Republicans are exploring a new strategy - repealing the 1965 Voter Rights Act...

Who’s screwed? Voters. Republicans are exploring a new strategy to win elections in the future – repealing the 1965 Voter Rights Act. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli recently said that his state has, “outgrown racism” and should be exempted from many of the requirements of the Voting Rights Act - which prevent state lawmakers from carving out congressional districts to suppress or isolate minority voters or use tactics to intimidate minorities.

In an interview with ThinkProgress – former Republican Senator Norm Coleman agreed with Cuccinelli and admitted that Republicans have a lot to gain if the Voting Rights Act is repealed, saying they could pick up as many as 15 to 20 new seats in Congress. So let’s see – the Republicans want to flood our democracy with secret, corporate cash – they want to require voters to have expensive government ID – they want to take down organizations like ACORN who help register minority voters – they often practice voter caging to purge potential voters off the rolls if they move out of a house and forget to update their address – and they engage in the most negative campaigning to turn voters off altogether and suppress the turnout.

Now – they want to gerrymander districts to limit the impact of the minority vote. Do these guys event want a democracy? Or – do they want decades of rigged elections to bring about one party rule…like Egypt.


sloan's picture
sloan 12 years 7 weeks ago

I asked my Highschool 'Polisci' teacher (the class was mandated) why we only had 2 parties...he didnt have an answer.

Now I know after more than 20'informed friends' wont let other friends vote for any rep/dem because they have

been compromised since before many of us were born.

jacko9's picture
jacko9 12 years 7 weeks ago

Yes we are screwed because the republicans truly believe in the ruling class of monied people. I think we are hearing over and over that republicans don't believe in majority rule so, why are we so surprised when the set out to rig elections/ The republicans believe in the might makes right philisophy and can care less about middle class Americans.

jacko9's picture
jacko9 12 years 7 weeks ago

Actually to answer your question, Yes they would like decades of rigged elections so they can bring America back to the "robber baron" days.

DrRichard 12 years 7 weeks ago

Of course they don't want a democracy, not that the United States has been one for a long time. The only difference now is that they aren't even bothering with the trappings of such a government. Perhaps we're near a situation analogous to the terminal years of the Roman Republic, although we don't seem to have a Caesar...yet.

drred27's picture
drred27 12 years 7 weeks ago

I think Republicans are scared and rightfully so. If you have spent any time with kids aged 12-22, racism, homophobia, christian fundamentalism, gun and abortion rights have not gained nearly the foothold that conservatives have counted on to comprise a large voting block by exploiting these issues. If they can't use these issues to influence people to vote against their best interests, then they will remove that right entirely.

jacko9's picture
jacko9 12 years 7 weeks ago

Americans need to talk to their neighbors and work place associates to let them know what the republican elite are actually all about. Americans don't have the corner bar or the union hall to socialize any longer and the only sourse of information comes from places like "Fixed News".

rougepaln's picture
rougepaln 12 years 7 weeks ago

So, the only way they can win is by doing underhanded things. I hope they are taking a close look at what is going on in Egypt, and realize that what they want to achieve in this country would lead to the people being just as unhappy.

yankeerebel64's picture
yankeerebel64 12 years 7 weeks ago

I cant believe what i just read. If they repeal the voters rights act and get there way of a one party rule the next step would be slavery

leighmf's picture
leighmf 12 years 7 weeks ago

Let my people go.

dnarnadem 12 years 7 weeks ago

Well there is one word for this - Treason! The slave owners of the South tried this pre-1860. Result - Civil War.

I for one will be on the side of America, its Constitution, and our Democracy. This sort of Totalitarian idiocy coming from the Right is nothing short of treasonous and seditious. If the right seriously believes that our Democracy will willingly be given up by "True" Americans, they are taking too many Fox Noise drugs!

Right Wing America - wake up! This Country belongs all to "All" Americans, not just to the "Plutocrats" and the neo-conservatives and the Fundamentalists. You are being brainwashed by the corporate elites who have only one thing in mind - complete control of you mind and your lives. Do you actually and honestly believe that once Democracy would be eliminated and a “one party” rule instated, that the new Totalitarians will willingly give it back to you? If you do, then you are totally deluded.

