Daily Topics - Monday February 28th, 2011

Hour One: The latest from the trenches...Wisconsin's war on labor - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine / Plus, Madison's "mainstreet movement" - Doug Cunningham, Worker's Independent News

Hour Two: "Walker should 'Reagan up'...tell striking Wisconsin teachers: You're Fired!" What?! Wayne Root, Root For America / Plus, latest from the Madison sit in - David Vines, University of Wisconsin

Hour Three: What lessons should Republicans learn from Wisconsin? Carrie Lukas, Independent Women's Forum


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rladlof 12 years 4 weeks ago

Governor Wanker . . . Opps. Sorry . . . Walker's crimes against Wisconsin:


ajackson652 12 years 4 weeks ago

Are Union Management and Corporate Management forever going to be in a feud like the infamous Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? The abuses of corporate power over labor and society are legendary and, maybe less well known, are the insulting abuses of power by labor to corporate ownership. Many duels to the death have been lost over much less insulting behavior, however foolish it may seem. Is the successful GOP tactical assault on the election process in Wisconsin to gain one party control of the laws we have bound ourselves the end of our Republic? The Republican Party won the votes in Wisconsin with a blitzkrieg of lies, half-truths and misinformation. I am asking the brilliant minds of our day to believe in and to create a constitutional agreement of existence between labor and corporate ownership and a process for them to work together for the mutual benefit of all America.

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vince1s1 12 years 4 weeks ago

By lowering the standard of living of the average American worker nationwide, and at the same time keeping the cost of goods at the same level, it is simply another tactic by the corporate elite to appease the Global Investment firms and Foreign Bankers.

By utilizing this strategy they are able to maintain a profit margin that manipulates the Wall St market into the false image that is perceived around the Globe that the American companies are extremely well worth investing in, and are able to now compete with the 3rd world countries that already terribly oppress their own people illegally, all at the expense of own middle class. { No doubt we are in a race to the bottom} and It all starts with allowing member countries into the WTO that operate illegally to benefit not only their own country but the large business Exec’s that negotiated the foreign trade deal at the expense of our own working class people. Utilizing a strategic plan to eliminate the middle class by lowering our standard of living at the same time increasing costs with no regulation or oversight not to mention the gross lack of transparency, this has to be the ultimate in treason. Ask me again why this country is not better off than it was before the financial sector replaced the manufacturing base we once operated. The voice of the people as well as our own basic rights is in jeopardy. I understand now why the powers to be requiring such a large military – Peace may only be accomplished when there is that possible threat of war.

Maybe if the governor called out the National Guard in Wisconsin like he wanted to in the first place, and it got violent, do you think we could possibly get the United Nations to impose sanctions on Mr. Walker and possibly force our own President to give up a basketball game to get involved. Interesting! Governor Walker’s advisers were no doubt in touch with the White house.

‘Throw the bums out’ both parties!

Educated observer.

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vince1s1 12 years 4 weeks ago

'Throw the bums out' is not directed in any way toward the Wisconsin 14 who have already demonstrated their loyalty to the American people. I’m referring to the political analysis and advisors that weigh in on the options of the Whitehouse. However it would be nice to see the president maybe hold a little pickup game at local school gym just to let some steam off, so happens it is in Madison, who's to say otherwise. :) It would be kind of nice.

ptpete 12 years 4 weeks ago

Why is it that "right to work States" are also Federal Welfare States, have the highest number of adults without HS Diploma's, and in general the worst educational systems? I guess if you keep the American workers stupefied they won't realize they are becoming modern-day "Bob Cratchits'!!! I wasn't surprised to see on "Face the Nation" Bob Seaffert ask a question of the N.J. Gov. if he felt the budget problem was a fight between the Republicans against the Democrat's and Unions. Maybe Bob can explain why Republicans are financially helped in elections by Corporations who are fighting the Democrat's and Unions? I forgot he's a Corporate stooge and not a REPORTER.

Mitch in Tacoma, Wa 12 years 4 weeks ago

Obama's Shoes Will be delivered on Tuesday (I hope).

Mitch in Tacoma, Wa 12 years 4 weeks ago

Most Union/Corporate interactions are on the *friendly adversaries* level.

