Daily Topics - Tuesday February 22nd, 2011

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Hour One: If Wisconsin busts the Unions, is it the beginning of the end of Democracy? John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Hour Two: Why is America in decline? Victor Davis Hanson

Hour Three: Is Mark Williams the trickster? Mark Williams


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gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago

February 22, 2011 PBS Program on Wild Life

Is this the reason why conservative crazy males want to do away with PBS? Does PBS give us too much information? Information is power!!!

The study of male cheetahs is the study of homo sapiens. The male cheetah lives to mate. The male cheetah will mate with a female cheetah at night and by morning the male cheetah leaves and he does not return. The female cheetah will give birth to her cubs without the male cheetah to help. The female cheetah will have to hunt and feed her cubs alone. At eighteen months she will leave her cubs and not return. By eighteen months the female cheetah has prepared her cubs to hunt, to feed, and to watch for enemies on the plains of Africa. There are men, maybe too many men, who behave like male cheetahs. Are the conservative crazy men in Congress and on the Supreme Court similar to male cheetahs?

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gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago

Citizens in Michigan are screwed by a Republican governor.


Please always remember that people get what they deserve!!!

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Paradigm Mine 8 years 48 weeks ago

Thom, I am flummoxed by the audacity of Mr. Walker. I say mister because we need to remember he is not just a temporary (or potentially permanent) public figure of politics. He is also a man who is willing to play a metaphorical, all-in-hand of poker with his 'political career.' As a mathematician, I understand what is called game-theory. In the game of chicken, if neither entity diverges, an impact would render both parties at a COMPLETE loss.

As a society we have seen this before with Kennedy's famous Cuban Missile Crisis speech. He said to Russia, we will not diverge, so Russia diverged because life out-weighed the risk of supplying missiles to Cuba. So Walker thinks that a game of chicken with the public unions is justifiable. But why isn't he worried about the thought of losing all governing privileges?

Here is the rig:

If Walker wins: he is on a political course to controlling the legislation regarding the taxation of his private constituents. And as John Nichols just said, he will gain A LOT of control.

If Walker losses: he will land a life long career in the PRIVATE political game worth million's annually from one of the private constituencies he regulated a budget-breaking tax cut to prior to his misleading rhetoric about the public labor unions.

It is VERY important to understand that Walker does not have to worry regardless of the outcome - it is borderline (however I think obvious) unethical behavior! He has found a way to play chicken without sacrificing anything. If he losses, the next republican talking head will continue to act out the beheast of the privatization order of G.H.W. Bush in E.O.#12803 - an order to privatatize the entire federal government.


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mathboy 8 years 48 weeks ago

The link to request an anti-war song isn't working, but I would ask for "Buy War Toys for Christmas" (or whatever it's title is) by the Foremen from their album Live at Luna Park. It has lines such as "...have a very merry military day." and "oh by golly, let's be jolly, deck the hall-ocaust" topped off with "singing happy happy birthday to the Prince of Peace." It's very sarcastic.

bobbywasabii 8 years 48 weeks ago

per the above post: The request an anti-war song isn't working, but I do have a request.

Could you please play some Deeeetroit rock and roll: Bob Segar's "2+2".

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DadlyEdly 8 years 48 weeks ago

Republicans such as Scott Walker have a tendency to emulate history's losers, whether it's blocking Internet access to procedures a la Mubarek, building an Iton Curtain across our southern border, or deregulation like Hoover. It's part of their DNA.

Paradigm Mine's picture
Paradigm Mine 8 years 48 weeks ago

Spot on Thom! Way to call out the TRUTH about Regan and his fiscal policy right in the face of Mark Williams to end that segment. Seriously, what is with the tea parties?


Paradigm Mine's picture
Paradigm Mine 8 years 48 weeks ago

I just want to clarify... by DNA do you mean agenda? Because the real privatization of America is part of a generational agenda that is synonymous with historic blood wars - but this context you speak of has me questioning the lexicon in your paradigm. Would you please explain the metaphorical connotation you wish to me to perceive?

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mathboy 8 years 48 weeks ago

Ah-ha! You can get to the song request page, just not from here. You have to click on "Radio Show" on the menu, then click the link to the song request on the page that comes up.

