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johnmckinney 13 years 23 weeks ago

Thoms alright!Doesn't have it all figured out.But he is a gentleman and a scholar. Thoms the only radio host I'd call intellectual. (Sorry Ed)I posted this on Vanity Fair and they have a good article up now on Tucson incident/killerWe should take this fight to the bigger sites for we need idiot control (The Fairness Doctrine and/or a revision of it) Not gun control examined Loughner's youtube posting. The youngman suffered with acute seperation anxiety. he obviously was extremely depressed and filled with feelings of despair. He was paranoid of the government and again depressed that any opportunity of a decent life were gone for him. Hell he should have kept smoking grass. I think his parents pushed him to join the service with words like "make something out of yourself, and your last chance at a good life." well it wasn't his last chance as normal folks know, but he isnt normal folk. Loughner is disturbed and the rt wing hate speech is daily and dominant around here. He isn't anything new. Sort of reminds me of how Hitler used the unemployed youth in Germany, first making them feel hopeless, turning them against the current government, then telling them they were superior and would have to "take back their country (homeland)" and thus they were recruited. It seems the weak minded are the most easily joined to any cause. I myself am a joiner for good causes, ie the cancer society, the red cross, my local blood bank, the rotary club at times, I am weak minded in that way having lost all I had at age 11. Our home in Bellville, Texas did in fact burn to the ground. My family survived and believe it or not I saved them all the pets and myself, The whole crew out in the front yard , middle of the night, we watched it burn. I learned about a great communities spirit of giving and charity in the following hours of the very next day. Thus, I learned charity. This young man is about 50% environment(parents,relatives and friends) and 50% product of what his community and larger world view (view is of course subjective) He isn't crazy I don't believe. Motivated yes, extremely sloppy and decidedly focused. His kind isn't new. He is 100% bigot believing his superior birthright in the world having been stolen and being stolen by others, I should write a book on persuading the bohemian mind. It could be titled "Beerjoint Propaganda" I guess and if that title was unacceptable to my publisher the second title choice would be, "Convincing Blondes to Have Sex with You," for Dummies. I believe the mind in a weakened state is fertile ground for propaganda focusing on "you" that's what the Nazi's did it almost worked completely. Look, everyone, it isn't that complex ... don't overthink this guy, if it looks like a duck and quacks and's a freakin duck.. be good to yourself and know that even when you are alone, even when you are depressed, other people do love and care about you. Of course, I could say Jesus loves you, but people in your community care as well, I promise you most folks do, its our nature. When there is a world disaster a flood, storm, fire, earthquake, whatever, we Americans prove it everytime WE ARE THE #1 MOST LOVING AND GIVING PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION. That is what we are best at loving and giving, President Obama, if you read this blog Id be honored if you use this theme in your next election Loving and giving, that's who America is , we prove it over and over. We should be proud of it because according to Jesus, Love is the answer, and Love does conquer all. Sincerely, John McKinney

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louisehartmann 13 years 23 weeks ago

Thanks...John for the very thoughtful post....

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patriot1 13 years 22 weeks ago

Let's see, you say we need the fairness doctrine... From the time it was implemented in the forties through the eighties... we had JFK shot, RFK shot, MLK shot, Reagan shot... not to mention John Lennon shot...... then, from the late 80's until now we've had ..... Tuscon. Oh now i see why we need it!!!! I get it... to think like a progressive..simply ..take logic.. turn it inside out..and ..there!!! you have it!

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