Thom's blog - Thursday December 16th, 2010

You need to know this. President Obama released his Afghanistan war strategy review this morning. In it – the President claims the timeline for troop withdrawal in July of next year is still on track – though the pace of withdrawal is still uncertain. A US military presence is expected to be in the region until at least 2014. Most of the news is good - we've taken more territory and knocked off most of Al Queda. But the review summary warns that many of these advances can quickly unravel if more is not done to combat insurgents coming across the border from Pakistan. In addition – there is little acknowledgment within the report of how corruption in the Afghan government continues to undermine US efforts. Which raises the question of exactly what we are fighting for in the country? Are US troops dying to prop up a corrupt Karzai government? Americans think so according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows disapproval of the war at an all time high – 60%. While President Obama may point to individual targets that show improvement – the war as a whole is deteriorating. That’s because – despite the whitewashing in the strategy review – 2010 was the bloodiest on record for the United States. And that’s after more than 9 years of sustained combat in the country. Listen to the American people Mr. President – and listen to the final words of your chief diplomat, Richard Holbrook – Stop this war!


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WhiteBear 12 years 14 weeks ago

This should be proof positive that Obama needs to replaced on the Democratic ticket for 2012. His delusional and criminal expansion of the Afghanistan war has made the situation much worse and he continues to back away from promises of a hard withdrawal timetable. There is no quantity or quality of SPIN that can redeem president Obama or justify another four years of his "leadership". His tax sellout to the rich elites without a fight or debate has awoken many to the truth. He's weak, incompetent and cowardly. I realized almost two years ago his true nature when chose to "complete" the Bush/Cheney Régime war agenda in Afghanistan. I wish he would resign now.

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