Thom's blog - Tuesday January 4th, 2011

You need to know this. After Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said it was a good idea to create permanent military bases in Afghanistan to perpetuate the War on Terror abroad – Republicans in Congress are poised to continue the War on Terror at home – by going after Muslims in America in ways that may well create more radicals than they catch. Incoming Republican Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Peter King has already promised he will hold hearings on the threat posed by normal, traditional, historic Islamic communities within the United States, communities that in some cases go back to the founding of this nation. And now – Congressman-Elect Allen West is taking it a step further claiming that Sharia law is infiltrating Western civilization and, “we must be willing to recognize that enemy.” He also went on to say that “nation building” - helping repair the damage we've done to Iraq and Afghanistan in dropping millions of tons of bombs on them - should be scrapped as part of the “War on Terror.” When will these warmongers who nearly all belong to the Republican Party understand that our nation’s so-called war on terror is doing far more harm than good? As shown countless times – if you want to stop Islamic extremism then the two best ways to do that are by reaching out to the Islamic communities at home and abroad, and building schools for Muslim girls. On the other hand – if you want to create another generation of suicide bombers – then keep up with the demonizing and killing. People like Lindsey Graham, Allen West and Peter King are making this country less safe every day.


hgovernick's picture
hgovernick 9 years 2 weeks ago
Quote shawnt56:When will these warmongers who nearly all belong to the Republican Party understand that our nation’s so-called war on terror is doing far more harm than good?

I prefer asking "When will the brain dead American public get it through their heads that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with fighting terrorism, and everything to do with establishing military dominance in a region to control access to transit routes of that region's energy reserves?"

gurjeet 9 years 2 weeks ago

Thank Goodness someone understands what all this war is about................................ Please spread this to all who seem to live in oblivion !

archivesdave's picture
archivesdave 9 years 2 weeks ago

The Revolution appears to be building...

The bottom line question is "will it constitute rudimentary violence or covert cyber subterfuge"?

Perhaps a combination of both.

ptpete 9 years 2 weeks ago

Let's understand that Rep. Peter King is just a in-house slave of the Military Industrial Complex and is only following what his master tell him. For the right to say they are Christians and yet they want to repeal Healthcare reform is lunacy. First lets look at one there basic trapping, being responsible for oneself. (this does exclude Bankers, Corporate CEO's and themselves because they are above the average American) So if everybody is required to be responsible for themselves, why aren't they required to have health insurance? Isn't it part of there Christian style to pay a few pieces of silver to the Insurance CEO, I believe in there updated version of the Bible Jesus embraced the money changers. A majority of American's who where born after 1970 have never seen a family unite where there was only one bread winner. That compounded with the break down of unions, the introduction of home schooling and spreading out of America has reduced to interaction of American's among themselves to communicate with each other because of travel times. This has allowed Corporations to manipulate the masses by limiting what they here on radio and television, and if they have it there way the internet will be next. It's just the old divide and conquer principle, the less you let people interact the easier it is to control them. Think about this for one second, when I grew up I knew every neighbor on my block, do you? As a child the whole family had dinner together, do you?

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