18 State Senators undid fifty years of civil rights in Wisconsin

Late last night – Governor Scott Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin proved to the world what we all suspected - that their union-stripping agenda has absolutely NOTHING to do with the budget. With Democrats still AWOL and public opinion turning against him – Walker used the nuclear option. Senate Republicans convened a special session last night – and stripped the budget bill of all the stuff related to an actual budget so that they could pass it without the necessary quorum of Democrats.

The resulting bill was pretty much nothing more than to screw over public unions – including stripping most of their collective bargaining rights away - and to sell off public utilities and defund women's health services. Republicans passed the bill by a vote of 18-1 – with no Democrats present. As one of the filibustering Democratic senators – Chris Larson – said about the move last night - it, “obviously wasn’t about any kind of financing, it was an attack on working families.” And Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller said, “In thirty minutes, 18 State Senators undid fifty years of civil rights in Wisconsin.”

The state capital in Madison was loaded with thousands of protestors at the time of the vote. People who saw the democratic process crumble right before their eyes as the their voices were silenced by Republican back-room deals and parliamentary maneuvers. Massive labor protests outside the capital are planned for today and this weekend – and there at talks of labor strikes.

For the Republicans – all along – it was never about the budget – it was about enacting one-party rule in America, and handing over our nation to billionaires and transnational corporations. In fact – Wisconsin Republican state Senator Scott Fitzgerald admitted that fact in an interview on television yesterday when he said they were doing this to make it harder for Obama to win Wisconsin in 2012.


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jkh6148 13 years 15 weeks ago

THOM - PLEASE report on your home state of MICHIGAN where republicans are about to pass a law even worse than WISCONSIN'S.

Gov. Rick Snyder's budget proposes not just to cut off aid to local government, but he wants the ability to, at his sole discretion, declare a financial emergency in any area, and send in his administration's appointed manager to fire the local elected officials. Snyder's goons will have the power to do whatever they want and to void any contract, including (and specifically) collective bargaining contracts.


"Restrictions on personal liberty, the right of free expression of opinion, freedom of the press, the rights of assembly and association; in addition to violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications, and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed."

SHARONINMINNESOTA 13 years 15 weeks ago



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untaxsing 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think that the recall effort of Wisconsin Republican state senators should also be coupled with recalling as many Republican state assembly members in Wisconsin as well! The sooner the people of Wisconsin wake up to the one-party rule power grab by the Republicans and get power back to Democrats, the better.

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Paradigm Mine 13 years 15 weeks ago

It is acually pretty cool watching a global Paradigm Shift. 2011 is a great year for truthful ideas to luminate the shaddows cast by propaganda. So think of this - the power of the corporation is bound to paper. Contracts are a 'legally' binding way to generate cash-flow. think of you cell phone, internet, car payment, insurance, all these things require a contract. The goal of the corporation to have a claim of stake against your earnings. Then it inflates the balance sheet of the corp. as long term assets. An iPhone is like $400. but the service contract is minimum 24 months at $100 per month. The $2800ish on the books! it is fraud. If you buy a contract and a phone then buy your way out, they have to adjust their balance sheet to reflect that... but look - Cash to buy my way out goes in a different place then the long term asset (it is a current asset). But an increase in cash is always a 'stronger' position on the financial reports. So AT&T (the second largest political contributor of all time) loved the iPhone monopoly (that just expired). But now AT&T needs more contracts. So attacking the internet for potential profits is the move on the political agenda.

We need to move away from the actors on stage (e.g. legislators) and get working on the source. There should be people surrounding every bank and Koch like money bag that distorts democracy. FOX 'news' is a joke - Murdoch should be investigated on by someone for using PSY-OPS on American people. Just because he isn't in the military doesn't mean it is legal.


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making progress 13 years 15 weeks ago

Why not have Noam Chomsky, and Derrick Jensen, and Ravi Batra, and Chris Hedges on? I'd rather hear a round table discussion, or debate, with those progressive minds. It would be much more educational than debating "Right-Wing Wackadoodles" (your term) like Dan Gainor! Come on Thom, Give Our Country Another Narrative. I would like to hear from the so-called "radical left." We already know where the Rich stand. BTW: It's Up vs. Down, NOT Left vs. Right. It's Rich vs. Poor, NOT Conservative vs. Liberal. Where is your messaging? You're really slipping, Thom.

