Unless You're Big Business, You’re Screwed!

Republican Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee – and small-time criminal turned into the richest man in Congress – Darrell Issa is outsourcing his job to corporate CEOs. Back in December – Issa asked more than one hundred businesses to outline what federal regulations he should attempt to strike down with his new powers as Chairman. And though Issa intended to keep the responses from the corporate community to his inquiry private – unlike the personal information of people who’ve filed Freedom of Information Act requests - which he wants to make public – the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington uncovered more than 30 of these responses. The wish-list of deregulation includes: dismantling the EPA – repealing lead-paint restrictions – ending coal tar and hydraulic fracking regulations - and ending required flammability tests for children’s mattresses.

Basically – free reign to pollute the environment – contaminate our drinking war – poison our families with lead – and mass produce fire traps for children…that’s what the business community wants Darrell Issa to let them get away with. Republicans are busy renaming House Committees – like removing the word “labor” from the Labor and Education Committee – and removing the words “civil rights” from the Civil Rights and Constitution Subcommittee. I suggest they go ahead and rename Issa’s Government Oversight Committee too. Let’s just call it the “Unless You're Big Business, You’re Screwed” Committee.

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