Egypt isn’t the only site of discontented state workers ...

Egypt isn’t the only site of discontented state workers – Wisconsin is too. Since coming into office in January – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has made it clear – he does not represent state workers. He hasn’t negotiated with these workers once – and has now put forward a plan to break their union, cut their pay, and limit their bargaining rights. With a Republican state legislature – Walker’s plan will be enacted swiftly. And if any labor disruptions occur as a result – Walker has pledged to bring in the National Guard to help enforce it. That’s right – Walker is cutting worker’s pay by 8% - and stripping them of their rights to negotiate over workplace safety conditions. Then – he’s threatening to call in the National Guard to suppress any labor strikes. Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the new Hosni Mubarak?


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gerald 12 years 5 weeks ago

I worked with a person who said to me, "PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE." The people of Wisconsin are getting from the person they elected what they deserve. The United States of Mortal Sin is alive on life support. Let us remove the misery in our lives and pull the plug so we can die with what little respect we have left.

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libertymax 12 years 5 weeks ago

One of the provisions in the 144 page Budget Repair Bill that includes stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is the complete overhaul of Wisconsin's version of Medicaid called BadgerCare. That provision would give the Governor authority to make unilateral changes to BadgerCare while bypassing the Legislature. The new Secretary of Health and Family Services appointed by Gov. Walker comes out of a conservative right wing Washington D.C. think tank and has written extensively on how states can eliminate Medicaid programs. Can you say Republican Death Panels?

gurjeet 12 years 5 weeks ago

well, Wisconsin is just the begining of what we have in store, from our Republicans!!!!

wait and see we will have many Mubaraks in disguise here in the USA!

Alas! our voice is falling on deaf ears!!!!!!!!

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uncbros 12 years 5 weeks ago

The Governor has a good chance of doing what he wants. Greed and envy are a powerful force when they come together. That is exactly what will happen. The people in Wisconsin are looking at their Brothers and Sisters in the union who did the right thing to protect themselves against the wolves of industry by organizing. fighting for de sent wages and benefits over the years . something the rest of those unemployed and in unsecured jobs { the majority Of Wisconsin's ] didn't do because they bought into the corporate hype. Unions bad Corporations good we will take care of you. You do not need to organize. Now all these people see is, why should these guys get good pay, good benefits and a secure job I don't have it Fxxk them.They are blinded by greed and envy. of course if they do not wake up to the fact that the corporations and their bought and paid for politicians will not stop until all the hard fought benefits like worker safety protection,8 hr days, 5 day work week , pent ions, the need for only one person in the home working ,etc etc fall by the waist side. then we will all be in the sinking workers boat while the corporate elites sail off in their luxury liners

dnarnadem 12 years 5 weeks ago

Couldn't have encapsulated what the Republican agenda really is all about then this! Yes, this is what is in store for the American people if the Republicans ever gain control of Washington and The Supreme Court. That is their Strategic plan - tactically they are busy at ALL levels of government.

We know what their agenda is - now it is time to fight back.

Wisconsin would be a start (this is happening in every state where Republicans are governors!). The State employees should strike, march, whatever they need to do to force the State to call on the National Guard! This, of course, will be broadcasted nightly on the National News. America will love this. This would also force the media to outline the Republican agenda which happens to be non-Democratic, authoritarian and dictatorial!

This nonsense sells well to the ulra-right wing no-nothings - but it simply does not sell well to the majority of Americans. That a leader would threaten to call a "Police Force" or a "National Guard" to suppress "Free Speech" and the right to "Assemble and Protest", goes against the grain of what it means to be a an American!

These people are crazy. After what Americans just watched in Egypt, where millions marched and protested for FREEDOM, we, here in America, have some “loco” governor threatening to call the National Guard to forcibly suppress the very thing that our Constitution guarantees every American! And oh, by the way, he wants to bypass any and all laws and unilaterally dictate some of these changes! This is what Dictators do! Have these people completely lost their minds?

Unions Unite! Fight this now – if you let these neo-conservatives win on this one, it spells disaster for all “working people” in this country. Even if ultimately you lose, at least you do not take it lying down. Make it very, very difficult for these incipient Dictators to win anything!

Murphy17 12 years 5 weeks ago

As one of the public employees facing this situation, I know that we have quite a fight ahead and that the Governor is working hard to be sure that we will lose. He has set the vote for Thursday of this week after announcing the budget last Friday. He alerted the Guard immediately so that we would all be afraid. He is refusing to even look at protestors. We are frantically calling everyone in the state and from outside of the state to help. We will protesting on the Capitol steps for the next 2 days. If you have the time and believe in unions, feel free to join us! Call anyone you know in Wisconsin to be sure that they have taken the 2 minutes to call their elected officials and let them know what they think. We need all the help we can get since the Governor has already called in the guns!