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making progress 13 years 15 weeks ago

As someone who also suffers from ADD (not ADHD), I think Thom would do better if he was focusing his energies on one thing instead a bunch of things at once. Just do one thing well, Like the Radio or TV Show. Instead of always writing the next "best seller,” you should be focused on bringing about change, rather than making money. You are living the so-called “Doing well, by doing Good” lifestyle. You're behind the curve Thom, and it shows.
It reminds me of the summer of the 2008 election cycle, when the people had already decided on Obama over Clinton. Yet Thom continued to triangulate because it looked like Hilary could still win through back-room deals and slander. Come on Thom, you're better than that. Show up at a rally, and stop giving air time to the argument for the rich. I want to hear you argue with Derrick Jensen!

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barry1of4 13 years 15 weeks ago

It would be very wrong to suggest the workers of Wisconsin storm the capital building, taking the Governor and the Republican legislators that voted for this travesty of law out to a public square to be appropriately and publicly humiliated ... but it would them serve right if that is what ended up happening. A better idea would be to publicly humiliate them in (what's left of) the political process and recall as many as the voters of Wisconsin can. Then vote in progressive candidates to take over the state government and repeal the heinous work the Republicans are doing as a further example to others of the proper master Wisconsin (and other American) legislators should really be serving.

sunka2911 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think all of this has just made it easier for Obama to win in 2012 along with a host of other democrats. With our 14 Democratic Senators leaving the state for 13 weeks, it has blown the Republicans cover. We always knew they were sneaking and underhanded, this brought it out into the open. The recalls have started and if it's too hard get that done, they will for sure be out in 2012.

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leighmf 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think we are in for property and casualty insurance claims of epic proportions.

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ArtD 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think the people should go to their homes just like what Delay did to Gore. Protest at their homes, let them know that the people in Winconsin are tired of what they are doing. I think that would be a form of public humiliation.

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Don Neuville 13 years 15 weeks ago

They keep exposing their true intentions every day like an open book. This is going to come back and bite them in their assets. The truth will out and they are presenting it. At first I could have bit my tongue off by watching their inhumane attacks on the working people...now I am enjoying their exposing their true platform against the producers of the country. If there is one word that fits them perfectly it is PARASITE.

dictionary: par-a-site n. a person who receives, support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return esp. one who lives on the hospitality of others.

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SuryaSmiles 13 years 15 weeks ago

Interestingly enough, I feel they've made it EASIER for Obama to win in 2012! Only the public will tell!

dugmaze 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thom or Louise,

What role do conservative Democrats play in this current attack on people's rights? I have a hard time believing it's all the Republicans' fault. An inaction is an action. And democrats' refusal to play hardball on the hardball court is hurting the whole team. We picked them to play our game. We can either be happy with losing all the time or we can build a new team. We can't wait for a Bad News Bears moment, we will have to create our own.

I love the new Progressives United but it isn't grassroots and I feel it won't last. We need 'big P' change and we need it to start with Thom Hartmann, Russ Feingold, Michael Moore, Alan Grayson, and Bernie Sanders. We need them out soapboxing and speaking from the heart, not teleprompters. And I suggest radical left fluffers behind the scenes to get them pumped up before their speeches. Well maybe not Thom.

You back up our natural leaders with some RATM and you'll start a movement. We're hungry for it.

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reasonjr 13 years 15 weeks ago

This is the type of thing that happens when ignorant, brainwashed people vote. These people vote for the very people who hate them and are working against them. I compare it to someone going up to a bunch of known theives and handing them a key and a map to their house while they go out on the town and have a good time. When they get home, they find a couple of police cars out in front of their house and the neighbors telling them they caught the theives in the act of robbing their house. When the people walk into their house and find that the theives got away with almost everything they owned except the new color TV and the family pictures, the homeowners get extremely upset with their neighbors for butting into their business and disturbing the theives before they finished the job.

This is the way I see people who vote for Republicans and I believe I'm correct in thinking so.

I hope they find the passing of this bill as illegal and that these A-holes not only lose their jobs, but get fined to the hilt.

dugmaze 13 years 15 weeks ago

" I feel they've made it EASIER for Obama to win in 2012!" "Only the public will tell!"

I agree. I view President Obama as a conservative. I'll admit that I fully backed him and gave him credit where credit wasn't due. Lesson learned on my part.

But I'll have a hard time voting for him come 2012. I don't buy the traditional arguments of "voting for Obama is better than voting in a conservative". I have the right to vote for whomever I wish, not what someone else forces upon me. If a candidate doesn't hold most of my views then I simply won't vote for them.