Managers that have worked successfuly with unions understand solving problems mutually is much easier than *harshly adversarial*.

Unfortunately there is a large group of Corporate Republicans that solely want to destroy the Unions and, of course, Democrats.

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Mark Saulys 12 years 4 weeks ago

Scott walker has said, "There is a misconception that good wages, pensions and benefits are because of unions. They are not. When unions are removed there is no effect on wages or benefits."

Either he's crazy - which is a charitable asessment - or he's a liar who is not bound by any compuntions of conscience about lying and will say just anything to get what he wants.

Mitch in Tacoma, Wa 12 years 4 weeks ago

To Democrats, he is Governor Wanker.

To Republicans he is "Motor Mouth"

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Blue Mark 12 years 4 weeks ago

Wow, did you see how fast Carrie swivled from saying that wealthy people and corporations shouldn't pay more taxes to how the poor and middle class needed to pay more for SS? She could get whiplash!

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Ghildenbrand 12 years 4 weeks ago

Hey Tom, you gave me whiplash. You said you're not a communist, and you don't want government (those incompetents) building your cars. But it's okay for gov't (AKA we the people) to build roads, bridges, dams. That is way schizo. Earlier you correctly (IMHO) said there is no such thing as the "free market", and that you feel that "regulated capitalism" can work. Did it ever occur to you that there was never any such thing as "communism", and that crappy cars were really the byproduct of totalitarianism? Peace, Gar

harumman 12 years 4 weeks ago

I don't think that Carrie Lukas has ever answered one of Thom's questions straight up.

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Blue Mark 12 years 4 weeks ago

So it is a corrupt practice or conflict of interest when public employee dollars - that come from taxpayers - are paid in union dues - which are then used to elect or lobby legislators who make decisions favorable to the pocketbooks of public employees.

But when I buy a product, my dollars go to a corporation, who then, without my consent, use some of my dollars to elect and lobby legislators to lower their taxes (and thus increase my tax burden), and to provide public infrastructure to benefit their business, THAT is not a corrupt practice?

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

February 26, 2011

There are two truisms. One, the people who have the gold will make the rules. Two, people will get what they deserve. When stupid people vote for idiot sycophants with the gold, they will have to deal with people who are geniuses in a certain area, such as the ability to screw stupid Americans. These stupid Americans will also be relegated to the levels of babbling idiots, imbeciles, and morons while the idiot sycophants are laughing to the bank with our money so the rich can become richer.


Ronald Reagan

On a side note

My wife has sewed me a poncho. I have wanted one for some time. As I grow older, I find that handling the extremes in weather temperatures is more difficult for me. The poncho warms me in the cold temperatures.

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

Homily and/or Church’s Newsletter, February 26-27, 2011

Both sources had that a person cannot serve two masters. We must make a choice between God and possessions, such as money and nuclear weaponry. Matthew: 6:24, “No man can serve two masters!” Will God guide and bless our lives or will possessions receive our trust and devotion? A person needs money to pay the monthly bills but is money the center of a person’s life? Choosing God and trusting in that choice is not a once-in-a lifetime decision. It is a daily process of evaluating and ordering one’s priorities.

At the homily the priest said something that I have said for thirty plus years. I do not make it a point to stress in my conversations but I have mentioned it on several occasions. Saying, “Mother-Father God,” is permitted. God is God! We need to trust in a Mother-Father God. The word, “Father,” for God has been used for centuries because Jesus lived in the Middle East men have been the dominant figure for centuries. Today, women must be treated as an equal to men.

The Homily

A few years have past since we were in California, we participated in the Liturgy of the Eucharist at a Catholic Church. The priest mentioned that the people who are close to God are the ones who can forgive. To forgive we need to be a loving people.

After Mass I thought about George Vine who lost his family to the Nazis in a concentration camp. He said that he does not hate because we are here to love. George Vine is an amazing person. We are here to love and to fulfill God’s vision of the world. In God’s vision of the world Shalom is important. God has given us on this planet all we need to fulfill His vision of the world. Shalom includes everyone to enjoy a happy and a love filled life. No one is excluded.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book, “Cost of Discipleship,” says that we are all born to be saints. As we grow older, we distance ourselves from God. When we distance ourselves from God, we lose heaven if we die. We need to always try to be with God or near God. God will fulfill our lives.

