Have Republicans made a Faustian bargain with the rich and don't know how to get out of it?

Who’s screwed? America's children. There are 16 million children living in poverty right now – and if trends continue – a quarter of all the kids in our nation will be living poverty. There haven’t been numbers this troubling since the Great Depression. And what do Republicans want to do?? Cut services to low-income children. Programs in the Republicans crosshairs include the Head Start programs, the Child nutrition assistance program, and an array of other education, healthcare, and support programs for disadvantaged children. So in a time of unprecedented child poverty – Republicans cut programs aimed at preventing child poverty. Just like last year in a time of historically high unemployment – Republicans wanted to cut off unemployment insurance. Just like when facing an all time high of uninsured Americans – 50 million – Republicans wanted to repeal health reform. Just like on the heels of a financial crisis – Republicans wanted to stop Wall Street reform legislation. Just like in response to the environmental catastrophe of the BP oil spill – Republicans wanted to kill alternative energy legislation and keep giving the oil industry $3 billion a year in welfare payments. And finally – just like at a time of record high budget deficits – Republican lapdogs wanted to give their millionaires and billionaire buddies a tax cut that could have paid for all the services I just described. Are these guys REALLY that tone-deaf…or have they made a Faustian bargain with the rich and don't know how to get out of it?


gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 15 weeks ago

The fascist-Nazis know how to get out of it but when Satan has a soul, he will never let it go.

Erik300's picture
Erik300 13 years 15 weeks ago

I check in with CNBC every morning and they are now running a 30 second promo piece every commercial break with Donohue interviewing Milton Friedman advocating unbridled greed and capitalism.


Paradigm Mine's picture
Paradigm Mine 13 years 15 weeks ago

Even Matt Damon is saying that Obama isn't making the quota. But I heard Matt say that with the connotation that President Obama simply isn't progressive enough. Furthermore, President Obama had the bust of Lincoln moved into the oval office... He is picking up where Lincoln left off - true republican representation. The right wing these days is just BS Fascism (gerald - you're right). All of this leads to my hypothesis for the 2012 ticket

Democratic Party: Dennis Kucinich

Republican Party: Barack Obama

Fascist Party: Some GOP puppet

What do you think Thom?

Lindawyeth 13 years 15 weeks ago

Of course they know how to get out their deal with the devil. "Just Say No." It is as simple as that. It is a choice they have made. My favorite Bible passage is the one from Matthew where Jesus tells his followers: "As you have done it to the least of these, my children, you have done it to me." The essential Christian message. Obviously, they are not Christians, no matter what they all themselves.

Frug's picture
Frug 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thom, First Having found you and your shows is the best thing since sliced bread:: These Idoits/morons are way to dumb to do anything but pound the poor: What they don't understand is unlike people abroad A lot of people have had a small taste of thier verson of the American Dream>>With that said We have a greater reason to rise against these aXXXXXXXs in a big way....Pro-life but screw the kids after they are born.......makes no sense..... IF anyone ask if Obama had a chance to win in 2012 The answer would have been NO Way But our Republican have changed the odds he'll win into 100% www.keepmeoffwelfare.com Thank U Frug

lhebbard's picture
lhebbard 13 years 15 weeks ago

They are certainly not tone deaf! It is pure and simple: GREED! They only want what they want and to the devil with the rest of us.

Uncle Geo's picture
Uncle Geo 13 years 15 weeks ago

The GOP has some well made teflon. I'm amazed at what does not stick. Voters, when asked about individual issues, favor liberal positions -but still vote for the extremist GOP.

Wisconsin is the tip of the iceberg as real world GOP policy starts to affect real people in the communities where they live. More of the GOP's coming agenda will create more very real and visible problems for citizens. And the Tea Party crazies (bought and paid for by what really have been big Republican money pots) are really heading off the rails.

I'd be tempted to think these things might trigger a shift in voter opinion, but I've been wrong before on this. The power of GOP propaganda is real and dangerous. The old saying may be true: "Americans always do the right thing -after they've tried all the wrong things".

jkh6148's picture
jkh6148 13 years 15 weeks ago

MILTON FRIEDMAN'S unbridled greed and capitalism goes hand in hand with HERBERT SPENCER'S social darwinism of the late 1800s.