So far I'll be staying home.

bum 13 years 15 weeks ago

Indiana labor today went to the capital to let the weasel little man syndrome suffering Daniels a taste of what Wisconsin has for these traitorous slugs. Wisconsin labor will not give up. The apprentice weasel Walker is about to soil hlimself if he hasn't already. What we are going to see in the future is a civil revolution which in the end the only republicans still standing will be in the darkest holes that this ilk inhabit. Daily someone from our home has tried to contact the offices of our representatives and there is no answer, but Walker told them not to acknowledge callls or Email, so much for representation. I have people in Madison who think because they won an election ( barely) that everyone will let them do anything the corporates want. I heard a rumor from Indiana that the protests are being organized and paid for by the Obama campain fund. More teabager lies. Soon the teabaggers will be a dying breed.

The revolt will peaceful and at the poles and in the courts but labor will not be silent, its voice will be loud and heard far and wide. The revolution is not being televised nor on radio but it is there and stronger than anyone can realize. People cannot for long put up with the racist, anti-woman assault on every working person in America. How can a female elected official vote to take somethig away from strugling women? There will be a peaceful takeover, unless the corporate ghestapo starts the attack as Walkers' brown shirts have at the capital.

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yankeerebel64 13 years 15 weeks ago

The republicans have shown their true colors, they will not stop until the working class is destroyed . they have the cauldrons of hot lead ready . Hopefully we could stop them with the next elections and political proccesses, if not with the billionaires and now supreme court on their side the only alternative way to stop them will be with cold lead

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Woodrose 13 years 15 weeks ago

They've overturned their Saint Ronnie's history, too!

In 1968 California Governor Ronald Reagan signed into law collective bargaining rights for Municipal and County workers, according to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci.

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think it's time for a National Demonstration, Boycott or Strike! All Corporations - All Conservative Media - All Conservative conglomerates! Let’s all boycott Fixed News and ALL their Advertisers! Anyone associated with this right-wing middle-class killing movement!

One day or 2 - let’s all stay home - shut out all media and boycott all these super-rich obscene Middle-Class killing robber barons!

And what all these republican state governors are doing Nationwide is Democracy killing! Some of the policies and agendas they are pushing are as democracy destroying as it can get in any dictatorial fascist regime: you’d think they attended some fascist meetings in pre-war Germany!

American Democracy is under attack in America. And the Middle Class.


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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

Dylan Ratigan is making a lot of sense. In his penultimate show with Mike Konczal he says: "there’s a million explanations for Barack Obama, but there’s only one answer which is the guy is not doing the job." and:
"The sooner we all get it through our heads that Barack Obama is not the answer to our problems because quite honestly he doesn’t have the courage or the balls to deal with it.." and:

"...their guy (Obama) is completely screwing the pooch when it comes to economic policy, financial policy, unemployment policy, housing policy, et cetera." And I don’t hear a peep from that side of the room, and I would argue that George W. Bush or anybody who is not the love child of the liberal base, who is the president putting in place the exact same housing, unemployment, and banking policies; they would be burning him an effigy in Washington, D.C. right now." and:

"And not only is he not doing it, he’s helping the bad guys when it comes to the banks; he’s helping the bad guys when it comes to unemployment; he’s helping the bad guys when it comes to trade; and he’s helping the bad guys when it comes to energy, and that is unacceptable.

So I ask you to close your eyes and imagine the exact same policies that you’re getting from your lovely president, Barack Obama; imagine that these exact same policies are being offered to you by George W. Bush. Bradley Manning held naked at Quantico, and then think about how you would react to that. And do not let the little candy-coated nonsense from the center left power base — whether it’s in the media or for that matter in the White House candy-coat the poison that they are serving America.

At least when George Bush did it, you knew he was out to screw us over. With this guy (Obama), they make you believe that he’s not, and it’s almost — and it is more dangerous and we have to wake up."

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

By the way...I have noticed that what happens on many of the Thom Hartman shows is what might be described as the Max Headroom syndrome and that happens mostly when Thom is talking about somethng like the Koch Bros. The video and audio glitches making what he said inaudible and he looks like he has a severe case of Parkinsons Disease or is having a bad acid trip. His eyes shift rapidly back and forth repeatably when this happens. I have not noticed this same effect on any of the other Dish Network shows. I am wondering is Skype is involved in the feed from Thom Hartman show.

I think the Koch Bros are probably doing something to the signal....do they own the satellites?

Anyone remember the Art Bell program, many years ago, being jerked off line completely by a "failed" satellite when this very frightening guy caller was freaking out in his telling of his knowledge of master plans that certain powerful elite groups, in the US, had plans to do something terrible to large masses of people in the US..affecting all major cities...and that he was on the run from them because he was to be terminated for having discovered this knowledge and for going public with it. He was crying and really freaking out and just when the listener was about to write him off as a terribly mentally disturbed nut case...then the air waves went completely dead. Many minutes later, Art Bell came back on and explained that they lost a satellite feed line...somethng that could only have been done by whoever controlled the satellite. Anyway, it was really good theatrics...I don't know if this was a hoax or if that guy was extremely paranoid, sure sounded like it but after all that has happened in the last decade...especially the last few years...with the inside job 911, and the massive economy fraud and taxpayer bailouts I think that maybe he wasn't so paranoid or that the satellite thing was not just a coincidence.

