Daily Topics - Monday February 21st, 2011

Hour One: From the trenches...Wisconsin's war on labor continues - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Hour Two: Overpaid union labor is destroying America...whata?! Charoltte Hays, Senior Fellow - Independent Women's Forum / Plus, the latest from Madison, WI - Doug Cunningham, Workers Independent News

Hour Three: Follow the money...the Koch brothers' fingerprints are all over WI Governor Scott Walker - Andy Kroll, Mother Jones Magazine


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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

I wrote a comment on Friday, February 18, 2011 and give some information to enhance justice and peace in the world.

Today, February 21, 2011, is President’s Day. I will be sharing some information with you. I share it with a deep and heavy heart. The final nail in the middle class’ coffin has been attached and the coffin is ready for burial. Wisconsin was the middle class’ last stand. Odds did not favor the middle class. Ninety percent of Americans will have to adjust to a lifestyle of enslavement and poverty.

John Hogue, part one

(The comments in parenthesis are mainly my words.)

The jobless recovery in America I predicted in 2009 must be better understood in 2011. These jobs aren’t coming back. Old-style manufacturing producing them has moved to the developing world – period. Get over it! (Accept the facts of life!) For the next twenty years we will plunge into something a million times worse than a global recession. At any moment, we can trigger the horror by a press of a wrong broker’s keyboard button pushed, a wrong economic policy legislated, the pop of one-too-many returning economic bubbles bursting, the crash of banks too big to fail in a sudden, hot, Depression of a economic thermonuclear meltdown.

In 2008 the limitless global economic growth ended. For the rest of our lives, we won’t see the return of endless growth and ballooning economic opportunities in America. Those days are gone forever. The gravy train is over.

Ben Bernanke is the great inflator. He will crank out more worthless money. Bernanke loves the use of the printing press to print out money, worthless money.

Ultimate recovery from the Great Recession is dependent on all of us learning from our mistakes. (Americans will never learn from their mistakes.) The biggest mistake we can make in the coming decade is not to tie economic reform with reforming how the human race behaves with the Earth and its climate. We cannot be ecologically stupid because this stupidity will break the world’s economies.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

John Hogue (continue) part two

Anyone who has inspiration doesn’t wait for it. One has to jump, take risks. Plunge in! American science and engineering majors drifted out of research and development. The youth of the 1980s Greed Generation have applied their knowledge to make money, not history. Today the Greed Generation’s children are the pioneers of technology in Silicon Valley. This generation of techies doesn’t do Star Trek; they build 3-D and Blue Ray entertainment systems to watch and game Star Trek. (Americans are more into entertainment rather than inventions and innovations for a better world.)

Idle, dilly-dallying invention will continue a stagnation of human progress and insight.

We face challenges of food, water, and population sustainability in a globally warming world. The world under threat may well change their attitudes. A great world war has been declared on our sustainable stupidity as a species.

Life for the future humanity will find a perfectly imperfect balance between the self and the collective. Balance is not static. To find balance, one constantly is adjusting. Balance is ever dynamic, alive. Americans must come to appreciate the collective connection among human beings. We are all in an extended family with everyone, not just with the educated and the snobbish persons.

Future humanity will have to live and work by embracing a whole range of life experiences. A person will have to be a white and a blue collar person. Pigeonholing and specializing makes a person narrow and uncreative as a human being. Every one will be equal and there will be no hierarchy of importance. Each person will need to work together in community protection, profit, and the pursuit of happiness.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

John Hogue (continue) part three

A divided house and a divided community cannot stand. Our present is great and dynamic womb in destiny. We must work together and that is the national and international challenge. We must pioneer a new humanity where each one of us works together for a common good. We will hurt ourselves if we don’t come together and fix what are becoming inter-national, inter-global, and interconnected problems. Are European countries going to work together before America understands what we must do for a better future? Will Europe and other nations on our planet develop more middle classes while America slides out of her middle class? America seems to be adrift in changing American corporations. The keyboard, the computer, and the internet may work to demand democratic values that can begin pushing back on corporate-controlled governments around the world. The keyboard is mightier than the culture of bureaucracy that slows and inhibits political and social progress. America won’t lead the way in e-government. (America’s manifest destiny is to enslave and impoverish ninety percent of her citizens.)

