Darrell Issa - It used to be called bribery!

Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee Darrell Issa finally released the responses he received from private industry on what government regulations he should go after now that he's in charge of a congressional committee. Issa asked businesses what regulations they wanted to get rid of. But surprise, surprise – over half of the responses didn’t come from businesses at all – they came from lobbying organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Business Roundtable were among 106 other lobbying organizations that informed Congressman Issa on how to move forward with deregulation – mostly aimed at weakening the EPA and the new Wall Street reform law. Of course – lobbying organizations don’t create jobs – they try to maximize profits for their clients which usually leads to fewer American jobs. For example lobbyists protect tax loopholes that allow corporations to continue shipping American jobs overseas for higher profits. In other words – most of the responses Issa received were from people who are interested in screwing over American workers. In fact – none of the Top 30 job-creating companies responded to Issa inquiry – and zero of the top 10 biggest publicly owned companies responded.

Issa is only interested in hearing from high paid lobbyists and millionaire and billionaires transnational corporate CEOs who can fund his re-election efforts. It used to be called bribery, back when we called things what they were. And, irony of ironies, this is the one House committee in charge of investigating corruption.

How far they've fallen.

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