Haven't listened to Art Bell in quite a few years...don't even know if he is still on.

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

This is the type of thing

This is the type of thing that happens when ignorant, brainwashed people vote.

Excellent analogy! But in some cases it might be even worst - some would go on to sue their neighbors!

If these repug transgressions continue, there will certainly be rioting in the streets if there is no means of redressing these power grabs! Agendas in Michigan to declare any emergency and dissolve whole community governments! In Pennsylvania actions to entail a dictatorial official who had unlimited powers to override any law! All states trying to implement laws to require IDs and birth certificates for voting! Eliminating all unions so that limits their capability to organize Democratic voters! On and on! There are more and on a daily basis and all coming to light. How about Florida and Indiana taxing the poor, the elderly and the middle class, and then distributing that money as tax breaks for Corporations! Florida and Wisconsin refusing federal High-Speed rail that would create 1000s of jobs, not to mention entering the 21st Century! All these repug states who want to eliminate all public school teachers and public education? This is all obscene, really. Oh, and I forgot, how about the artificial gas hikes? Do you actually believe this has anything to do with supply? Think again. Strange this would happen on the very day good news came about JOB CREATION! The one biggest economic and job killing factor – energy cost! Think this is co-incidence?

There is absolutely NO repug plan to create jobs. None. All of these repug machinations are hugh power grabs to eliminate the middle class. The plan is that the repugs believe that if there is such a hugh unemployment in 2012, Obama and the Democrats will be blamed for it all! And all Americans will then rise in revolt and vote in the Republicans in a landslide!

If so, they are all high on drugs and on that all too human corrupting vice – POWER! And $$$!

They are all, however, in for a big surprise!!! As I stated last night on this blog, the repugs have awaken a sleeping giant. It really will be getting rough for these vile bullies in the coming years!

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

Palindromedary wrote 18 min 5 sec ago

Dylan Ratigan is making a lot

You a paid lobbyist?

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2950-10K 13 years 15 weeks ago

The next thing to happen regarding the Wisconsin Senate vote is easy to predict. 18 State Republican Senators will be arrested for public stupidity and each will be sentenced to write the dictionary definition of DEMOCRACY 500 times on a public school blackboard.

Read this 13 years 15 weeks ago
  • Mother Jones' own David Corn: "President Barack Obama's speech in Tucson was undeniably a high moment of his presidency. But you can judge that for yourself. (As the father of a nine-year-old daughter, I could not imagine delivering such an address—and keeping it together.)"
  • The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan: "To rate this address on any political meter would be to demean it. The president wrested free of politics tonight and spoke of greater things. I pledge myself to try and follow his advice and debate with vigor and spirit and candor and bluntness, but with more civility, more empathy, and, yes, more love."
  • Time's Joe Klein: "And in summoning the community and the nation and the Congresswoman that Christine Taylor Green imagined we are, he summoned for us the country that we should be. On this night. certainly, he was the President she—and we—imagined he might be. On this night, finally, he became President of all the people. It was a privilege to behold."
  • National Review's Rich Lowry: "President Obama turned in a magnificent performance. This was a non-accusatory, genuinely civil, case for civility, in stark contrast to what we've read and heard over the last few days. He subtly rebuked the Left's finger-pointing, and rose above the rancor of both sides, exactly as a president should. Tonight, he re-captured some of the tone of his famous 2004 convention speech. Well done."
  • Slate's Dahlia Lithwick: "President Obama’s speech in Tucson last night should be ranked with his greatest oratorical moments, largely because in the end he was brave enough to sidestep politics and ideology, and speak instead of love, and family, and the need for kindness. He answered two years of enraged Mama Grizzly with 30 powerful minutes of quiet Papa Bear."
  • The Atlantic's James Fallows: "The standard comparisons of the past four days have been to Ronald Reagan after the Challenger disaster and Bill Clinton after Oklahoma City. Tonight's speech matched those as a demonstration of "head of state" presence, and far exceeded them as oratory—while being completely different in tone and nature. They, in retrospect, were mainly—and effectively—designed to note tragic loss. Obama turned this into a celebration—of the people who were killed, of the values they lived by, and of the way their example could bring out the better in all of us and in our country."
  • National Review's John Pitney: "President Obama gave a fine speech reminding us that there is more to life than politics, and more to politics than self-interest."
  • Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein: "Obama or any president represents us—makes us present even though we are not present—because we have contended with him, because he's had to make so many promises to us about what he will do, how he will act, who he will be. Barack Obama is, as we all know, a talented speaker. The Barack Obama who gave the speech in Tucson, however, is one who has built himself through his interactions with the electorate, who has become our representative in a rich sense, not a narrow one. That's why even the worst of them, even a Jimmy Carter or a George W. Bush, are usually able to deliver when the occasion calls for it. Put a little oratorical skill into the mix, and, well, you're going to get what you heard last night in Tucson."
  • Blogger Andrew Sprung: "In building his image of a national family, embodied in the people whose lives he sketched, Obama moved miles behind his 'no red state/blue state —> United States' credo of 2004. In evoking the reactions of the bereaved, he spoke as husband, father and son. He made me proud to be part of his family."
  • The New York Times' Nate Silver: "President Obama’s speech in Tucson tonight seems to have won nearly universal praise. I suspect it will be remembered as one of his best moments, almost regardless of what else takes place during the remainder of his presidency."
  • National Review's John Miller: "I think it may be the best speech he’s ever given."

