Massachusetts blogger says, “One down – 534 to go”

Earlier in the week – a large cache of weapons was seized from a Massachusetts blogger who threatened Members of Congress after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Travis Corcoran wrote in his blog, “One down – 534 to go.” He was of course referring to the 535 Members of Congress who serve in the US House and Senate. Corcoran’s blog also read, “It’s absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot indiscriminately. Target only politicians and their staff and leave regular citizens alone.”

When police paid a visit to Corcoran – they found multiple firearms and loads of ammunition – which they promptly seized. Corcoran’s gun license was also suspended. Currently he is not facing any charges – however multiple police agencies are looking into the matter. Based on blog ranting – Corcoran’s political views are in line with anti-government libertarianism – similar to the Tea Party. For example – he believes the Department of Education is unconstitutional. Corcoran also seems to be a fan of Rand Paul – defending the new Kentucky Senator on his twitter page.

It’s unclear if Corcoran was planning to actually carry out the threats he posted on his blog – there’s no doubt he had the means to. As the Tea Party’s message of an illegitimate government continues to resonate around the country – thanks in large part to major media outlets like Fox news – more people like Corcoran – who appears sane – will see violence against that government as justified. This is a dangerous mix in America – not seen since the 1960’s.


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saltos 12 years 18 weeks ago

hi tom, my friend just sent me a link saying that the u.s.supreme court has just ruled that judges do not have to oblidge by the constitution. this was passed on 1/18/11 with no mention of it anywhere. there was no reason why. any comments?

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Mr. Twisted 12 years 18 weeks ago


Good job going completely off topic.

Back to the intent: Corcoran is clearly an idiot. However, I think what people on both sides of the political aisle should be worried about is the fact that he had his rights taken away simply because of a blog post.

Think about it.

What if bashing the Supreme Court on the Thom Hartman blog got your radio show shut down? Think you would be a little upset?

A note on this story (about Corcoran): The police do not have him in custody. Ergo, he was not deemed a threat by law enforcement. Why, then, have his rights been terminated?

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Anita Manuel 12 years 18 weeks ago

The question you asked: Why do people think like that? I would suggest that a lot of it can come from living inside a cultural bubble sharing particular thought forms or memes with others.

I am now a very sane 66 with two Master's degrees, successful doctoral exams and a well-established respected local teaching career but in my 30s I spent about 6 months holed up on a Rapture cult farm. It took several years to stop believing some rather wierd things (for instance that the cult leader was not going to die which I finally got hold of when I found out he had died in a small plane crash) and I came away from the experience deeply impressed with the power of isolation from the outside world and immersion in a particular community of belief.

Add onto this social isolation, the possibility of violence-inducing SSRIs and a penchant to hole up in Fox World or Tea Party World or other anti-government worlds and we may have the perfect container.

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DRUMMER 12 years 18 weeks ago

I agree that this pinhead must be in isolation, only listening to Limbaugh, Beck and the other traitors. When will people stop voting and talking against their best interests and stop helping the stinking rich to stink even more?

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garyej 12 years 18 weeks ago

When the become deprogramed.

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mgarvey 12 years 18 weeks ago

I think Bill Ayres is the expert on this sort of thing. You should try to get him on your show.

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DAN 1 12 years 18 weeks ago

Most of Us are getting tired of the "business as usual politics" and some are ready to take action...even drastic action. Some personalities are more impatient than others and they will rise first. They will be seen as "radicals", or "martyrs". Examples of what not to do, or the "courageous first" who show the rest of Us a way.

Because Travis Corcoran posted his agenda in a blog, I think is a sign that he really didn't want to do this terrible thing. Wasn't that posting a plea for help in finding better ways to rid Our Nation of the parasites that infect it? But, he might have been looking for support. Needed to know that he was right...or wrong. And I bet he didn't have enough killing skill and strength to kill the remaining 534 members of congress. I can't believe that he really believed he could. To say so was either just stupid, or a test to see who would agree with him. Maybe a call to those of Us who might agree with his solution. Aw! He is just frustrated.

Bottom line: He did no such thing. He didn't even go to Washington did he? Having guns and ammo doesn't mean he is unstable enough to do what he says. It was wrong of the authorities to confiscate his weaponry. His words gave them the excuse they needed. They should have just kept an eye on him. Persecuting him just pushes his status toward the "Martyr Category".

He was just sounding off. Not sure what good he thought it would do. Hmmm. Maybe to distract authorities away from other and really dangerous organizing?

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leighmf 12 years 18 weeks ago

MLK Pipe Bomb and Corcoran tied through World Service Life, Dr. MLK Director.

TECHNICAL VIDEO RENTAL, INC. is the owner of Corcoran's domain The corporation, originally created as APPLIED SECURITY, INC. was created 3/4/1999. The domain was registered the same day.

On the same day, Brown Bros. Harriman created a new trust entity, according to NIC

1999-03-04 BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN TRUST COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA located at 1531 WALNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA was established as a Non-deposit Trust Company - Non-member.

On the same day in Lindsey Graham's state a new KKK entity was created


On the same day in Indiana another entity expired in GA where 0X0 files have been a chute for certain activities.


World Service Life:

3/4/1958 Dr Martin Luther King director of United American Life via International Opportunity Life Insurance Company; two year term until 1960.

Notice the repitition of 3/4 in the creation of all the entities. It represents a certain set of securities rolling over on 3/4/ annually and until eternity unless the G-Men finally get it!

3/4/1999 International Opportunity Life changed names on 3/4/1999 to "World Service Life Insurance Company"

3/17/1999 WSL also became Lincoln Memorial Life

Because the Eugenics Society is sick, sick, sick. Waco wacko wacko.

Let us not forget that ink is made from soy, and the first Klan printing press was sent from Texas to Indiana in 1922.

Let us not forget that this insurance company was finally merged into Swiss Re, the same Swiss Re which used to be called "Phoenix Life" and was aka North American Re, same Swiss Re which purchased Lincoln Re 9/10/2001:

9/10/2001 LNC sold Lincoln Reinsurance to Swiss Re (aka North American Re) the day before the WTC attack; FTC Transaction Number: 20012356 Early Termination Date: 09/10/2001 Acquiring Person: Swiss Reinsurance Company Acquired Person: Lincoln National Corporation Acquired Entity: The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (LNL was the unsuror of the Towers. The purchase contract provided that the claim costs from the 11 September 2001 events remain with the seller).


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beemerron 12 years 18 weeks ago

Good thing they arrested the guy with the camera last week in Az. Now there's a threat.

montyofll 12 years 18 weeks ago

Why? Because people like Sarah Palin incite them to commit violent acts.

dnarnadem 12 years 18 weeks ago

"Most of Us are getting tired of the "business as usual politics" and some are ready to take action...even drastic action. Some personalities are more impatient than others and they will rise first. They will be seen as "radicals", or "martyrs". Examples of what not to do, or the "courageous first" who show the rest of Us a way."

Most of Us? How many is that? 10-20-100? You mean there are people and groups "Out There" ready willing and ABLE to commit treasoneous acts of murder against the US? Is that what you saying? MOST OF US? Gee, who will it be next?

This is CRAZY TALK, DANGEROUS TALK and seditious! People die because of this HATE TALK". If you want to change or fix government, organize and amend the constitution peacefully! NOT the mantra of "Pick up your guns and kill some Politician!

I know where you are coming from with your comment. Question: Do you know of any call from our "Government" to pick up arms and murder specific group(s), person or entity? Any? Name one. And please, no Waco or Ruby ridge!

This is Crazy talk, and if this Individual made a call to arms to kill more Politicians, he made a death threat and thankfully his guns were taken away.

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