Don't look at the Bankster Behind the Curtain.....

There are reports that AWOL Democrats in Wisconsin may be returning home soon to allow Walker’s anti-union bill to pass. The missing Democrats are calculating that even if they lose this fight – Walker and his Republican cohorts have inflicted so much political damage on themselves – they’ll be crippled for the rest of their terms.

I wonder if the Democrats understand that Republicans nowdays are shameless in their war against working people. One missing senator – Bob Jaunch - put it this way, saying, “I think we have to realize that there's only so much we can do as a group to make a stand…it's really up to the public to be engaged in carrying the torch on this issue." And the public IS listening. Union protestors will soon see reinforcements in their opposition to Koch brothers’ lapdog Scott Walker’s attempt to bust up unions. Thousands of farmers are planning to drive their tractors to Madison this coming week to stand in solidarity with their fellow workers. Farmers are calling the event the “Farm Labor Tractorcade.“ If tens of thousands of protestors didn’t sway Walker - maybe the sight of hundreds of tractors on the capital grounds will.

Meanwhile in Iowa – Democrats are preparing for a Wisconsin-like show down over collective bargaining rights. A hearing is scheduled for tonight in the state capital in Des Moines to debate SB117 – a bill that limits collective bargaining rights for public employee unions. The Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal said Republican are simply, “pitting Iowans against Iowans.”

That’s the plan. The Republicans want us to pay NO attention to the crooks on Wall Street who are the REAL cause of every state’s budget problems – and the main campaign contributors to the Republican Party. Instead – they want us to blame each other.

Let’s not fall for the gimmick.

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