So I guess this was a bunch of BS, and where was the anonited ONE when all the name calling and threats were going on ??? You people are a JOKE !!! LOL

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

"So I guess this was a bunch of BS, and where was the anonited ONE when all the name calling and threats were going on ??? You people are a JOKE !!! LOL"

I'm a bit dense! What is the BS? Who is the Anonited one? Who is doing the name calling and Threats? Who are the people? And who is the joke?

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fatfax 13 years 15 weeks ago

30 yrs ago it was cool to act like you where into the TV show Miami -Vice ,love Ronald Reagan and brag about turning into a republican... Wow have times changed !

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Barbara Williams 13 years 15 weeks ago

February 22, 2011

Freedom means "We" discover truth for ourselves.
If "We" relinquish that responsibility,
"We" relinquish freedom.

Corporations have become MERCENARIES under the guise of being Business people. Their pernicious actions devastated, under the Reagan administration and a Republican led congress, several countries south of America's borders. This abuse of power must be brought to a halt. Big business should never have been allowed to move in the direction of EMPIRE building. Hello! Sound familiar? Fascism anyone?

Legislation must be enacted, and demanded by American voters, to put big biz Corporations, especially those mega corporations operating outside of America, ON NOTICE! American's told GWB, when he said he was going into Iraq, "Not In Our Name". Well, "We" are still here, and "We" are saying to the big biz tyrants, "NOT IN OUR NAME"!!!

I sometimes wonder what it is "We" American's won after defeating Fascism/Nazism. It's plain as day that this ideology, supposedly conquered, is alive and well and biting "US", and the WORLD, were we live.

Corporations were never to be allowed to create monopolies because of the ramifications that would arise, LIMITING COMPETITION. Well, that is not the way, especially since the Reagan years, it's been coming down. America's Shame is showing because there are still American's who don't get it. Corporations are taking this nation's freedoms, rights, jobs, clean air and water, and her Dreams, into the abyss.

Legislation to control this abuse must be enacted! But, the question is, how do "We" go about these changes that all can believe in? Our legislators are controlled, not by the people as was the design of the Constitution, but via a gift from 5 treasonous Supreme Court Justices who crowned Corporate gr$$d, with Personhood.

The Dare To Dream Network is hoping to draw up a petition addressing this issue.. Others should consider this as well. The more the merrier.

We are also about to debut our latest activist website, aptly called, "RUMBLE OF THE PEOPLE" Stay tuned since we are working on a plan to do radio from this site as well.

This Democracy/Republic cannot survive without the US in jUStice.