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Paradigm Mine 8 years 48 weeks ago

Thom... Regarding the 'Comcast' issue you are having. Please consider moving over to Qwest. I want to tell you a quick story:

My brother is a huge computer nerd. He loves them and has for the last 15 to 20 years. He told me months ago that Netflix was about 80% of bandwidth usage after 8pm. Or something to that accord. But the same day the Net-Neutrality Act passed, Comcast already had some type of update created (THEY HAD TOO!) to interrupt to flow of Netflix over their network. Literally the day after the Act passed, my brother commented on how he was not able to watch Netflix without constant interruption and download speed reductions (seemingly random). However, once I commented on this to his, we came to realize that Comcast has commercials for Hulu. and since the act, a $7.99/mo version called Hulu Plus has emerged. This is selective censorship of the free market by those who sell the control of internet bandwidth to private interests who are willing to pay more for money for more bandwidth; but the long-term cost of the investment is repaid by the only revenue source... the public who has no say in the price they pay for the services.

Comcast is reaching a bandwidth cap. The copper-wire infrastructure they have aggressively purchased in the last 20 years or so is out-dated. However, Qwest Communications has built a nation-wide, fiber-optic network capable of facilitating data-flow at a rate far superior to that of Comcast.

I believe that Comcast is using political influence to regulate the internet so they can continue to maintain a revenue stream (from people like you and me) from the copper-wire network. However, to increase a flow, either a company needs to find more customers or find a way to charge more... Thus a financial incentive is evident in the attempt to charge not only for access, but for bandwidth consumption via the internet... this would be like paying for gas on the public roads. The proposed and current Net-Neutrality laws are fundamentally a way to legalize a method of extortion of the public: like ringing a wet cloth a little tighter.


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gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago

People with the gold make the rules!!!!!

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gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago

Reflection of the week: “We remind Congress that the poor and vulnerable have a priority claim on our limited, although still substantive, financial resources.” —Bishop Stephen E. Blaire, Chairman, Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, in a February 14, 2011 letter to Congress

gerald's picture
gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago

Here are two paragraphs from a recent PDA email.

After bailing out the bazillionaires on Wall Street, and throwing billions at a bad war in Iraq and a failed war in Afghanistan, the GOP’s answer to the voters of America is austerity and more sacrifice for anyone earning under a hundred grand a year—and that’s most of us. We can kiss goodbye our jobs, home ownership, our children’s education, healthcare, Social Security, and a host of other necessities that generate prosperity.

Last week, President Obama echoed the Republican frame when he jumped into bed with the GOP to see who could force more austerity into the proposed budget by cutting the necessities on which millions of unemployed, poor, and middle-class workers depend. Any government aid to help average Americans is on the chopping block, from home-heating assistance to women’s healthcare, while the most wasteful and inflationary spending—the “defense” budget—is increased.

gerald's picture
gerald 8 years 48 weeks ago


Sad, very sad!


A broken America!


It is all over for the middle class!

The Wisconsin National Guard is preparing to take over the state prison system. If it is necessary, a mercencery army will be hired to break up the protesters. If any protester is killed, we will have a civil war that is started by Scott Walker. Blood will flow in the streets of Wisconsin. We are the brink of seeing thousands of Wisconsin citizens slaughtered in the state. The protesters are not the mob. The mob is composed of the Supreme Court mafia, the conservative crazies, the blue-dog rats, and a weak leader in Obama.

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Mark Saulys 8 years 48 weeks ago

Mark Williams is about creating a false image of working people, slander. He wouldn't have need to create false images if what he was saying was true. He would have enough real images.

His arguments are not even specious. They would have to be vastly improved just to be specious.

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Mark Saulys 8 years 27 weeks ago

You cannot compare a social animal like a human being to a solitary one a feline. Human beings in their natural state live in community. Most naturally, the hunter-gatherer, SHARE EVERYTHING IN COMMON. We all know from reading our Political Economic Evolution that monogamy didn't begin until the development of private property (which began with the domestication of plants and animals which led to the domestication of other people in the variouss forms of enslavement [of women etc.]) because monogamy wasn't needed until there was private property because until then the entire community raised the kids. It was all one big family and every adult member was every child's authority - auint or uncle or what all.

The social structure we live in now is artificial and unhealthy.

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