Remember and believe in the words of Jesus, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Replace hate with love in our lives! In order for America to return to greatness she must return to God and renew her life with love for all of God’s children.

Homily on Greed

On August 1, 2010 I heard a Homily on greed. Father Ray does a good job with his homilies. We have evil people in office and out of office. These people want more and more money. They have little use for average Americans who struggle daily to survive. When these evil people die, they will go before God in judgment without their money and possessions. They will go in judgment empty. If God was not the center of their lives, they will not be God in heaven. They will enter eternity without their money and possessions like the rest of us. If God is the center of our lives, we must do what we can to help His children who are our brothers and sisters.

Our federal government and politicians are evil. They have programmed Americans to be greedy and selfish. Mortal sin consumes their daily lives and damning their souls for eternity. America and Americans are damned for being Satan’s disciples.

Here are some side notes. Avoid greed in all its forms! If you hear His voice, harden not your hearts. An optimist thinks this is the best possible world. The pessimist fears this is true.

I must be a pessimist but I prefer the word, realist. I am a realist and I hold many of the policies and practices of the United States of Mortal Sin with contempt.

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

Inside Job

Iceland was a great country in 2000 crap by 2008. Icelandic deregulations started in 2000. The banks were privatized in 2000 and by 2008 the banks collapsed. Government regulators did nothing. In eight years deregulations enslaved the Icelandic population. The world powerbrokers cannot stand prosperity for any nation in the world. Why are Americans so asleep at the wheel of her future? BOHICA Days will always be with us. On September 15, 2008 the global depression commenced upon the United States and the world. When Reagan took office in 1981, the start of financial crises began with his policies and practices.

Where did we go from here?

Investment banks went globally. 1981 was the start of thirty years of deregulations. Clinton was a disaster, a total disaster. Big banks knew they would be bailout whenever they failed. Big financial institutions are corrupt and they are guilty of fraud. Derivatives have made the financial markets unsafe. The use of derivatives became a fifty trillion dollar business. Brooksley Bourne wanted to regulate the financial markets but Larry Summers stopped her. Summers and Alan Greenspan wanted derivatives unregulated.

The Bubble (2001-2007)!

We had no real money. The Ponzi scheme was led by Alan Greenspan in 2005. Henry Paulson was also involved in the Ponzi scheme. AIG also failed from corruption. There were no penalties for high risk investments. Money and cocaine are addictive. Prostitutes are near the stock exchange offices. The prostitutes have at least one thousand clients and charged one thousand dollars per evening, so much for our precious family values.

The Crisis!

Bernanke did nothing and he never saw any problems in 2008. After the depression started in 2008, he made a comment in 2009 that our government needs to investigate. The FBI was warning of mortgage fraud as early as 2004. We still have no regulations for our financial markets. The federal government brings in the crooks to rob us blind of Americans hard-earned savings. Our federal government and the financial markets are embedded to remain crooked. WE CAN NO LONGER TRUST ANYONE! THE CROOKS CREATE THE PROBLEM AND THEN THEY DEMAND TO BE BAILED OUT FROM THE MESS THEY CREATED. The whole world is in a crisis from the crooks who have created the financial mess. I believe that we are headed for global tsunami depression by 2012 or the latest by 2015 and by 2020 the United States of Mortal Sin will be in a living hell for ninety percent of Americans and ten percent of Americans will live in lavish lifestyles.


No seems to be accountable for our financial mess. The crooks were not fired or sent to prison instead they were given hundreds of million dollars for the failures. The corrupt companies are bigger today and these companies will screw America and the world even more.

Where Are We Now?

Our companies are sending work to other countries to hire millions of workers. A college education is out of reach for most Americans. Tax cuts have made the rich become even richer. The inequality in wealth is at the highest percentage of any other country. Obama’s financial regulations and reforms are weak because we are a Wall Street Government. Obama’s economic advisors are the same crooks who have created our current depression that is a prelude to the catastrophic depression that is coming soon. The use of prostitutes to cover up spending money is okay. Our dreams are now nightmares. The economic advisors who caused the crisis are still in power and they will never leave power.

