Have we officially returned to when the Robber Barons ruled?

We know that millions around the nation have been screwed over by predatory lenders and fine print credit card contracts – and now are swimming in debt. But can you believe that some of these people are actually being thrown in prison for going into debt? That’s right – American in the 21st century is bringing back debtors’ prisons. People who can’t pay off their credit cards can be thrown in jail in a third of the states in our nation – and since the start of 2010 – over 5,000 arrest warrants have been issued against people who owe as little as $1,000 to massively profitable corporations like Capital One.

So let me get this straight – a few years after the financial crisis where massive fraud was perpetrated by Wall Street – not one bankster is in jail – but 5,000 low or middle-class Americans who were screwed over by these banksters were sent to debtor’s prison??

It’s official - Republicans have set our country back more than 100 years – to the 1800’s – when the Robber Barons ruled and our politics were corrupted to the core.


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Berry 12 years 1 week ago

Its is possible that the States make more money from you while you sit in jail then they can get from your taxes each year? Cruel, Causing more sffering. Then again free meals and a roof over your head that is if one happens to be homeless. But I am sure no one wants to sit in jail right? That doesn't help anyone. Again It seems like we all have to pay for the mistakes our leaders, science and know it alls who think they have the answer to everything ~ One of their great master designs ,the Nuclear Plants and the thought, to put one of these things in each neighborhood around the world. I can't wait ! The people always pay in many ways for their crimes against humanity..

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making progress 12 years 1 week ago

It is our task to remember that all of the great correctives in our history never achieved political power, ever. Not The Liberty Party, The suffragettes, The Labor Movement, The Civil Rights Movement.

We have to regain that form of resistance. And it’s hard and it’s lonely. But, Simple Pride should keep us from being used by the Democratic Party again. There has to be a breaking point. There has to be a moral line that can’t be crossed.

It is our job to coldly assess reality. If we can’t understand the reality around us then we cannot even use the word hope. You have to respond to the real not the imaginary. Bill Clinton is the Poster Child for Bankrupt Liberalism. - Chris Hedges

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making progress 12 years 1 week ago

Derick Jensen - Endgame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9os1GFuWJ0

Please give voice to the Radical Left, the way you give voice to the Right Wing. I want to hear Thom debate Derrick Jensen for an hour. Please Have Derick Jensen on!

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making progress 12 years 1 week ago

"It's Very Important For Us To Start to Build a Culture of Resistance"

Dominant Culture is Killing The Planet

Derrick Jensen has been called the poet philosopher of the ecological movement. He has written some 15 books critiquing contemporary society and the destruction of the environment. His many books include "A Language Older Than Words," "Endgame," "What We Left Behind," "Resistance Against Empire" and, his latest, "Deep Green Resistance. "This is Part I of a Democracy Now's conversation with Jensen.

ese 12 years 1 week ago

maybe the GOP are so stupid they thought jonathon swift really meant we should eat children of the poor...

ps--just wanted to agree with thom's comment today that he could listen to leonard cohen all day long...i just purchased a 2nd copy of leonard's 'i'm your man' because i think the entire album's a masterpiece; not very political--but 'jazz police' is hilarious and prescient re 'patriots act' among other things--like escalating war on the poor. (couldn't find my vinyl copy....pretty large item to misplace, huh?)

also got his 'essential leonard cohen' too--fantastic compilation from 'suzanne' thru to his recent ones.

just felt like responding to Thom's remark that lightened the listening to horrible news of nuclear nightmare, another war, and the poor guy who's making sears richer by their sin of usury...aesthetic works from those like leonard cohen--and each of our own creations--help keep us human(e).

pray for peace AND fight for justice...

ese 12 years 1 week ago


ese 12 years 1 week ago


ese 12 years 1 week ago

um...my comments were addressing my wanting derrick jensen on, too. and agreement with 'strong words' that include cold assessment of reality and the accuracy of chris hedges assessment of bill c.

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rural activist 12 years 1 week ago

Of course we have returned to the time of Robber Baron's, but do you think the majority of American's will take pause from their consumption long enough to do anything about it? Some in Wisconsin did, as well as a few other states, but we have got to come together as a Nation and FIGHT BACK! I have been participating in a study group at our local Democracy Unlimited that is using the study guide provided by the Women's International League For Peace and Freedom. I believe that if every American was enlightened with this information we would have our revolution. Please encourage people to check out this study guide and discuss it with friends and neighbors, even their enemies! We are going to HAVE to put partisan BS aside and focus on corporate power and government misuse of power. Otherwise, we'll never have anything that even resembles a democracy. http://www.wilpf.org/CPOWER/10_sessions

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PeaceOnEarth 12 years 1 week ago

The writer of this article completely misrepresents how the "debtor" ends up in jail.