The smaller developing nations, such as Estonia, are one of the most e-government countries on Earth. Each country must create and develop e-governance academies. Watch for the little countries to make the first huge steps! (We are seeing these kinds of actions in the Middle East and that is why America supplies these countries with weapons that suppress descent.)

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

John Hogue (continue) part four

America needs to spend more of her time developing energy independence rather to exert pressure and time propping up dictators. If America remains old-style nuclear, she will lag behind the rest of the world in energy pioneering for another generation or two generations. America’s slow pace for change will not see a network of fusion power plants until the 2050s.

America must move away from hierarchies of thought, big governance, big business, and big power. Americans must be part of a grassroots revolution for change.

The 2010s can be a blessed decade of opportunity. Starting with 2011, we also embark on a decade of systemic crisis, a challenge of moving beyond old thinking. (State politicians in Wisconsin and Ohio are locked into a mindset of old thinking.) If we don’t alter our presently unsustainable course , in politics, in economy, in ecology, - indeed if we don’t redefine and pioneer a new dream of being human on this planet by the year 2020 – what comes next could be the most catastrophic in human history. (Unless America is willing to work with all human beings for the common good, our planet is doomed to wallow in hell.)

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. – Mother Teresa

John Hogue claims to be a prophet. I have a problem with people who claim to be a prophet. Prophets can always find some rationale for their predictions. His predictions are insightful even though they are a matter of commonsense. I will give him credit for his stressing the importance of our world population working together to resolve our many problems.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

Here is one word that the United States of Mortal Sin must embrace.


I have often been asked to describe my wife in one word. How can anyone describe a person in one word? However, if I am to describe my wife in one word, the word is Shalom. On my wife’s sixth-fifth birthday I put together what Shalom is and what my wife desires for our country and the world. I truly believe this is what my wife wants.

Here is what America and the world need in order to attain justice and peace on our planet for all of God’s children. Here is also what I believe God wants for His children and His vision for the world.

Shalom translated means peace but it is much more than peace. Shalom is a vision of social wholeness; a state of well being for all, where everyone has access to the goods of creation intended to meet the needs of all. Shalom is the substance of the biblical vision of one community embracing all creation where all enjoy the resources that make communal harmony joyous and effective.

Shalom is nothing less than God’s intended vision of the world, a dream of God that resists our tendencies for division, hostility, fear, lust, and misery. If there is to be well-being, it will not be just for the isolated and insulated individuals, it is security and prosperity granted to the whole community: the poor, the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, the tax collector and the sinner, the despised and the rejected, young and old, the have and the have nots, the powerful and the dependent. We are in it together. Together we stand before God’s blessings and together we receive the gift of life. Shalom comes only to the inclusive embracing community that excludes no one.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

Here is my mini formula for justice and peace in the world.

Read Matthew 25:31-46! When you do it to the least of my brethren, you do it for me.

Read Matthew 5:1-12! The beatitudes!

Read Luke 10:25-37! Who is my neighbor?

Read Luke 12:13-21! These verses warn us against greed.

Read the Psalms in the Bible because they offer us hope.

Love the poor and your life will be filled with sunlight and you will not fear the hour of death. - St. Vincent DePaul, the first social worker

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. – Mother Teresa

St. Ambrose says, “I shall pass this way but once, any good that I can do let me do it now, because I shall not pass this way again.”

We must practice the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

We must also follow and practice the Eleventh Commandment that Jesus gave to you and me at the Last Supper. “Love one another as I have loved you.”

My mini formula for justice and peace in the world is part of middle class history. A brisk wind has scattered the mini formula and the middle class to whom knows where; only heaven knows where.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

I wrote on torture while Bush was in office.