Read a bit of history and inform yourselves as to what happens to movements that challenged Democratic Governments and want to replace with one party rule - They lost! Germany of the 1930s is one prime example of this. A Democratic nation wanted to purify itself against what they also saw as a "deteriorate" and "infestation” of their way of life. History DOES have something to teach so as to avoid the proverbial “History Repeats Itself” for those who chose not to heed it!

dcbuzzell's picture
dcbuzzell 12 years 7 weeks ago

You are absolutely correct. The Republican Party does not want, nor have they ever wanted any kind of a Democracy where the common person or especially the poor have any kind of a voice in anything in government. They have always been and always will be against any kind of a social program that benefits the middle class or the poor. This is exactly what the people of Egypt are fighting against. A Republican idea of small government, a dictator, and the poor are lucky to get any table scraps from their table. This new Republican Party does not belong in this country!! I vote for repeal of the present Republican Party for one that used to work with the Democratic Party and made some semblance of common sense. Not the crazies we have today!!

dnarnadem 12 years 7 weeks ago

I cant believe what i just

I cant believe what i just read. If they repeal the voters rights act and get there way of a one party rule the next step would be slavery

Not before a Civil War is waged - it just will not happen.

EmotionalProblems's picture
EmotionalProblems 12 years 7 weeks ago

Unfortunately, I have no problem believing this. Was this part of Paul Weyrich's plan when he told the "religious" gathering(s) about "goo goo" government, and voter suppression? Was this part of the plan when Jude Wanniski advanced his two Santa Claus theory? Most likely, not. The right wingers got to this point the same way atrocities have happened throughout history. Small steps and advances to their incidious agenda. The hindrance/obstruction of ACORN. The rise of the Tea (Gag) Party. Requiring voter ID, in some states. Et cetera. Just a few examples.

At each little "victory," they look for the next increment of the long war. If it continues, slavery will return. The stocks, public flogging, the guillotine. All this, and more, will be back. Will it happen overnight? No. Probably not even during most of our lifetimes. But the small steps have begun.

If we don't ACT to stop it NOW... WHO WILL?

reg's picture
reg 12 years 7 weeks ago

Actually I think the next step would be indentured servitude, then slavery.

John Wernsdorfer's picture
John Wernsdorfer 12 years 7 weeks ago

As for the Voters Rights Act of course it shouldn't be repealed. The GOPers are essentially saying "trust me". That would be the same as trusting Dick Cheney. They must be of the opinion that our citizens are unbelievably ignorant. If anything the civil rights of our citizens should be increased, never decreased. Repeal the "Patriot" Act and reinstate Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus. Why do we suddenly have to give up our civil rights in order to ptotect them? Force law enforcement to do the work for which they're paid. God know's there's enough law enforcement and intelligence agencies to camp one in everyone's back yard!

stonesphere's picture
stonesphere 12 years 7 weeks ago

"the Voting Rights Act - which prevent state lawmakers from carving out congressional districts to suppress or isolate minority voters or use tactics to intimidate minorities."

This is an issue the supreme court decided long ago.

The mathematics don't count. The people that count the vote determine the out come of the elections not the number of people that cast the vote one way or the other and add to that the corporate identity , mass media included, is far and away the most powerful vote cast in spite of the intention of the public, all compliments of the supreme court.

Consider the accomplishments of Mubaric, the Shaw of Iran, Pinoche, and the list goes on and on. Elections become nothing but theater and the best intentions of the founding fathers, the constitution and the bill of rights are reduced to stage props. Follow the money.

stonesphere's picture
stonesphere 12 years 7 weeks ago

"idea of small government, a dictator," Perfect.

dnarnadem 12 years 7 weeks ago

And a perfect way to get rich! If I heard right, Mubarak of Egypt has amassed a fortune of 60-70 Billion!!

I am sure this will please the Poor of Egypt. And most certainly where most our Money has been going for the last 30 years!

So this Dictator is stting on 60-70 Bilion while the working poor get $2.00 a day, assuming they get paid!

DRUMMER's picture
DRUMMER 12 years 6 weeks ago

At long last Repulicans, have you no decency?

DRUMMER's picture
DRUMMER 12 years 6 weeks ago

I meant Republicans, not Repulicans.

apteryx1956's picture
apteryx1956 11 years 43 weeks ago

Republicans have no choice but to act in accordance with their nature, and it is by their nature that they are unfit to govern. We have over a 14 trillion national debt to prove it, a debt to the Social Security trust fund in excess of $2 trillion, an unfunded prescription drug program, a military industrial complex that squanders at least $50 billion a year and supposed Tea Party politicans who have not the will to do anything at all about that. See them for what they are, or witlessly pay for their free-riding ways.

Kurt H's picture
Kurt H 10 years 29 weeks ago

Well, one thing the Democrats need to give up is the anti-gun platform of the party. There are lots of other issues way more critical to most Democrats. Actually think about it: there wouldn't be a civil war, just a take-over, since they have all the guns!

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