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xs10shal 12 years 5 weeks ago

I think that the Governor has a very good chance of pulling this off. He has a majority in the state congress behind him and as someone else said, unless more than State workers stand up for living wages, this will go through. Egypt had a majority of its citizens demanding better living conditions. Wisconsin elected these people knowing that they want to cut costs and benefits to average people. They just don't imagine that it will be them. American's are not brave people, nor are they a rebellious people. They will take what ever is kicked there way until they cannot feed their children or put roofs over their heads, until then they will silently watch on television, as their neighbors go under the budget cutting knives. American's lost the fighting spirit and the desire for freedom. They allowed the patriot act to be renewed, they will allow the gutting of the EPA, the defunding of NPR, and slashing of social security. Life has to get very bad before Americans will stop listening to Fox propaganda and look around their communities and say, "Enough!" I fear it will be too late to save the dying nation.

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Lisa ann 12 years 5 weeks ago

scott walker was supported by the police and fireman's union, guess whose union he is not dismantling.... i hope this bill doesn't pass but i must say with the republicans in control of our legislation it doesn't look good. most people don't do anything or take action until it hurts them directly and they are forced to change their lives. this may motivate people to make him a 1 term govenor (fingers crossed).

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Dale1932 12 years 5 weeks ago

Scott Walker has ordered state agencies to "take attendance" to see which state employees are taking vacation time to attend the rallies against him.

He has also told the Capitol Police to "advise" Republican legislators to NOT MEET WITH THEIR CONSTITUENTS on Feb. 15 and 16.

Isn't that kind of intimidation against the First Amendment? Goverment, as an employer, is covered by the First Amendment. Walker is trying to prevent free speech and the right to petitition the government for redress of grievances. ACLU, are you listening?

What does "will implement health risk assessments for all state employees beginning on January 1, 2012" mean? I think he wants to find excuses to kick people off health insurance.

Health Insurance Contributions – Currently, state employees pay approximately 6 percent of annual health insurance premiums. This bill requires that state employees, again including myself and my cabinet officers, pay at least 12 percent of monthly premiums, which is still less than half of what the private sector pays. In addition, the bill directs the Group Insurance Board to implement changes to health insurance plan designs to further reduce premiums by 5 percent and will implement health risk assessments for all state employees beginning on January 1, 2012. Local employers participating in the Public Employers Group Health insurance program operated by the state will be prohibited from paying more than 88 percent of the lowest cost plan.

One of the provisions in his budget repair bill calls for the automatic dismissal of any employee with an unexcused absence of three days "or any employees participating in an organized action to stop or slow work if the governor has declared a state of emergency."

Speaking of killing things: It's in draft bill form, not yet assigned a number. It is the bill I have been predicting that will eliminate regional transit authorities, including Dane County's.

It will be circulated for cosponsors starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 15. In the Assembly, it is being authored by Rep. Steve Nass, Rep. Keith Ripp and Rep. Robin Vos, co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee.

Senate authors are Glenn Grothman and Van Wanggaard. All Republicans.

Significantly, it dissolves RTAs 90 days after enactment of the bill, but prohibits imposition of an RTA sales tax immediately upon enactment of the bill. Significant because time is a factor. Dane County's RTA is planning a referendum on the April 5 ballot for a one-quarter cent sales tax. Here is the document.

The Tea Party to the rescue

Monday's rally at the Capitol will look like a dress rehearsal. Tuesday, the labor unions are expected. They will be joined by tea partiers. No wonder Capitol Police are on 12-hour shifts all week.

Americans for Prosperity and the Club for Growth are busing tea party activists from around the state into Madison. The object of both groups is to pack the public hearing on Walker's bill scheduled for Tuesday at 10 am at the 412 East hearing room at the State Capitol. That has to be the toughest ticket in town.

Buses will pick up tea partiers from Rhinelander, Wausau, Racine, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, and Fond du Lac.

The Wisconsin Patriot Coalition expressed its support for Governor Walker's Budget Adjustment Bill "as a first step in moving our state back onto the path of financial prosperity."

Boycott Scott Walker Contributors!/pages/Boycott-Scott-Walker-Contributors/101624709918554

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Bubba G 12 years 5 weeks ago

Corporate america, with help from our elected officials, has almost destroyed private sector unions. Now our elected officials, with help from corporate america, are trying to destroy public sector unions. It is thru the republican cry for smaller government that they will be able to break the back of public sector unions. Only after they achieve their goal will people realize that republican's cry for smaller government is a LIE! How sad for those who came before us and fought so hard for workers to have a voice in wages, hours and working conditions.

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jimshady 12 years 5 weeks ago

I met this man at a speech he gave in Middleton, and he scared the hell out of me. I couldnt believe it when he was elected! The true epitome of fascism! We have a recall law here in Wisconsin and I hope they do just that!

