Thom's blog - Friday December 17th, 2010

You need to know this. The tax cuts compromise deal is now at the President’s desk. The House of Representatives passed the legislation late last night by a vote of 277 – 148. Earlier in the afternoon – it looked as though liberal Democrats in the House were ready to blow the deal up when they protested the planned vote in the afternoon -forcing the House into an indefinite recess. But in caucus meetings later in the night – Speaker Nancy Pelosi was able to wrangle up enough Democratic members to bring the legislation to the floor and pass it. Ultimately – 112 Democrats didn’t support the bill – including the entire Democratic leadership aside from Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Now - with the President’s signature – the bill will become law. Congressman Peter DeFazio from Oregon – one of the most outspoken opponents of the bill - summed up the conclusion of the tax cut debate by saying, “This basically concedes the argument to the supply-side Republican failed economic policies.” And unfortunately – he’s right. Progressives lost this fight - capping off 2 years of losing battles. But since the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires weren’t extended permanently – we all need to get to work to make sure progressives win the next battle in 2012.


Don the Hippie 12 years 14 weeks ago

I am with you... I will get active....
Let me say this, If the tax rate on millionaires was 65%, I would still not refuse to become a millionaire. Is there anyone that would? So, if their are any millionaires out there, living in fear of taxes getting higher, I can releive you of your pain and suffering.
I can no longer lend monetary support to the Democratic Party. So I guess its a good thing they made some friends with the rich.
My wife is a 54 year old 99er (actually a 140er at this point) and has been abandoned by the people she voted into office. Luckily I still have my job for now, but everything we have read indicates those over 50 that have been unemployed longer than 2 years might as well forget about ever workking again (in this country). She is now getting responses from her resume that say " we are no longer interviewing people without a history of working within the last 6 months" - so essentially if you are a 99er you will be the last to be hired. They don't expect full recovery in CA. until 2017 - she will be 60..... We will have to survive on one income until we die. And it looks like social security will be gutted next.
I have signed up to attend every local democratic meeting for the next three months - WE will become active. I just hope attending does not require money, which seems like all the politicians care about lately. Maybe my wife can run for some office. She was an office manager and paralegal. She is also capable of saying "cut spending", "no tax increases", "99ers are lazy and take advantage of the system" and (I love this one) "entitlements are the death of America" , which seems to be the only criteria for getting elected nowadays.
I hope becoming active makes a difference - if not, plan 2 is to migrate to Canada. Plan 3 is to purchase a gun, go as long as we can, and when that day comes where we have to decide between people food and cat food - we blow our freaking brains out.

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