500,000 were in the streets of London to protest $130 billion cuts in spending and 500,000 public workers - did you hear it in the US news?

More than 500,000 people took to the streets of London over the weekend to protest the British Government’s proposed austerity program that will cut $130 billion in spending and lay off nearly 500,000 public workers. All walks of British life are expected to be affected by the cuts to childcare services, retirees, public safety programs and sets the nation’s single payer healthcare system on the road to privatization. London hasn’t seen a protest this big since the 2003 demonstration again the Iraq war.

Front and center in the protests was the UK Uncut movement - that targets corporate tax dodgers. The organization's counterpart in the United States – US Uncut – also held demonstrations across our country at more than 40 Bank of American branches on Saturday. The entire world is rejecting corporate tax cuts paid for by spending cuts that screw working families.

And here in the US – while we may be getting a late start – more and more people are standing up against John Boehner and the Republicans radical agenda to devastate the middle class – and sell our nation out to transnational corporations.

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