This political battle has the Koch brother’s fingerprints all over it....

Yesterday – we reported about a little known provision in Governor Walker’s anti-union bill that would allow the state to sell of publicly owned power plants to private industries if it’s “in the best interests of the state.” That provision could allow Walker to sell off power plants to one of his top political contributors – Koch Industries – and give the Koch brothers a vertical monopoly on electricity in the state – owning the production, distribution, and sale of power. We’re talking billions in higher profits. Well – now it looks like the Koch brothers may be trying to follow-up on that deal – a new Koch industries lobbying firm has just opened up in Madison – down the street from Walker’s office – employing 7 lobbyists to work with Republicans state lawmakers. And yesterday – the Koch funded Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity – announced it will begin running ads against union protestors in Wisconsin and President Obama – and the ad encourages people to, “Stand with Walker.” Just like the 2010 midterm election – this political battle has the Koch brother’s fingerprints all over it.

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