Daily Topics - Wednesday March 23, 2011

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Hour One: Cover-up at the Fukushima power plant? Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear / Plus, latest on the war on democracy - John Nichols, The Nation

Hour Two: Obamacare is 1 year old...what's next? Ron Pollack, Families USA

Hour Three: What do Republicans have against poor people? Steve Malzberg, The Steve Malzberg Show


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mathboy 13 years 18 weeks ago

I'm not surprised to hear that synthroid is the most prescribed medicine. Half the women I know are on it.

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mathboy 13 years 18 weeks ago

In searching for the daily poll (still haven't found it), I discovered that people are apparently making member blog posts under the impression that they're simply commenting on the day's show. This really buries the blog posts that try to say something less ephemeral.

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chuckle8 13 years 18 weeks ago

Mathboy with regards to the daily poll. None of the links above go to the poll. However, if you go to www.thomhartmann.com it is on that page.

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