100 cruise missiles were dropped on Libya at $1 million each in one day - Can we fire cruise missiles and teachers and survive?

A US fighter jet crashed in Libya this morning. Military officials claim that the crash was caused by mechanical failure and not by anti-aircraft fire – and both pilots have been rescued with only minor injuries. Meanwhile – US led airstrikes continued in Libya for the third day in a row – but may be winding down as the New York Times reports that all the initial objectives of the campaign have been met – and command of the operation will soon be handed over to European allies.

But hopes of a quick resolution in Libya are fading – as Gadhafi’s forces and rebel forces are in a stalemate – and a long civil war now seems likely. World leaders are speaking out against the operation in Libya. The Chief of the Arab League questioned that tactics used in the bombing campaign – and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin argued that the bombings were “medieval crusades”. But at least the British have received the consent of their people for military action. The British Parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of the mission in Libya – yet here in the US – John Boehner has Congress working a short week – and there has been no debate over this new war. In one day over the weekend – the US government dropped more than 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Libya at about $1 million each – that’s $100 million down the drain…in one day!

On the other hand – NPR receives about $5 million annually from the federal government through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. So Republicans are more than willing to debate defunding NPR for a week – but when it comes to a war that costs the taxpayers 20 times more in one day that NPR costs all year – let’s take the day off!

President Obama has overstepped his command – our elected representatives have neglected their duties – and America has flung itself into a third war with no clear objective or exit strategy. We’re starting to look more like the militaristic empire – than a beacon of freedom and democracy around the world.

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