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

Bush Family Fortunes

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Greg Palast investigates the Bush family dynasty. We must never forget that the Bush family is a dynasty. Jeb Bush will be the next president. The fix was on in 2000 to have W. as president. W. is dumb and that was his role to be dumb. The family is grand masters of the game. W. is a phony and a screw up. Even though he did poorly on the test for the Air Force National Guard, he was put at the top of the list. W. appears to be a chicken shit human being. He is also a hypocrite and a fraud. We have the weak leading the strong. Bush, Sr. started his dynasty in Midland, Texas. W. belongs to a “SPECIAL SPERM CLUB.” When W’s business interests failed, he ran for Congress, like most failed human beings. W’s National Guard records have been shredded. He has been groomed to president. The ballot count in Florida was a sham. The theft of the 2000 election was sealed in Florida. W. was an investment for the rich. He was a big time investment. As president W. increased our polluted airs. W. has also corrupted and polluted our democracy. Without a doubt the United States is a sinful nation. Money and Texas are in love with each other. Money talks and bullshit walks! MONEY GETS THEM THE OFFICE AND THE OFFICE GETS THEM THE MONEY.

The Carlyle Company sells weapons to the United States and to other countries with dictators. W. had four oil companies that failed and he still made millions from these failed oil companies. The Saudi family poured million of dollars into W’s failed oil companies. The Carlyle Company has received money from the Saudi family. The 9-11 families cannot receive any information on the Saudi and their connection with 9-11. Osama bin Laden may have been backed by the Saudi family. Was 9-11 an inside job?

Personally, there is no hope for average, middle, and working class Americans. We can only pray and prepare our soul to meet our Creator. Hopefully, a merciful God will welcome you and me into His heavenly kingdom. Our future is really our final destination and our final destination is to be with God and His Communion of Saints.

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

Bush Family Secrets

Prescott Bush had dealings with Hitler for nine years. He would tell the family that he admired Hitler’s leadership skills.

George, elder, was involved in the Iran-Contra cover-up. This was a treasonous act that went nowhere. He gave weapons of mass destruction to Iraq. He remained silent of the murders of the Chinese students in China in 1989. He broke promises to the Iraqi people to overthrow Saddam after the Gulf War. He helped train Osama bin Laden’s terrorists. Bush, elder, is an advisor to the Carlyle Company that invests heavily in defense contracts to gain huge profits from war and weaponry. He said that if Americans knew what the Bushes did to this country, they would be chased down the streets and lynched.

Barbara “Nutcracker” Bush said that why should worry about body bags and death. She does not want to worry her beautiful mind with body bags and death.

Neil Bush’s saving and loan scandals were covered up and he was never tried.

Jeb Bush’s rigging of Florida’s 2000 election.

Bush, younger, and his business dealings made him millions of dollars through questionable information from insider stock sales. He had close ties with Ken Lay and Enron. He spiked the investigations of Osama bin Laden. He made his first million dollars as principal of Arbusto Oil in Texas, a nearly worthless venture ended up a gold mine with the financing of Saudi-linked businessmen and Gulf Arabs. He received $4.1 million for his presidential run from five Texas energy companies that controlled the energy power sales to California. These companies were Enron, TXU, Reliant, Dynegy, and the El Paso Corporation. With Arbusto Oil, Bush had an offshore tax shelter to avoid paying federal income taxes. Bush is a true rich patriotic American? Bush, younger, has loosened regulations toward companies that manufacture and produce toxic products and toxic wastes that are sent into our environment. He is awarding tract to companies that have offshore tax shelters and pay no taxes. Halliburton has 20 such tax shelters. Yet, Americans are asked to pay taxes. American companies with offshore tax shelters avoid paying close to $700 billion in taxes. Americans have paid nearly $300 billion so far for the Iraq war. It is estimated that Americans will have to pay over $2 trillion for 20 years of occupation. These monies are lost to our citizens in our cities and states. Homeland Security is wasting money and a waste of time. We have the security departments to do the job without Homeland Security. Bush’s increase in temper tantrums is a warning sign of a demented and deranged psycho.