THE government should help the rich live long and prosper.

THE government should let the rich exploit the working class until they die from hard work and exhaustion.

AND the government should just let the poor die off from starvation and disease because they will never amount to anything anyway and are a drain on society.

NO matter what the issue is - health care - education - unemployment - unions - a living wage - with republican politicans it all goes back to social darwinism.


UAWRetiree's picture
UAWRetiree 13 years 15 weeks ago

After 33 years in a Union, and a lifelong member of the middle class, I have absolutely no use for a republican. There is one thing that you have to agree with them about: Defunding education. If you have been following the direction of this country over the last 25 yrs, the only thing our children are needed for is their strong backs for the work force, and their corpses for the corporate battlefields.

Neither of these positions require an education. SAD.

loisgrandi's picture
loisgrandi 13 years 15 weeks ago

I don't think Republicans care about the morality of anything. Every day, their behavior and actions become more and more offensive. Yes they made a deal with the devil - and I believe that is all that matters. They have no interest or intention of getting "out of it"

jkh6148's picture
jkh6148 13 years 15 weeks ago

REPUBLICANS are just using you for votes!

THE BIBLE says ""BLESSED are the poor."""
BUT republicans consistently work to cut programs to help the poor.

THE BIBLE says """BLESSED are the peace makers.""'
BUT republicans are always ready to start a war to enrich war profiteers.

THE BIBLE says """ IT is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than
for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.""
BUT republicans consistently work to help the rich.

THE BIBLE says JESUS healed the sick.
BUT republicans consistently work against health care programs for all.

reasonjr's picture
reasonjr 13 years 15 weeks ago

I am dumbfounded everyday by the fact that there are hard working American people who are barely getting by comfortably, (those lucky to have a job; middle class individuals,) yet they come home from work everyday, turn on their Fox News or that Glen Beck show that they recorded while they were at work, and they sit down and allow themselves to be brainwashed into believing things that a half-cocked, unintelligent person would never even consider. You don't have to be intelligent at all to see the agenda of the corporate bought Republicans. I am convinced that if the politicians and corporations were to take their stolen wealth out of this country, not only would dirt poor Republicans help them load the planes, but they would be ignorant enough to hand over their last dime to them and proudly watch them fly out of America.

To answer the question however, "NO," the Republicans know exactly what they are doing and just the thought of a child dying of hunger or being unable to get an education is like shooting heroine for them. They are doing the Devil's bidding and I'm convinced that the way the Lord God Almighty will wipe the tears from our eyes will be by allowing us to stand there at the edge of Heaven and watch these theives and killers being thrown into the flames of Hell for an eternity. On that day, you will all know me because I will be the one with the biggest smile.

Mojavelyn's picture
Mojavelyn 13 years 15 weeks ago

I sent an email to Senator Bernie Sanders, because he is the only elected who will answer an email from someone not in his Constituancy.

I asked "if he could ask Paul Ryan on privatizing SS, if he was willing to double the regulations on Wall Street to prevent this fiasco from ever happening again, to put back into place the very regulations that were put into place after the Great Crash of 1929. And if Ryan and the GOP couldn't do that, then were they willing to put up a personal cash guarantee, (not a bond but fully funded escrow) of $100 Trillion to guarantee SS would remain solvent. And the GOP has to guarantee that the working class gets a fair and livable wage. It is time for the GOP and the blue dogs to put up or shut up!"

In other words, WS cannot have our money to go gamble on. There are only a few people I would give money to for gambling (other then my own entertainment), and WS and Goldman Sachs aren't on that list.

@jkh6148 On EVANGELICALS wake up!
The Republicans wouldn't know what it means to be a real Christian. They give lip service. They are not Christians, they are Paulists. They can tell you what Paul says, but they can't tell you what Jesus said. They couldn't tell you the Beatitudes, nor any sermon, nor any parable that Jesus said. But they'll quote Paul chapter and verse. Nor can they tell you that James said, "Faith without works is dead." Listen to the Evangelicals and Fundementalist sometime. I mean REALLY listen to them. "... And Paul says...!" And I always ask them, "but what did Jesus say?"

