of baloney.

Obama has cover; he said he doesn't think it will work, and that he's only going along with this deal because America spoke in the 2010 election. Americans will punish the GOP in 2012, and Obama will finally get to replace some conservative Justices with liberal Justices.

We got lucky with this deal. It's only adding $140B to the Debt, and the upside is we'll send the GOP into the wilderness for a generation.

hopperstad's picture
hopperstad 13 years 27 weeks ago

Bernie Sanders became a true American Hero today. At the same time, President Obama further humiliated and belittled himself by bringing in a former president to speak policy for him. Has this ever happened before? The Dems will be in trouble in 2012 if Obama is our candidate. Too many voters have lost respect for him, which will keep voters home in 2012. Chris Mathews said something interesting, saying that no democrat will attempt to unseat the first African-American president. If that is true, then the cons might win in 2012.

zimmett's picture
zimmett 13 years 27 weeks ago

They will probably pass this tax bill almost as is!!

Gary in NJ's picture
Gary in NJ 13 years 27 weeks ago

HEAD FAKE - Don't go for the head-fake of the House Democrats' opposition to the tax capitulation bill. Speaker Pelosi will tweak the bill in a minor way and then it will pass the House. This is merely grandstanding for the democratic base.

Just look at the Public Option a year ago. How many House democrats SWORE that they would vote against any healthcare bill without a public option?

Don't go for the head-fake!

srland 13 years 27 weeks ago

This maybe "Bro Rock" finding, firing up and consolidating his base. He has not had much rallying from congress or the public against the Repub's abusive behavior in the senate. It must be horrible to be leader with a majority in both chambers and yet see a total stand still. If the "WE" people of our country cannot break this strangle hold by the "ME" powers here and now, all maybe lost. What better way to charge up the base then to cross the core moral line. I would say the tax cuts are going to the favor of those who rebel the most or are funded the most? I think it will take some real pain to awaken the sleeper enough for real change but this maybe a start.

People Power "We" Party.

librarian's picture
librarian 13 years 27 weeks ago

In one sense President Obama is right; we are being held hostage. Not by the Republicans, but by the Corporations. They influence both the Democratic and Republican leadership and the White House into these sham deals that only benefit the corporate elite. I have been disgusted with the Republican leadership. Now I am disgusted with Obama and Reid. Thank God for real politicians, politicians that are willing to lead and do the right thing, like Senator Sanders and Brown and the congressman from Oregon, DeFazio? !

fatfax's picture
fatfax 13 years 27 weeks ago

Obama needs a psych eval ASAP. The dudes crackin up bringing Bill Clinton into his press conference then walking out leaving Bill at the podium.

Basically we have had it with the guy... let's be real about this folks it's time to start grooming

someone else for the 2012 nomination.

OUT's picture 13 years 27 weeks ago

Having a job with HI and 401k is an anomaly that apparently defines your world view. Do your employees have health insurance and retirement program? How about your children? Do they have scholarships to pay the tuition, room and board? Or can you pay for all of it so your children don't have to go through the "embarrassment" of financial aid?

What would you say to your son or daughter?

What if your children chose to be a carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc?

Would you disown them for associating with so called "working folk"?

Would you disown them for trying to be what you want and failing?

Would you care about any of this regardless of circumstances?

Social Security?

I pay into it for my Mom

Dad died in 2003 so you don't have to worry about him sucking away your money

It's a social safety net that all of us depend on, including you.

If you are truly concerned about social security cost, then kill all the old folks in your family. Because that is what you are asking all of us to do so you don't have to pay for somethng that you want no part of.

Or you could pay for the nursing home for my Mom, so I could be as carefree about it as you.

dianhow 13 years 27 weeks ago

Will Dem caucus give in ? I pray NOT.I know Obama is btw a rock and a hard palce - in worst economy in 80 yrs with a GOP that will do, say anything to get thier precious fat cat cuts - while other 98 % have seen our wages- benefits go into the toilet. Yet millions of gulible ill voters just ' rewarded' the GOP for the long toxic GOP reign under 1981 Reaganomics 2008 Bush Cheney GOP fat cat favoring policies- deregulation- Reagans 1986 total amnesty for slave wages- 2 very long profit driven wars-huge cuts and debt- lies- fear tactics- Cheneys sweet oil deals-Bush Cheney global crash 2008 TARP...pushed along by the Goldman FED boys...Greenspan, Paulson , Rubin , Sommers .. all Goldman ' trained' Few realize that we have all been scammed- manipulated, lied to for eons. Last decade middle class real income is down While TOP 2 % is way way up due to Reagan's deregulation- debt-Bush - GOP policies- tax cuts- greed. IT'S SICKENING HOW DUMBED DOWN WE HAVE BECOME

dianhow 13 years 27 weeks ago


Tony4cash's picture
Tony4cash 13 years 27 weeks ago

My name is Tony I really love that Tom Hartman does his homework and research. I called Pelosi, Defazzio,and Sanders office to thank them for refusing Obama's tax deal. I left a message for him saying,"Just because a person is in a position of authority doesnt make them always right." ( That includes presidents) If a person cant stand up to one thing they will fall for anything. I said united we stand divided we fall. Theres a website that I signed a petition for its called Bernie Sanders is a true American hero and he has the guts to stand up for the American people. I just wished that Obama that I voted for and volunteered on the phone banks would develop a backbone. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 13 years 27 weeks ago

Clockwork Orange. Millionaires and billionaires may need the tax cuts for body guards and increased security because the downtrodden are getting pushed to their limits and are increasingly likely to start going nuts and getting revenge. It's not hard to find a mark because the "more-fortunate" ( a term I use in oppostion to their hideous term "The less-fortunate") love to wear wealth accumulation as a fat badge of honor. So watch out, richies, you are making yourself targets. In Miami guys will cut your finger off for a diamond ring. They will slit your throat in the parking lot of Town Fashion Mall in broad daylight and take your Lincoln. You are never safe on a dark street, and if you get lost in the wrong neighborhood in Miami, you will be hamburger.

I stand in line in the Check Cashing store with real people who don't have cars or homes or anything that could use bio-diesel fuel. These folks could care less about what goes on in DC because they are fighting daily to keep themselves and their kids and their elders alive. Believe me, being poor costs more to live! No special financing for qualified buyers, no approved credit, no securities, just penalties, late fees, sky-high interest on loans for necessities, - countless surcharges for being poor.

All this caucusing to them is nothing but fiddle-dee-dee and fol-de-rol. Food on the table and the lights and water turned on are real issues. Gas in a car that runs is an issue. Affording a bus pass is an issue. Affording a halfway house is an issue.

Millions of people don't know what estate tax is or what it means, and they have no way of relating it to their own dire circumstances. In their state, it doesn't matter who the president is or what party rules, just that things have gotten worse, life is harder and more fraught with difficulties, and it appears not many people who could do something about it give a hoot.

When good men do nothing, evil men prosper.

As a woman, I've decided there just simply aren't enough good men anymore, and the women who have decided to get out and fight in the man's arena, sidle up to men who prosper.

Buko's picture
Buko 13 years 27 weeks ago

Republican Hostage Taxcuts! If we are going to end up with this tax deal, lets give it a name the people will not forget. In our 2 or 3 word culture lets always refer to this as the "Republican Hostage Taxcuts" instead of the "Obama Taxcuts". Lefty's need to learn how to use the 2 and 3 word culture to our benefit.

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