This information is only the tip of the iceberg. George, younger, rides to the presidency with the Catholic vote because he says that he is pro-life. As governor of Texas 152 inmates were put to death. As president he starts a war with the killing of thousands of Iraqis and American lives. He also dumps tons of depleted uranium on human populations. The war was started through lies. Bush is a murderer and a war criminal. He has signed directives to kill Iraqi leaders and possibly other leaders from other countries. Bush claims to be compassionate and pro-life but Americans have no universal health care and affordable prescription drugs. Bush has loosened regulations for corporations to hire illegal aliens. They hire these illegal aliens but do not have their names on the books to avoid paying about $400 billion in taxes. The tax breaks that corporations receive through offshore tax shelters and the loosening of regulations to hire illegal aliens even with Homeland Security corporations do not pay $1.1 trillion per year in taxes. Can you imagine what Americans can do with $1.1 trillion for health care, the environment, education, poverty, road construction, mass transit, and overall quality of life for the American people?

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

Mortal Sin

Three things are necessary for a sin to be mortal: 1. SERIOUS MATTER (In my Examination of Conscience pamphlet there is a list of serious sins as we follow the Ten Commandments and we should not forget Jesus’ Eleventh Commandment.); 2. KNOWLEDGE OR FIRM BELIEF THAT THE ACT IS SERIOUSLY WRONG PRIOR TO COMMITTING THE ACT (When American corporations and the American rich sit around to devise ways to hurt average, middle, and working Americans, they have knowledge of a serious wrong that will be committed.); 3. FULL CONSENT OF THE WILL!!!


The fight we are in will be lost to us because the powerbrokers who control the gold will win the battle or battles. In the end they will lose the war and wallow in hell for eternity. THIS IS MY PERCEPTUAL OPINION AND WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OPINIONS.

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dealered 12 years 4 weeks ago

Your interview with Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum today and apologizing to her at the end for being "a little tough" with her was rather disconcerting. There seems to be a common thread among all progressive talk show hosts. Every one of you act like "chickens" on the air, afraid to correct a guest that clearly is either; misrepresenting the truth, outright lying, bulling you, talking over you, etc.. To add insult to injury, even when you showed some "gonads' and corrected their lies, progressive talk show hosts seem to always need to say, "I'm sorry if I was a little tough". I can't remember the last time I ever heard anyone from the right wing apologizing to a talk show or TV show progressive host for being a little tough!

The right wing clearly knows how to control a conversation. The forceful, commanding, assertive manner in which they discus a topic and present their facts simply deflates the air out of a progressive's point of view. Combine that with telling a lie over and over again and people will believe you (Joseph Goebbels) and they end up winning. You need to listen to some of your shows and you will see how often you back down.

It is time for progressive talk show hosts to fight fire with fire. When a guest lies, you need to call them on it. If a guests misstates the facts, they need to be corrected. When a guest continues to talk over you, the conversation needs to be stopped and the guest reminded who is control of the show. Finally, if a guest has taken any topic or set of facts hostage, the host upon ending the interview needs to have a "fire side chat" with their listeners to set a record or fact straight (exp.; "clearly Carrie Lukas refuses to tell you the real reason why Obama capitulated to the Republicans and went along with reducing the taxes of the rich temporarily. President Obama was backed into a corner by the Republicans (who had the vote) and needed to first insure the unemployment benefits were made available to the middle class which the Republicans were holding as hostage along with other items" (yada, yada, yada……!).

Time for progressives talk and TV show hosts to get tough…

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mntleo2 12 years 4 weeks ago

As an old lurker, for some reason I cannot sign into chat l;ike I used to, but just wanted to speak my piece somewhere.


We have already TRIED all these corporate and elitist tax breaks and we still lost millions of jobs before Obama came into office and the ones he enacted are still not doing the job. When are these wingnuts going to get it that a decade of tax breaks have proven already THEY DO NOT WORK TO MAKE JOBS????


Cat Sullivan .Seattle, WA .