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jimshady 12 years 5 weeks ago


It is becoming worse in our country, from the corporate news media controlling the common man to the government doing what ever they please, disregarding what the people want! Common man believes what ever they are told and never question. The same thing that happened in the 1920's and 1930's in germany is happening right now in America!

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Mark Saulys 12 years 5 weeks ago

This a tactic of division to get the business elites to dominate society more fully. It appeals to voters and state taxpayers as employers rather than as fellow workers and to see their vested interests as opposed to those of state workers rather than in solidarity with them. A letter to the editor (probably a plant) in the Chicago Sun Times appearing after the passage of a recent tax increase to balance the Illinois budget stated sarcastically and quite speciously, "Thank you, Governor, for the tax increase. Thank you for protecting the wages, salaries, pensions and health benefits of public employees - all of which are greater than mine - with my taxes."

To him I would equally sarcastically reply, "Everybody's wages are, no doubt, higher than yours." or not sarcastically, "You aren't paying state workers' wages alone but only a miniscule portion of them for the services that you recieve and if your income is really so low then you are in a low bracket and your contribution should be rather negligible."

To Governors like Scott Walker I would say, "Government should not be in the business of destroying the Middle Class."

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Mark Saulys 12 years 5 weeks ago

In addition, I would say to the letter writer that, "It is not the fault of the state employees that your wages are low but of the same attitude you are taking toward your fellow workers at the behest of the same people who took away your fair compensation and workplace rights.

Your lonely misery would be better overcome by emulating state employees by organizing for collective bargaining of your own."

meemee 12 years 5 weeks ago

YES! P.S. Why doesn't the entire country have a recall provision -- I cannot, for the life of me, envision why we HAD to endure the destruction of the Bush presidency, and have NO recourse to cut OUR OWN umbilical cord! We are NOT stupid people here, and it IS "WE, THE PEOPLE," so why CAN'T we monitor our elected officials (who represent US, and NOTHING ELSE), and ACT to SAVE ourselves from their corruption and abuses! THAT should be our first right!! How else can we possibly preserve our own Democracy?? If WE do that monitoring -- and it has to be done by the Majority, that way it's not mishandled and is truly representative of a Democracy -- then (1) we can keep our own control of our own communities, states, country, and (2) we don't need government agencies that are supposed to do this overseeing and yet they become corrupt and abusive, as well as just not performing their duties through ineptness, etc. THEN we really do have a Democracy, and the AMERICAN PEOPLE are right back where they belong -- in the very MIDDLE of their own country and government!! HURRAH!!

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illustrator5 12 years 5 weeks ago

There is a rally in front of Walker's house here in Wauwatosa within the hour on N. 68th st between W. Bluemound Rd and W. Wisconsin Avenue on the east side ....we need to support our union brothers and sisters and vote out these legislators in 2012!!

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illustrator5 12 years 5 weeks ago

Can't recall till he's been in office for a year!

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jwingstrom 12 years 5 weeks ago

Good editorial in today's Madison Cap Times:

"Walker gins up ‘crisis’ to reward cronies"

dnarnadem 12 years 5 weeks ago

QUESTION??? Where is the DEMOCRATIC Party in all this??

Even the President does not want to get involved!!

Who created the Unions? Who always fights for the WORKING PERSON?

Who led the way in creating safe, clean, decent wages and the MIDDLE CLASS!!


Where in the #$@%&%$#@ are all the DEMOCRATIC LEADERS in all this?

And then they want DONATIONS! Where are they going to get all the Donations for the next election cycle - from out of work fired poor former union members??

To all DEMOCRATIC leaders - get involved in this! If you don't, and if the Repubs and BIG BUSINESS win, it will be the demise of the Democratic Party! I for one am getting really, really mad, and if the D party drags its feet like it did with the Health Care issue, I for one will be looking for a new Party!! Absolutely unreal!

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MarleneD 12 years 5 weeks ago

Many of us Wisconsinites did not vote for Walker for our Governor. We do NOT deserve what he is doing. We have a real problem here.

Senator Fitzgerald, the Republican head of our State Senate and his brother, Republican Rep. Fitzgerald, head of the House of Representatives agreed today to call the head of the Wisconsin State Patrol, another Fitzgerald (who happens to be their father) to leave the state highways which are currently fogged in with state wide heavy fog to run around and collect up Democrat legislators to force them to vote on the union busting bill he wrote today. Nepotism at the highest level in Wisconsin right now. This sounds like the 'good ole boys' from the 40's or 50's in backward states in our country; not progressive Wisconsin.

This governor does not understand his job is to govern the state, not legislate. He obviously ran for the wrong office. He is the one writing the laws and his Rep. cronies are in lock step with him to destroy Wisconsin.

Thom, please cover this as it's a huge issue today and is spreading across the nation as we speak.

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