Daily Topics - Thursday March 31st, 2011

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Hour One: Democracy for sale? Dr. Ed Shadid / Plus, latest on the war on democracy - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Two: "Brunch With Bernie" special Thursday edition - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes your calls

Hour Three: Are the Tea Party's days numbered? Mark Williams, MarkTalk / Plus, fighting back against the corporate machine - Professor Francis Fox Pivens, Fight Back Teach-in


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mathboy 12 years 2 days ago

Yesterday, I was forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh for about 15 minutes. In that time I heard 2 blatant lies. One was that Pres. Obama's approval rating is only 42%. I had already heard from an actual news source that it was 50%. (Limbaugh then felt it necessary to exaggerate from his own lie and say that the 42% is close to the worst approval rating for a President ever, which I'm pretty sure is 29% or less.) The other lie was that a Congress had never failed to produce a budget. Really? Then what was that whole shutdown thing in 1995?

Speaking of the budget process, I'd love it if Thom interviewed an expert to explain why things are set up to risk a government shutdown every year. It seems like a stupid system. It would seem to me that since appropriations (other than for the military) can be made for indefinite periods of time, those appropriations shouldn't have to be renewed every year. Or is there only some category of expenditures that has to be renewed?

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rladlof 12 years 2 days ago

GOPer points out that making six times the poverty level is not enough and the RNC is pissed that Americans might figure out that he is correct: GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet (VIDEO)

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DRichards 12 years 2 days ago

Is Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama More Brutal than Bush?

...The American voters asked for change. Instead, we got a different branch of the exact same Wall Street/military-industrial complex/Big Energy (BP, GE)/Big Pharma party.


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jim_carravallah 12 years 2 days ago

Here's an anecdote on how privatization addresses state budget issues:


Basically, the state is paying a firm $182,500 per employee because it can't compete for entry level talent when private industry's $52,000 entry level Information technology salary is compared with the state's $42,000 entry level wage.

Rather than spend another $10,000 per employee to compete, it spends $14.5 million to put 80 contract employees on the job.

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radhika 12 years 2 days ago

I've had a lurking suspicion about those Re-thugs governors. They are all using the same union-busting, benefit-slashing, dictatorial approaches. They are all funded from the same source. They are happy to act in an in-your-face way to the people, knowing and enjoying the hatred they invoke. This is high-profile agitating, with intention of scoring a high-profile game-changing win.

My guess? They WANT their anti-union measure to reach the SCOTUS. I believe it is well understood by the govs and RNC that their tactics will be rubber-stamped by the Fascist 4 at the minimum, with Kagan recusing. This is why Scalia and Thomas meets with Conversative groups behind closed doors, that is why Citizen's United was put in place and one of many reasons Ginni Thomas can work as bag-woman collecting the vig for her husband's future rulings.

I know this is cynical - but I usually trust my sense of smell.

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rladlof 12 years 2 days ago

Perhaps folk should all realize that the United States of America in a member of the United Nations and a signatory of NATO . . . That means that we actually have a lawful reason to be involved in Libya.

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rladlof 12 years 2 days ago

Although the marked tendency of the White House is to do what the Republicans desire, the Obama Administration threatens to do the right and righteous thing instead . . .: White House Threatens To Veto Key Legislation Over Union Busting Provision

rladlof's picture
rladlof 12 years 2 days ago

Mark Williams occurs in the universe as an jack_hole . . . I am not saying that he is a jack_hole; it is just that every sound that spews forth from his mouth is could just as easily fall fall-out of what lives between the 'jack' and the 'hole.

In short, an adult would work to earn more and not take kids and women and the middle-class out to the woodshed. If Teabaggers were sent to bee the adults in Congress, they would be demanding to raise taxes on MNE and multi-millionaires.

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