Daily Topics - Thursday January 27th, 2011

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Thom live from Families USA 2011 Health Action Conference - www.healthaction2011.org

Hour Two: Consumer Financial Protection Agency, now more than ever? Professor Elizabeth Warren - www.whitehouse.gov

Hour Three: "The Promise"...Obama's 3rd year - Newsweek's Jonathan Alter - www.newsweek.com


DRichards's picture
DRichards 8 years 37 weeks ago

Breakthrough promises $1.50 per gallon synthetic gasoline with no carbon emissions

By Mike Hanlon

05:26 January 26, 2011

UK-based Cella Energy has developed a synthetic fuel that could lead to US$1.50 per gallon gasoline. Apart from promising a future transportation fuel with a stable price regardless of oil prices, the fuel is hydrogen based and produces no carbon emissions when burned. The technology is based on complex hydrides, and has been developed over a four year top secret program at the prestigious Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford. Early indications are that the fuel can be used in existing internal combustion engined vehicles without engine modification.

According to Stephen Voller CEO at Cella Energy, the technology was developed using advanced materials science, taking high energy materials and encapsulating them using a nanostructuring technique called coaxial electrospraying.

“We have developed new micro-beads that can be used in an existing gasoline or petrol vehicle to replace oil-based fuels,” said Voller. “Early indications are that the micro-beads can be used in existing vehicles without engine modification.”

“The materials are hydrogen-based, and so when used produce no carbon emissions at the point of use, in a similar way to electric vehicles”, said Voller.

The technology has been developed over a four-year top secret programme at the prestigious Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, UK.

The development team is led by Professor Stephen Bennington in collaboration with scientists from University College London and Oxford University.

Professor Bennington, Chief Scientific Officer at Cella Energy said, “our technology is based on materials called complex hydrides that contain hydrogen. When encapsulated using our unique patented process, they are safer to handle than regular gasoline.”


Hmmm... I wonder if they will get bought out, and we will never see the product.

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 8 years 37 weeks ago

DRichards, frustrating to read such articles, because I think your supposition at the end is spot on. Technology that would end our dependency on fossil fuels, always seems to disappear before many ever hear about it.


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rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

Nailin' Palin maybe correct about "WINce, THE FUTURE" . . . Is everyone else flashing back on Gerald Ford's re-election campaign? He came across wishy-washy and middle-of-the-road also . . . On the other hand, Sarah Unloaded falls under her own "WTF" meme.

rladlof's picture
rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

A serial wife recycler, Batshi** Bachmann, Sharon Angle . . . The issue is that GWBush soooooo lowered the bar that every idiotic whackadoo with right to entitlement issues has followers and toadies enough to allow themselves to believe they are deities. At least, the Republicans will have plenty of the same person to choose from in the Primaries.

Now if we just had a Democrat instead of a DLCer running on the otherside.

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rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

Call your congress critters and demand that America stop violating your Fourth Amendment rights.


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gerald 8 years 37 weeks ago

Taxes as an Investment

I am a believer in taxes as an investment!!!

I attended a Catholic Caucus meeting and the speaker said something interesting to us. Why should taxes be considered a tax relief to reduce taxes, especially for the multi-millionaire? Maybe we should see taxes as an investment for present and future generations. The taxes would be an investment in education, roads, environment, services in law enforcement, firefighters, libraries, health care, affordable prescription drugs, etc. Taxes can be considered a positive life experience and not a negative experience, especially if the taxes are progressive and fairly applied to the poor, middle class, and the rich. The federal government does not receive $300 billion in taxes per year that she should receive and 90% of this money should come from the rich who pay little or no taxes since they have all the tax loopholes and tax shelters. The rich need to pay their fair share in taxes in order to help America. Are the rich really Americans?

The use of the word, liberal, is out and the use of the word progressive is in. There are two myths that tax cuts means more jobs and increase in the minimum wages means loss of jobs.

We need to talk about ethics and not moral values. Progressives are moral people and most definitely they are more ethical in comparison to the conservatives. Progressives stand for community and cooperation and the conservatives stand for selfishness and greed. Progressives are nurturing and sensitive and the conservatives are authoritative and deceitful.

Conservatives are working together to destroy America but the progressives are split in terms of how to best help America.

Appearances are not reality. Church going and Bible carrying people are not necessarily good people.

In order for public policies to reflect gospel values we need to hear more about Matthew 25:31-46.

rladlof's picture
rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

Random thoughts regarding the newly minted RNC Chairperson, Reince Priebus:

Mr. Priebus is a man who’s parents probably deserve jail time . . . Perhaps if his parent had taken a little more care in naming him, he would known for more than being the head bean counter of Wisconsin RNC and the guy who spent an hour and a half calling President Obama by the name, Osama.

Personal admission of guilt ala Harry Potter - Reince Priebus can be rearranged to spell, “I be crepes ruin.”

Reince Priebus without vowels becomes the acronym, RNC PRBS which most likely stands for “Republican National Committee Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence.”

In closing: If your Reince Priebus lasts more than four hours, you should contact your Doctor.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 8 years 37 weeks ago

There's one picture of Elizabeth Warren I particularly like, because the refracted shadow of her glasses looks like warpaint on her cheeks.


mathboy's picture
mathboy 8 years 37 weeks ago

Joan FitzGerald? I think she used to be Colorado's Speaker of the House or President of the State Senate.

EtA: I was right--President of the Senate.

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DRichards 8 years 37 weeks ago

I wanted to call your attention to the efforts of a courageous former Islamist "radical," Dr. Tawfik Hamid, who is now a Muslim reformer. Dr. Hamid has written a new article about an important recent development by Muslim clerics.




"A historic and potentially momentous event occurred on January 24, 2011 impacting the teachings and understanding of Islam. To put that event in perspective, we have seen over the last few decades problems related to Islamism, including terrorism, suicide bombings, but also suppression of values of human rights in several Islamic societies....

"The power of this step stems from the fact that it acknowledges the existence of a problem, addresses its root cause (s), and admits the need for a change in Islamic teaching and education. On the contrary to the appeasing approach that denies the existence of an ideological component for the phenomenon of violent Islam, the previously mentioned honest approach is the ONLY approach that will ultimately lead to a real and long term solution for the phenomenon of Islamic Radicalism."

Tawfik Hamid's voice is very important - please support his efforts and those of other Muslim reformers by passing around this post!

Thank you.

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

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gerald 8 years 37 weeks ago

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/01/27/could-food-choices-be-a-factor-in-the-shooting-of-a-us-congresswoman.aspx Bowel and brain are linked.

The major problem with Americans is that they are too constipated. Americans must add Kim Chee to their diet to flush away their stinking thinking.

gerald's picture
gerald 8 years 37 weeks ago
rladlof's picture
rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

One teensy step in the righteous direction . . . Note the names of the four jack_holes who voted against proud honesty: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/01/senate-ends-practice-of-secret-holds.php

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rladlof 8 years 37 weeks ago

Thank you for your interview of Ms Warren.

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