Barbara Williams's picture
Barbara Williams 13 years 15 weeks ago

CORPORATIONS support and are pulling out all stops to silence the voice of all people, more especially, the working class! And according to history, which "We" are sadly repeating, this movement is FASCIST! Are "We" prepared to go back in time and suffer the forces that advocate Corporate take over, meddling in every aspect of our precious freedoms? DID it work for Germany? These are deadly, gr$$d, diseased heretics. And yes, as a Christian, I "Dare" call these dark entities heretics. (HERETIC: One who is not orthodoxed in their beliefs) These deceivers have used faith to undermine the less wary. Those who know me are aware that while I'm a FIRM believer of the Fisherman, I do not abide the lack of truth coming out of many organized, faith based, groups.. Gr$$d rules in all areas of power! Many faith based groups, because of the ole mighty dollar, have failed. Those who are behind this "POWER GRAB" are the very same people "We" Bailed Out".... These are the very same people that have gotten away with gross Violations, Felonies, polluters of our water, air & food, , mis-use of huge sums of money, scams, Monopolies, fraud with the intention to commit fraud. And the list goes on! So far these entities, with a great deal of help from America's mainstream media, have polluted US with "Bait & Switch then spin it to death! Any semblance of truth or jUStice does not exists within these corporate owned networks! So far all of these abusive entities have gotten off SCOTT, No pun intended, FREE! Now, arrogant that they are, they've escalated their pernicious agenda's with the audacity, NO HOPE HERE, to throw their victims out of their homes, break the back of collective bargaining while they raise the cost of food, gas and, on the other-hand, find ways to fund wars of convenience.. American's are struggling in all aspects of their lives & they're being asked to sacrifice more! MORE WHAT? What is this MORE that these gr$$dy people want from America's citizens? Assume Nothing! Question Everything! Meanwhile, back at the ranch! What is Washington doing while American's are under assault from those who should be tried as traitors, imprisoned, the key thrown away and or thrown out of the country? These are traitors! Usurpers! Violators! Empire grabbers! Polluters! MONEY GRABBERS! FREEDOM KILLERS! And the list goes on........ While this travesty is unfolding Washington sellouts are conniving to further undermine the precious rights and protections of "We" the people! I've been at this for so long I've become numb! But I can tell you this, those of US who have been on the front, not back lines, realized, years ago, that these entities were, would and have, without any reservation nor conscience, declared war on some 80 % of America's citizens. And where are the power grabbers? Looking down on the masses while they hide, like the cowards they are, in their IVORY TOWERS. Thank God American's are waking up. Barbara/founder/dtdn.net www.TheBridgeToNoWhere.org

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making progress 13 years 15 weeks ago

Derrick Jensen - Why Do You Pay Rent


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Don Neuville 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thomas Jefferson said: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." and "Every generation needs a new revolution."

Read this 13 years 15 weeks ago

I guess your dense !

wdharper's picture
wdharper 13 years 15 weeks ago


I don't know what the next step will be. But I know what I'd LIKE it to be. Wisconsin unions should show some solidarity with the public workers unions and call for a general strike, till that bill is repealed. Wisconsin voters should start immediate recall procedings on all who voted for that bill, and on their governor, because they went against the will of the people. If that doesn't work, then the next step is probably armed resistance. We have to take back our OWN government FROM OUR ELECTED GOVERNORS!!!!! As ridiculous as that sounds, it is what needs to be done.

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Paradigm Mine 13 years 15 weeks ago

This is great... Penn & Teller:


(Be mature, there is a single profanity at the end of the clip)

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sbartlett331 13 years 15 weeks ago

The Shock Doctrine is exploding in the USA. I agree that Gov. Walker has truly shown his hand with these clandestine meetings to destroy collective bargaining. I watched the video of poor Senator Miller with his hand raised and being totally ignored, and I was just sickened. I know the question is what would I do, but I'm sick because I can't think of anything. Thom, I agree with you that we need to join our local committees, etc. But that gives slow results. Where is the legal, positive, middle-of-the-night meeting that will turn this around? Why haven't Walker and Gov. Rick Snyder been arrested?

helbent93 13 years 15 weeks ago

Someone should check into if there is a connection between Guv Despicable and Herb Kohl from Wisconsin.

I believe there is. If it is true, we should boycott Kohl's department stores.

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

Read this Prime example of someone who didn't complete the first grade! Totally useless!

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

Someone should check into if

Someone should check into if there is a connection between Guv Despicable and Herb Kohl from Wisconsin.

I believe there is. If it is true, we should boycott Kohl's department stores.

Yes it is time WE all start boycotting!! Who has a list???

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erstep 13 years 15 weeks ago

I'm a fairly recent retiree from the federal government. I worked with numerous agencies for about 33 years. I was a Labor Relations Specialist and as such my job was to take the management role in collective bargaining. We regularly bargained with unions. Most of the Departments I worked for did not bargain pay but, a few do (DOI Bureau of Reclamation - for one). We bargained working conditions. If the bargaining agreement didn't cover a condition - we entered into interim bargaining.

I felt it was necessary to call this to your attention given the conversations near the end of today's broadcast! Scott Walker clearly doesn't know what he was talking about on MANY subjects!!