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gerald 12 years 4 weeks ago

In the State of Mortal Sin

What prompted me to write on this topic was my viewing of a program of NOW with host, David Branccacio. He had Alex Gibney who won an Oscar for his documentary film of “Taxi to the Dark Side.” The film is about an innocent taxicab driver who was tortured by the Iraqi militia under the watchful eye of American military officers. There were also American military personnel who tortured Iraqis and they gave their account of these war crimes. They were directed by military officers to torture Iraqis.

With the approval of Bush and his fascist cabal the United States of Mortal Sin is living in the state of mortal sin for her torture of human beings, mass murders of people, and war crimes against humanity. The soul of the United States is on the path to eternal damnation for her evil, vile, and wicked ways. The majority of Americans have permitted these atrocities against God’s children and their damnation and the nation’s damnation will become more solidified with each passing day.

The late Leo Buscaglia who taught at the University of Southern California gave a talk at a conference and after his lecture a woman came up to him and said to him that she would want to help but she did not know where to start. Dr. Buscaglia said to her that she needed to look around and there is much she can do.

There are people who will doubt that the United States of Mortal Sin is in the state of mortal sin. I say to these people just look around and you will see our nation’s evil, vile, and wicked ways. Everyday there are more torture, mass murders, and war crimes permitted by the United States of Mortal Sin. We are truly a damned nation.

The United States is not a good, holy, and saintly nation. America’s pride prevents any movement toward God and His direct commandment to us. “Love one another as I have loved you.” Americans are listening to the politicians in Washington, D.C. and especially to people, such as Bush, when he was in the White House. There are Americans who say to us, “Hate one another as we hate you.”

In addition to torture, mass murders, and war crimes the nation’s hatred continues to leave us in the state of mortal sin. Unless Americans repent, their souls along with the soul of the United States will be damned for eternity. American pride will not believe that we are in the state of mortal sin and eternal damnation. Yet, the cardinal sin of pride is deep and widespread in the American psyche that prevents any movement toward repentance. The United States is not a good, holy, and saintly nation.

More on Mortal Sins

America and Americans have accepted and embraced mortal sin. Mortal sin is our religion in our country and these sins make up the eight pillars of our faith. Let us look at these eight pillars of faith.

  1. Hatred is a mortal sin.
  2. Murders are mortal sins.
  3. Torture is a mortal sin.
  4. War crimes are mortal sins.
  5. Corruption is a mortal sin.
  6. Decadence is a mortal sin.
  7. Greed is a mortal sin.
  8. Lies are mortal sins.

America is a nation inundated with mortal sins. Mortal sins are damning our devil incarnate nation.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

Reflection of the week: “There comes a time in every person’s life when you have to decide you’ll stand for something, or fall for everything. I have made my choice to stand up. It’s either do the right, but scary, thing, or be taken advantage of and let things stay the same.” —Elyse, a member of the Hyatt Regency Union Committee in Indianapolis.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago


Gates comments on Bush's wars!

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

U.S. warships are ready to attack Libya. The U.S. war machine loves the killing of God's children. War is a serious matter; there is knowledge ahead of time that an attack is wrong; and the United States of Mortal Sin is giving full consent to the attack. The United States has her soul damned again and again. War is the name and mass murders is the game.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

Why do I love the United States? We know that our nation is transparent. But, for me, I love our country because of the smell of napalm in the morning and burning human flesh in the evening.

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Mark Saulys 12 years 3 weeks ago

To say that public workers unions are too powerful because "they elect their own boss" or have money to give to campaigns is beyond specious and mendacious.

First, why shouldn't someone elect their own boss? Isn't that a democratic ideal? The Tea Partiers and other conservatives fail to say what is wrong with that. Are the workers not citizens? Do they not have a right to their influence on government? The unions don't elect "their own boss" themselves. The rest of the electorate elects them as well and that "boss" is the representative of all the taxpayers not just of the union members. Why should anyone think the unions' influence will not be in proportion to their share of the electorate?

Why shouldn't labor be powerful? Why shouldn't they have money to give to campaigns? Isn't that "free speech" as set by Citizens United? Why should only business elites have free speech?

Why should only employers and business people be powerful. Most of us aren't business people but work for them. Why shouldn't the majority of people have power? Why should only big businesses have power and influence? Is there reason to think business elites have disproportionate influence on government?

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