@jkh6148 On Milton Friedman Of course the Republicans or NeoCons don't want the masses to have medical. Limbaugh is proof if that. When "obamacare" goes into effect, he'll move to costa Rica, a country with Socialized Medicine. And for all his money, and I'm sure he has the best health care money can buy... he just happened to be in Hawaii when he had his heart procedure done. A state with socialized healthcare. HE wants socialized healthcare for himself and his wealthy buds, but not for the "common person." Kinda reminds you of "Let them eat cake" doesn't it?

zephyrr 13 years 15 weeks ago

I have been a Democrat all my life, but I cannot take part in donating to democracyinaction or the democratic party, since the entire Democratic Party does not support me and all the people who work or have worked and retired and belong to unions, pay taxes so politicians who do not perform can get high wages and the best health insurance possible. Why would I support democrats? I don't support republicans because they are insane, but democrats are asleep and ignoring the huge things that are happening to the citizens of America. Every day many people die because the politicians in government do not care enough to get us our human right of health insurance. We die in the streets, and in our homes of sicknesses and hunger that are curable.

Democratic leaders and Obama do not even acknowledge the struggles of democratic union workers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Illinois. It's like their union stand for the right of bargaining doesn't exist. Afraid of republicans, are you? There is no cognitive leadership and it makes me sick that Howard Dean has had such a struggle to lead the Democratic Party for a while and get grassroots participation in the party. Now, without his leadership, the dem party is of no consequence. Wake up, or do not wake up. Your choice. Be viable or extinct. The world goes on. We need a real president who will stand up for we the people, talk to we the people and perform duties that help we the people. And there are some very viable and strong candidates right now who would do that.

zephyrr 13 years 15 weeks ago

Paradigm, your 2112 ticket is right on. Good thoughts.

Jimspy's picture
Jimspy 13 years 15 weeks ago

The Republicans didn't make a deal with the Devil, they ARE the devil. The one who strikes me as more Faustian is Obama. What's HIS excuse for playing paddy-cake with the Republicans, with Big Pharma, with BP, etc.? I shudder to think...

thewonderer 13 years 15 weeks ago

I believe that all our politicians are so bought and paid for that they aren't just incapable of doing the right thing, but unable to do the right thing for fear of retribution from the lobbyists. As we all know, most of the lobbyists are former politicians. That being said, those former politicians know "things" about those still in the house or the senate and under threat of being "outed", the current politicians are afraid of the lobbyists. Just sayin'.

jmolive's picture
jmolive 13 years 15 weeks ago

I think alot of Republicans would like to disengage from the far right wing of their party but don't know how to do it. But as far as detaching themselves from the rich? One might be able to count them on hand. Worse, I'm afraid that 60 to 70% of Democrats have also made the same deal. In turn, it leaves true progressives with the quandary of whether to make a Faustian bargain with Democrats. When it's a choice between Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum are we just Dumb or Dumber?

fatfax's picture
fatfax 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thom called the koch brothers on their B/S a year ago, good job Thom !!

leighmf's picture
leighmf 13 years 15 weeks ago

Faustian Deal is the correct answer. They all know they are working for the Devil.


dgriswold's picture
dgriswold 13 years 15 weeks ago

Thom, I wish you would have someone proof these newsletters. I often find mistakes (but not in your logic and reasoning).

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 15 weeks ago

@Mojavelyn, I have to disagree with you. I have called Bernie Sanders several times because I was unable to link my address to his email. Persons answering the telephones were of no help!!!

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 15 weeks ago

@dgriswold, a person or persons can only do so much in a twenty-four day. I am surprised at the amount of information we receive in a day from Thom.

Recovering conservative2's picture
Recovering cons... 13 years 15 weeks ago

Amen to that. They republicans want the US to look like India in the 1970's. A small super rich population with everyone serving them. No min wage, no child labor laws. And the Chinese will buy them all out. It is time to stomp on the Koch roaches and neuter the poodles (lap dogs).

Mojavelyn's picture
Mojavelyn 13 years 15 weeks ago

@Gerald, I have no problem getting Senator Bernie's newsletter. However, I did email him and actually got a response to a question I had asked, whether he wrote it or a staffer did. I have also emailed Boehner and Ryan. No response from them at all. Admittedly, I am waiting for a reply to my last email to Senator Bernie. But I also understand that he is in no obligation to reply to me. I have also emailed those in my own state ... took Feinstein over a month. Boehner and Ryan want me to subscribe to their newsletters "so I can stay informed." They were elected by those in their states and they are making decisions that affect others NOT in their states and can't be bothered?

