The Taliban is running a shadow government in Afghanistan

According to a New York Times report – despite the surge of US troops in Afghanistan – the Taliban is operating secret governments across the country. For example in the Ghazni province – the Taliban is running a shadow government that collects taxes, runs schools, adjudicates civil disputes, and cooperates with villagers in military operations. It looks like the US strategy to weaken the Taliban is failing – and a new report by New York University’s Center for International Cooperation knows why.

According to the report- the major mistake made by George W. Bush – and now carried on by President Obama was grouping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda together as one enemy. In reality – the two organizations are vastly different – and had the US separated the two and worked with more moderate Taliban forces – they could have vanquished Al Qaeda from the region and prevented the insurgent onslaught that’s been taking place for several years now. Instead we’re in a quagmire today. It’s time for a new direction in Afghanistan - let’s bring the troops home.

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