Big Brother Alert! Issa wants the the identities of Americans who file a Freedom of Information Act request

Republican Darrell Issa - a former small-time criminal and now the richest man in the House of Representatives - is at it again. Using his post as the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee – Issa is asking the federal government to hand over the identities of every single American who has filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Issa claims he just wants the information to make sure the government is handling FOIA requests in a timely fashion. But considering the guy has already cozied up with big corporations – asking for their help in outlining what federal regulations he should attack – it should be troubling that he also wants the names of whistleblowers who may have targeted these same corporations in the past. Hundreds of thousands of journalists, former business executives, and regular citizens have filed Freedom of Information requests to uncover everything from the expanded influence of the military industrial complex to the delayed prosecution of rampant polluters of our environment. And now Issa – and his corporate buddies – want their names. This guy is on a mission to not only destroy the White House – but to also ensure that nobody stands in the way of corporations that want to continue violating pollution laws and taking advantage of their workers.

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