The people working for Bernie might not be seeing the same thing on their screens as you are attempting to describe, might not be that computer literate. Or might not understand what you are trying to do. If there is a messaging system here, I will attempt to help you. No promises.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 15 weeks ago

@Mojavelyn, thank you for your comment! I do not live in Vermont and I really cannot expect his staff to respond for me, a non-resident. Again, thank you!

mblady 13 years 15 weeks ago

From Ronald Reagan onward, the Republicans have convinced Americans that poor people are to blame for their situation because they're "lazy," don't want to work, are "welfare cheats," just have the wrong attitude, are practicing the "wrong" (i.e., not Christian) religion, etc. And Americans have overwhelmingly chosen to go along with this belief. Whether they're liberal or conservative, many Americans believe that if you are poor it is somehow your own fault. This goes along with the belief that this is the "Land of Opportunity." Anyone can strike it rich here in the USA. If you're not taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities that are, supposedly, here, then there is something wrong with you. That is why you are poor.

Unfortunately, most Americans won't change their harsh judgment upon the poor until they find themselves losing their homes, their jobs, etc.

I blog a lot about homelessness and poverty and have made videos on the subject. It's the rare American I meet who says, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." I've interviewed homeless people who've told me, "Homeless people are lazy and don't want to work!" When I point out that they are also homeless, they add, "Yeah, but I'm an exception to the rule. I'm talking about those OTHER homeless people." I talk to people who've lost their jobs, homes, etc., who tell me the same thing. They complain about those OTHER poor people who are applying for govt assistance and aren't really trying hard enough. "I'm different," they say. "I actually tried to get a better job."

So even the poor, even the homeless, have been brainwashed into believing that poverty is the victim's fault.

In my opinion, we wouldn't be having the problems we're having today as a country if Americans weren't going along with it. Fact is, our govt is just a reflection of what we've become: a nation of greed and selfishness. Sadly, most Americans won't let go of that mean-spiritedness until they lose it all. When things get really bad and a large percentage of Americans are living in poverty then, perhaps, empathy and compassion will rise in popularity again.

Until then the "greed is good" philosophy, begun in the Reagan years, remains popular among Americans who still believe that one day they too will be rich. (And when they do become rich, they don't want to have to give back to society by paying taxes 'cause that would mean supporting those "lazy, irresponsible" poor people who just aren't doing the "right" things in order to become successful.) (theMadBagLady.wordpress.com)

dnarnadem 13 years 15 weeks ago

As pf today, 9 March. 2011, the republican party and the Rich have declared allout war on the American Middle Class!

If they read any American History, they know what is coming. And I predict right now that they will rue the day that that they did!

These people are the scum of the earth and it is about time that they reap the wrath of the American People!

We have had Enough!

Recovering conservative2's picture
Recovering cons... 13 years 15 weeks ago

The events last night prove the Republicans have Faustian bargain. Fortunately the Republicans failed to destroy net neturality so the internet is still open and we the American people can follow the Eyptian Model and rally through the internet. We need to start recall movements in every state where a Koch roach was elected and also start ballet initiatives to collect all the tax money owed by multinational and investigate foreclosure process where banks have forged or lost the paper work. I am concerned with the Voter ID bills, the next step will be going back to the orginal definition of voter that is a property owner. Think about if the bankster throw us out of house, then they will be the only voters that is how they can out vote us.

johnmckinney's picture
johnmckinney 13 years 15 weeks ago

Evil Wicked Nasty Authoritarian Control and Greed never ends Tom!. They have their "entitled" beliefs and everyone they look down upon as "unworthy". I am using the kindest of language when I say the Russian performed a genocide on this whole class of people during their revolution.

If it were not for beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, orgasmic women! And USA has more of them than any other country! If it were not for the women of all races colours creeds and religions wiggling, bouncing, licking smiling and giggling on youtube and such, If it werent for the girls, USA would truly suck! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/user/niceassinspector

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