Are Progressives in California are turning the tables on Darrell Issa?

Progressives in California are turning the tables on Darrell Issa. While the Republican Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee solicits the help of lobbyists and transnational corporations to kill government regulations – an organization known as the Third Lantern is digging up the dirt in Issa’ past – looking into past business and personal relationships.

The goal is to counter any frivolous investigations Issa is planning to launch against the White House with unsavory revelations about Issa’s own background. The group plans to run television advertisements in an effort to, “shine a bright light on Darrell Issa…and to better understand who is this guy who is demanding so many documents and delving into so many investigations.”

While the tactic may seem underhanded – when it comes to taking on the GOP – sometimes you have to beat them at their own game.

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