Daily Topics - Friday January 21st, 2011

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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

January 21, 2011

Why do most politicians say that they are going to make our government more transparent? When it comes to WikiLeaks, Julian Assange may be targeted for assassination.


Pentagon loves threats!


GOP loves wars!



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Maxrot 9 years 5 weeks ago

With outsourcing and national debt increasing with no end in sight, why is there no talk of enforcing and increasing tariffs?

Rhetorical question, I know its because Wall Street isn't concerned about American economic health, no Wall Street is only concerned about the bottom line, and Wall Street is pulling enough strings to lead the majority of our Government and therefore our country over the cliff edge.

So where is the grass roots movement demanding the return of manufacturing? Why is the progressive movement seemingly ignoring this? Or have I been missing the underground current building up?


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making progress 9 years 5 weeks ago

Reciprocal Tariff Act of 1934


The Act was a response to the Hawley-Smoot tariff bill.

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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago
gerald's picture
gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

Adolph Hitler's influence upon conservatives and Republicans in the United States of Mortal Sin is very powerful.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

~Adolph Hitler

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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

The United States of Mortal Sin is a spiritually dead nation.


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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

The United States of Mortal Sin is the conservatives, the corporations, the government, and the rich"s heavenly kingdom.


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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

We are the pot calling the kettle black!


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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

Thom, if you are at your computer, you may enjoy reading this information.


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DRUMMER 9 years 5 weeks ago

A Thursday night few weeks ago, The Colbert Report had David Stockman as a guest. You may recall that Stockman was Pres. Ronald Reagan's Budget Director. He was one of the architects of Reaganomics, along with the Trickle-Down Theory and other nonsensical notions such as the idea that lowering taxes on the rich creates jobs.

What was particularly interesting about this appearance was that he openly admitted that those theories were mistaken and bogus, and that they screwed up...it doesn't work.

Why haven't we seen anyone with a large voice on our side, howling this admission from the rooftops? The designer of the program himself apologizes for just how bad his program is.

It's about time we tax the rich their fair share. All the BS reasons why we shouldn't have been proven wrong over the last 30 years; Can't we learn from that history? Equality means a better world for everyone, and the rich finally contributing what they should would bring us closer to that equality. .

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gerald 9 years 5 weeks ago

Now, if only the pope would call for American politicians to be moral, then we would have a pope who is willing to take on the totally immoral U.S. Congress and the totally immoral U.S. Supreme Court.

How To Bring Back A Middle Class

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