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

Actions! Not words!
There is nothing Obama can say that will make any difference, in anything, anymore. His actions show that he is working for the rich and is anti worker. He is an opportunist politician and nothing comes easier for politicians than words. I am a voter scorned..indeed. I voted for him believing he would make things better for the workers and middle class but he has done nothing but use more empty words, that mean absolutely nothing. Actions! We need actions. We don't need no stinking words! I am not a Republican nor a Tea bagger...just a scorned voter that realizes that these scum-bag politicians, banksters, wall-streeters, in short, the rich, have made fools out of the rest of us. If the Republicans had won the last election and then tried to appoint the people that Obama appointed and pushed through some of the things, like the Wall Street and bankster fraud criminals, I believe we would have rioted by now. Americans would have seen the obvious criminality sooner. But it was a slick move to cushion the pangs of discontent with the "hopes of audacity" and "yes we can" slogans ushering in a "bait and switch" useful idiot that further blinded Americans long enough to further gel the con. The Repugs act like they really want to get rid of Obama but in reality, that's the ruse! As long as they can keep us "hopeful" that Obama will finally come around then they will get "their man" reelected. People will keep hoping that Obama does something useful for American workers and the middle class, after he is reelected, but he will continue to be the puppet of the right wing. It will take a lot more than just voting for yet more politicians because they will likely be useful idiots for the right wing as well.

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

I agree with Making Progress. I am sick of listening to those right wing idiots...even though Thom always winds up kicking their a$$e$. I would prefer to hear from Noam Chomski and those others...as well as from Michael Hudson, the economist.

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

you said: "I think we are in for property and casualty insurance claims of epic proportions." and then the earthquake in Japan happened later...are you psychic?

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

Excuse me, Skype, it is LiveStream that, I believe, is causing the Max Headroom antics (audio stuttering and video twitching). Does the Koch brothers own LiveStream?
I've noticed the terrible video and audio break ups on other programs on FSTV programs as well. While I'm on a rant, maybe I should point out that captions would be nice for those who have a hard time hearing or understanding the poor audio quality on FSTV. I know FSTV is low budget and maybe that's the problem. I still greatly appreciate FSTV for all it does. But unless they get feedback, they might think everything is fine and there are no problems. But it just seems like the video and audio problems, like Thom Hartmann's head and eyes shifting rapidly back and forth, happen during his rants on the Koch Bros. or some other really right-wing faux pas.

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Palindromedary 13 years 15 weeks ago

I wonder if there is not already a list, on the internet, of those cockroach fraudsters who most greatly benefited from the bailouts....a list that had not only names but all their addresses and phone numbers and any other information about them. Information is power...and you can be sure that these people have a lot of information about us. The information must be there but it may not be in a "Wanted for Crimes against the American worker" format as it should be. People on this list might include the politicians who had, or will have, a revolving door to a cushy quid pro quo sinecure position when they leave "public" office. There is power in numbers and in information. We have the numbers and the medium, the internet, and we should be able to use that to regain information and power against those who want to enslave us. With groups like Wikileaks and Anonymous working for our freedoms...especially freedom of information...we can break free of the chains that the privileged few have shackled us with.

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mgbeyer 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thom, I am listening to the rerun of your Friday show on 92.1 in Madison, WI, which I am SOOO grateful they have been doing! Anyway, when I worked part-time for an insurance company (purely out of desperation) AND was already an advocate for national healthcare, I was astonished by the Stepford-type attitude of the workers there, mostly if not all without a bachelor's degree like I had. The fear that you said the corporations and the right-wing have instilled in these people is that if we change our health care system THEY WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS AND THEIR LIVLIHOOD! Insurance companies are very plush places to work with great benefits and beautiful offices. I was so mortified by this attitude! It was 1988 and these people didnt even know who was running for President, but they KNEW they had to vote for Republicans or they'd be "fired." They were completely brainwashed and had no idea that insurance companies are cutthroat opportunists, bottom feeders who will ALWAYS come out smelling like a rose. When we have Medicare for all, they'll just start selling insurance for cosmetic surgeries, elective surgeries and things not covered by the govt coverage. And they will then be feeding off their own kind...sweet vegence! I knew that then and I still believe it now!

Secondly, when our WI gov (i refuse to give him the publicity or the "respect" to use his name) and the odiferous Repubs stole our state last Nov, I told my spouse, "They know no what they've done...when they wake up it will be Armeggedon!" When I got done grieving for Russ Feingold's defeat and realized I could not leave the state, all that remained was the Shame that they are now yelling at the very people most of them voted for. I still feel the conflict that I felt then; I weeped for the loss of the Progressive dream that my state emboddied, but at the same time found solice in what your caller articulated. These people are reaping what they sowed and I'm afraid that it is the ONLY way they would begin to question the lies of the right wing and Faux Noise. I will suffer; my kids will suffer; but hopefully not more than the seniors who voted straight Republican and killed Seniorcare, the working class who believe Rash Limbo has their best interests in mind whose kids will have larger class sizes and small businesses will have no customers, the students who refused to vote in 2010 to punish Obama for not being FDR and will pay 20% more tuition and the poor, disinterested, and unemployed who will lose their benefits, their BadgerCare and their Headstart programs. Necessary evil? The worst part is my own county elected Scott Fitzgerald!! I am ashamed.

