Daily Topics - Wednesday January 19th, 2011

Alternet: Progressive Profiles: With New TV Show, Radio Talker Thom Hartmann Brings Substance to Style

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Hour Two: "365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy" - Author James Delingpole - http://jamesdelingpole.com

Hour Three: What you need to know about "stochastic terrorism" - Dr. Ben Sheppard - The Potomac Institute - www.potomacinstitute.org


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DRichards 12 years 2 weeks ago

Hersh, whose exposés of gross abuses by members of the U.S. military in Vietnam and Iraq have earned him worldwide fame and high journalistic honors, said he was writing a book on what he called the "Cheney-Bush years" and saw little difference between that period and the Obama administration.

He said that he was keeping a "checklist" of aggressive U.S. policies that remained in place, including torture and "rendition" of terrorist suspects to allied countries, which he alleged was ongoing.


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DRichards 12 years 2 weeks ago

Socialism more popular than tea party
Poll: Tea party seen favorably by 35%; socialism by 36%.


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j.sea 12 years 2 weeks ago

It makes me very sad to hear the arrogance of ignorance parading in the parody of righteousness calling himself James D. But during that "conversation" Thom makes such a valuable point. Ever since I was a very young person my first wonderful spiritual mentor taught me to always look at the intention. The intention behind the words and actions (or non-actions) of others -- and my own intentions.

How do you stack up the intention of acquiring limitless personal wealth and power against the intention of making the world a happier, healthier, greener, more balanced, more fair, and more creative place for everyone?

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cmoore68 12 years 2 weeks ago

Why is China building up it military? Maybe China is a student of its own history and wants to be prepared when the US tries to pull its version of the Opium War?

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mathboy 12 years 2 weeks ago

A corporation is given rights in its charter and by any pertinent laws that apply to corporations generally. So a corporation can't have the Citizens United rights unless those are written in its charter or passed by Congress. So if the US Code says corporations can't anonymously spend unlimited amounts of money on elections, the law would have to stand

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

Obama Pulls a Clinton
by Robert Scheer

“On Feb. 7, Mr. Obama will visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—a chief opponent to his administration’s regulatory approach—for a discussion on how the White House can work with the group to create jobs. The efforts are designed to give companies more confidence in the president’s stewardship of the economy, and bolster his re-election prospects among a wealthy constituency not traditionally allied with Democrats.” A constituency that Daley, Obama’s new chief of staff, can faithfully represent, having received $5 million a year from JPMorgan Chase. And so ends the season of hope for the less wealthy constituency traditionally allied with Democrats.

I gotta say, I don't understand how Thom can continue to support the Democratic Party? More Bernie Sanders' Please.

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

On January 18, 2011 I heard Thom talk on his show how the conservative crazies are speaking out against him. Thom has finally arrived. He has made it to the penthouse. The conservative crazies are totally pissed at him.

When I retired and I was no longer concerned about being politically correct, I joined the KMA Club. My retirement years are dedicated to pissing off the conservative crazies and the Blue Dog Rats. My goal is to piss off as many people as I can.

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fbacher 12 years 2 weeks ago

We have all heard the stories of the Taliban schools of hate where a child grows up so twisted that they will throw acid into the eyes of girls trying to get an education. The daily preaching of hate over a long period of time can have this effect on people. Nazis were not born in a day. Clearly daily exposure to radical, violent speech has a long term harmful effect on people. While only a small number will become murderous, many will to some degree become tolerant of others committing violence. A kind of slow motion mob mentality sinks in.

I do not condone censureship, but advertisers and station owners do share in the responsibilty of the programs that they are associated with and they should not support such behavior. Without a platform these politcal "shock jocks" will dissappear.

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