The Taliban is running a shadow government in Afghanistan

According to a New York Times report – despite the surge of US troops in Afghanistan – the Taliban is operating secret governments across the country. For example in the Ghazni province – the Taliban is running a shadow government that collects taxes, runs schools, adjudicates civil disputes, and cooperates with villagers in military operations. It looks like the US strategy to weaken the Taliban is failing – and a new report by New York University’s Center for International Cooperation knows why.

According to the report- the major mistake made by George W. Bush – and now carried on by President Obama was grouping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda together as one enemy. In reality – the two organizations are vastly different – and had the US separated the two and worked with more moderate Taliban forces – they could have vanquished Al Qaeda from the region and prevented the insurgent onslaught that’s been taking place for several years now. Instead we’re in a quagmire today. It’s time for a new direction in Afghanistan - let’s bring the troops home.


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Pretzelogic in ... 9 years 33 weeks ago

Aren't the Taliban the ones who throw acid in the faces of young women who dare to attend school? Who defaced ancient (world heritage) Budhist statuary because it somehow offended Allah, or Mohammed, or something? Etc, etc... saying they're "more moderate" than Al-Queda doesn't seem to be saying much, although, considering the "quagmire", I too am all for bringing the troops back home. Sad.

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coocycoo 9 years 33 weeks ago

Anyone who knows anything about Afghanistan should know this. I am a suburban mom in So. Cal. who simply cares about the people of Afghanistan so I have read and studied a bit about it. I would hope at least President Obama would have appreciated the nuances of handling the differences between the Taliban and Al Qaeda. However, I believe that the majority of Americans have no idea what the difference between the two is; who they really are and what they each stand for.

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delster 9 years 33 weeks ago

"Bring The Troops Home Now " should become a national mantra with a ribbon. The marketing and branding for support of the war in Afghanistan should now be used to end it. Know your enemy ! In the case for the Taliban and Al Qaeda they did that very well. They knew us all to well. I remember a Catholic Priest being interviewed by CNN when Bush started the bombing in Afghanistan. The priest

had worked with the local people for a number of years. During the interview he commented that the US was merely swatting mosquitoes with a sledge hammer. Every widow,

orphan, amputee, scared, and broken hearted in Afghanistan will remember us as perpetrators.

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acomfort 9 years 33 weeks ago

Words matter.

The mainstream media should refer to the Taliban as the "Afghanistan Taliban" which they are. When we talk about our side, the MSM uses the words "Afghanistan military" or the "US military." A more descriptive word for the U.S. military would be the foreign military in Afghanistan.

Even the most fervent supporters of removing foreign troupes from Afghanistan don't refer to the Taliban as Afghanis.

If you argue that the Taliban has warriors in it that are not Afghan then you would have to ask the questiion. Are all of the U.S. troops U.S. citizens?

My thoughts

- acomfort

Openminded neocon 9 years 33 weeks ago

I 100% agree that we need to get the troops out of Afghanistan. But to label the Taliban as "more moderate" than Al Qaeda, is similar to labeling a river as wetter than a lake. You'll get just as wet regardless of which one you fall into!

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aveteran 9 years 33 weeks ago

coincidence or not rumsfeld was interviewed on msm tonight and was totally unapologetic about either theater of operation. bush could not go to switzerland lest he be indicted, it goes without saying that all of the personnel should be brought home and the whole middle east policy should be reviewed.

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Berry 9 years 33 weeks ago

War is a horror and a far cry from any form of intelligence. War burns up everything in its path including the atmosphere too our very breath. Science making all these dangerous war toys for big profits and power. Selling them to our little children in Washington. Notice how we are always trying to improve things so we can stand guard of ownership. (Supervise, prevent, and forbid)

These mad dangerous toys suck up our real wealth from the physical world and turn it to polluted garage. Its absolute madness ! Science always thinks We can fix it later. Like Experimentation on citizens without their consent. Don't worry ! We can fix it ! (Just more profits) See your Doctor!

. I guess they think they will are the only one's on this planet .No one else is aloud to come aboard. (Conditions Toxic) Perhaps their greed will bring a end to come without them even knowing it .The future generations. What's it all for in the end ? A toxic dump. Little minds never learn to share, and always leave it to someone else to clean it up mess. And who is that? ( We can fix it)

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leighmf 9 years 33 weeks ago

Take the GH out of Afghanistan. I group GHW with GW.

Republicans ruthlessly reshaped America to hold onto power - can Dems do the same thing to save it?

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