Lastly, Michigan and the other states are in similar positions, but there is a difference. WI is target #1 for Repukes. They knew if they could get rid of the cleanest, most honest, most helpful, hardest-working Senator who EVEN McCain weeped for his defeat, Russ Feingold, they could defeat ANY Congressman. He was the Seniors' greatest advocate and they rode him out of town on a rail bought and paid for by Karl Rove and the Koch Bros. It is the home of workers rights, consumer safety, & progressive values, is in their sights with their AKs47's locked and loaded. They are NOT only attacking the collective bargaining rights of workers and destroying the unions that began in our state, they are destroying the "Wisconsin Idea", the very fabric of our state and our beliefs...they are not only raping and pillaging our public lands, our power plants, our public eduation and privatizing our state, they are trampling on our souls, our very being, that which makes us Wisconsinites. Let them just try to sell the Packers to a private owner! Maybe THAT would wake up the rest of them. I will write a letter to the editor, "What's next, Sell the Packers to a Private Owner?"

William Klein 13 years 15 weeks ago

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy


“Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy”, this film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”, the massive influence of corporate finance in elections, the absurd disparities of wealth in the United States, the continuity and escalation of neocon policies under Obama, the insufficiency of mere voting as a path to reform, and differing conceptions of democracy itself.

Original interview footage derives from Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Michael Albert, John Stauber (PR Watch), Sharon Smith (Historian), William I. Robinson (Editor, Critical Globalization Studies), Morris Berman (Author, Dark Ages America), and famed black panther Larry Pinkney.

Non-original interviews/lectures include Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, Ted Rall, Richard Wolff, Glen Ford, Lewis Black, Glenn Greenwald, George Carlin, Gerald Cliente, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Wollin and Martin Luther King.

Visit http://metanoia-films.org/compilations.php for more info.

"Lifting the Veil is the long overdue film that powerfully, definitively, and finally exposes the deadly 21st century hypocrisy of U.S. internal and external policies, even as it imbues the viewer with a sense of urgency and an actualized hope to bring about real systemic change while there is yet time for humanity and this planet. See this film!" - Larry Pinkney - Editorial Board Member & Columnist - The Black Commentator

Viewer discretion advised - Video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war.

Posted March 11, 2011

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo. By grtv

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Recovering cons... 13 years 14 weeks ago

We need to stop GOP Inc and Tea Party Inc. they objectives have become clear for 2010-2012 –
1) destroy union, the only large contributor left to Democratic so their billionaire buddies can spend without challenge, we will find out in 2012 what congress costs to buy with the white house
2) Limit who can vote, in all tea party inc won states, bills have been induced to stop people from voting much like the Jim crow laws of the 150’s and 60’s
3) Limit the rights of women, in the time of supposed budget crisis, all the tea party inc governors are worried about a woman’s choice and reproductive rights
4) Provide big tax cuts to multinational and billionaires not small businesses like they promised.
5) Reduce the Social safety net and promote social Darwinism ( if you are unemployed or in a bad way you deserve it, fix your situation and it will get better)
6) Keeps the middle class fighting among ourselves so we ignore the rich getting richer? Google republican myths about public employees. The joke about the billionaire, union guy and the tea partier and the dozen cookies is all too true. The billionaire gobbles 11 cookies, and tells the tea party look out the union guy wants your cookie.
If they win in 2012, especially the white house you will see (this already been hinted out)
1) Destroy net neutrality if they can control the internet they can stop Egypt style protests, sad that Egypt had to show us the way
2) Eliminate minimum wage and child labor laws this was proposed by some of the losing tea party back senate candidates
3) Eliminate worker safety and health federal organizations again proposed by the tea party senate candidates who wanted it limited to state government who are more easily controlled.
Further ahead as Ed Shultz and Michael Moore point we out number they and we can currently vote them out until they change the laws back to the original definition of voters that you had to be male and a property owner. Consider the foreclosure crisis and the attack on woman’s rights, if you don’t think it is coming. Even when Bank of America falsified documents to speed foreclosure has anyone gone to jail – NO, have people gotten their homes back – Not all. If the rich are the only ones that own property they will be the only ones voting. End of that pesky problem of the working poor voting people in that might help them.

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