Daily Topics - Monday March 21st, 2011

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Hour One: Libya, another unauthorized war? / Plus, latest on the war on democracy - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Hour Two: What do conservatives have against Labor Unions? - Dr. John Lott / Plus, the latest news from Labor - Doug Cunningham, Workers' Independent News

Hour Three: Latest on the "Chamberleaks" scandal - Lee Fang, Think Progress / Plus, more radiation woes and more problems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant - Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear


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Maxrot 13 years 18 weeks ago

Atrocities and War go hand in hand. Mai Lai in Vietnam, Bataan Death March in WWI, the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide in Turkey WWI, German atrocities in Belgium WWI, Sherman's March through the South in the Civil War, etc, etc... These are only a mere handful of the atrocities in war that are known, and they are far outweighed by the unrecorded instances. From soldiers shooting any enemy with their hands up, or raping civilians as they pass through enemy territory. Its an unwritten rule of war, that in the war zone, there are no rules, do as you please against the enemy.

Prior to WWII we didn't have a standing army, nor the Pentagon. Since WWII we have neither declared war through congress, or removed the Pentagon or Standing Army... coincidence? We have been became a Militarized Nation in the 20th Century, there should be no surprise that we are guilty of atrocities.


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Maxrot 13 years 18 weeks ago

Geez Thom, you've had a CAT scan, went through Radioactive rain in Germany around the time Chernobyl went haywire, probably have had several dental X-Ray's like most of us, I'm beginning to wonder if you have a slight glow when all the lights are off.

I've been a bit concerned about the whole radiation plume hitting the west coast too (live in So Cal). Been having the family stay inside as much as possible, I figure better safe than sorry. I don't trust the official line that it's safe, nothing to worry about. It's more beneficial for them to lie about it then to admit that Nuclear energy is ultimately to dangerous and expensive to have present in this day and age.


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Maxrot 13 years 18 weeks ago

Average house size may indeed be twice the size these days, but how about lot size, seems to have reduced to me. When you buy a house, you don't just by the house but the lot it sits on.


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mathboy 13 years 18 weeks ago

If we have to put up with the economic metaphor that a rising tide lifts all boats (which metaphor is far from true anyway), shouldn't we point out that a heavy rain will sink a shallow boat faster than a deep one?

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charell 13 years 18 weeks ago

Scott Walker "Poo Flags"

I was caught on camera making a statment at the Hollywood Peace Rally.


Make your own Scott Walker Poo Flags! Here's a link to the printable page I made:


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charell 13 years 18 weeks ago

LifeLine Screening still advertizing

Thom, right after you talked about the radiation body scanners KTLK played an ad for LifeLine Screening. Yes, they are still operating and are still a sponsor of KTLK. Impecable timing on your part, Thom!

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