There has been much debate and talk about what constitutes torture. I can give you two forms of torture. Each one of us has our own ideas about torture. Here are my two forms of torture. If I look at Bush, that is one form of torture. My second form of torture is listening to Bush’s endless lies. Seeing and listening to Bush are two forms of torture for me.

The feelings of torture are so consuming that I have CTSD or Current Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a new classification of a disorder that has come on the scene with the inception of Bush to the WH. As long as Bush is in the WH, this disorder will spread rapidly across America and the world.

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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

Our church's newsletter gave us the definition of torture. The conservative crazies and the blue dog rats are involved in torturing Americans. Yes, we are being tortured daily in our country.


Torture, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inflicts: a) anguish of body and mind – b) something that causes agony and pain – c) the infliction of intense pain – any of these violates God’s law “to love one another.”

The conservative crazies and the blue dog rats are inflicting upon you and me - ANGUISH OF BODY AND MIND. They are violating God's law "TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

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rladlof 11 years 49 weeks ago

Charoltte Hays appears to be insane, lacking any relationship fact-based reality. I, of course, an not saying that she IS insane. She may just be evil . . . Or just paid to have less zero compassion for flesh and blood and even less for government.

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rladlof 11 years 49 weeks ago

The Bill of Rights - Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; >>> or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances<<<.

Stifling Unions for governmental institutions is UNconstitutional.

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mathboy 11 years 49 weeks ago

There were at least 10 Presidents of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation, not 3.

bigdog 11 years 49 weeks ago

The republican agenda, a photo history: http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/childlabor/

These are worth millions and millions of words.

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tribalscribal 11 years 49 weeks ago

SEIU has posted (and continues to update) nationwide solidarity actions w/the workers in Madison. The page is easier to use than the AFL/CIO page. Check it out for actions in your state:


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Awake78 11 years 49 weeks ago


Please read the following:


The second act of the Wisconsin Senate caused the budget "crisis" according to this state website.

I think that David Rovics "The Union makes us stroung" would be a good song for your show today: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=111310&songID=9382534

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vince1s1 11 years 49 weeks ago

Tom, I’m afraid that there is bigger picture in Wisconsin involved here other than the obvious in the attack on unions and basic human rights’, you are correct in that there is a hidden agenda for the big corporations which require our continued participation in the illegal global trade environment, known as the WTO. We the people,’ not big business’ cannot compete with countries that illegally lower their value of currency, unfair trade in balance, and the unfair tax incentive that is awarded to businesses outsourcing our manufacturing base. Big business seems to be content with the destruction of the middle as long as it is not at their expense. We now find our Democratic President and his advisors ‘ who seem to favor business in past negotiation efforts’ in the middle having decide which road to take, one being to address the illegal actions by several member countries of the WTO and enforcing the current rules that are already on the books plus addressing the unfair tax and trade imbalance or and I say or because it seems to be going in another direction, which is continued involvement with the countries that are illegally operating within the WTO and turn the attention inward toward the American working class meaning lowering the wages of the middle class that have been all but gutted to be able to compete with the 3rd world countries. It starts with allowing member countries into the WTO that operate illegally to benefit not only their country but the large business exec’s that negotiated the deal at the expense of our own working class. Talk about no regulation or oversight that has to be the ultimate in treason

I would like to go on the air to speak about this.


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formeitsyou 11 years 49 weeks ago

I heard you trying to find out facts of the "deficit" and I found this information I thought I would pass along...

In a memo issued by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau on January 31, 2011 (http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/Misc/2011_01_31Vos&Darling.pdf), it is indicated that WI will end the year with a general gross fund balance of $121.4 million and a net balance of $56.4 million. It was only after Walker came into office that the deficit was created.


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gerald 11 years 49 weeks ago

The United States is a plutocracy wearing the garments of a democracy. We have elections. We have a strong civil society. We take the freedoms of speech, assembly, press and religion for granted. However, our government is run by the rich for the rich. Fiscal and monetary policy are made by legislators and appointed officials whose primary concern is pleasing the people who finance their election campaigns. Their policies serve the rich, and they make either/or arguments to persuade the demos, the ordinary people.

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