Anyone can can go to jail for "contempt-of-court" if they disobey a court order. Nobody goes to jail for being a debtor. They went to jail for disobeying a court order.

Typically, it's an order by the court to present themselves to see if they have any assets. If they do not present themselves, a contempt of court order can ensue. If they have no assets, they have no assets. All the bank can do is what is allowable by law, such as a garnishment of wages.

A contempt of court order can be issud for ANY violation of a court order.

The writer should do their homework or retract the article because it's a gross misrepresentation of the legal system and it creates a false sense of panic to readers during these troubled times.

Just for some perspective, there are over 20 million lawsuits filed in any given year. Only 5000 were "jailed" as purported. That's a .00025 chance of being "jailed" from any lawsuit which is just above the chances of being struck by lightning over your lifetime which is .00016.

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Jkirk3279 12 years 1 week ago

"there are over 20 million lawsuits filed in any given year. Only 5000 were "jailed" as purported. "

Ah. Having some background in Statistics, I'd like some more details.

For example, how many of those 20 million lawsuits were for people who had been bitten by dogs, found a mouse in their soft drink bottle, etc?

And how many were lawsuits against a credit card holder ? We know 5,000 were jailed.

We don't ACTUALLY know that these were all from failure to appear triggering Contempt.

If there were 20,000 lawsuits against card holders and 5,000 went to prison, that changes your odds calculation quite a bit.

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delster 12 years 1 week ago

This is actually funny ! The ultimate anti corporate resistance would be for at least half of all people

regardless of their credit rating refuse to pay so overcrowding in prison would become preposterous and the cost of housing millions would be an overburden on the state tax revenue. But...that will never happen because that is more like something conservatives would do to liberals. Liberals will just not put themselves on the line for their fellow citizens or their democracy. Liberals really have to buckle down and become intensely radical like in the late sixties. Debtors prisons could really become a rally point to cause some serious grief. There is just nothing greater than massive passive resistance. I'll go first if it comes to that in my state of Oregon and I hope the rest of the brave and free will follow.

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arthurwmathis 12 years 1 week ago

I have thought for a long time that we were returning to the time of the "robber barons". Republicans only have a love for the rich and for the corporations and NOT for the people. They work overtime to protect the rich and even more to destroy the middle-class and the working poor. All the progress that was made in the 1900's is being lost by the people now thanks to the Republicans. Also, too many of the Democrats in Washington, D.C. are helping the GOP to destroy the the USA. The Democrats need to get a backbone and stand even stronger for the people. There is still hope for the people with individuals like Thom Hartmann standing in the gap.

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rruppena 12 years 1 week ago

First off, G.W.Bush and Doug Feith should be held accountable for torture.

David Stern-top foreclosure lawyer.The forclosure process was and is a "virtual morass" of fake documents, paperwork that went missing. The Attorney General also is looking at whether Stern paid kickbacks to big banks. Fannie Mae-mortgage giant-is a gov-backed agency that provides market stability for mortgage lenders, named Stern to it's exclusive attorney network. That meant Fannie directed banks to use Stern's firm when foreclosing in Florida.

In 1998, Stern was named in a class action lawsuit alleging he padded fees on foreclosed homeowners.Stern settled for $2.2 million. Fannie continued referring cases to Stern.

Stern was sued again for sexual harassment.

2002, Florida Supreme Court reprimanded Stern for "submitting potentially misleading" fee affidavits.

Fannie fired Stern on Oct. 22nd.

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Palindromedary 12 years 1 week ago

Many prisons are getting rid of their prisoners (some, for crimes a lot more serious than not being able to pay their bills) because it is too costly to the State to keep them. And now they are trying to refill them with people who can't pay their bills? And the really bad criminals, the banksters (etal), get away with their crimes, patted on the back by the politicians, and can even get away with mass murder (Military Industrial Complex..fomenting war in far away places...reaping the blood money from those middle class taxpayers who are the only ones paying the taxes). These super criminals set the example for the rest of us...to hell with honesty and justice and all the other lies that the rich feed the ones they crush. Let the little guys fret and worry with guilt over such matters. Feed him more fantasies of earning his trip to heaven and more paranoia about some all-powerful boogieman that sees everything you do and judges you every minute. Carpe Diem! That's what the rich believe in dispite what they preach. Survival of the fittest! And so as we all look to our mentors on how to conduct ourselves...our world evolves into a cesspool of sinister, greedy, animals preying after one another. The courts, our justice system, and politicians are corrupt and effete and live the same lie as their puppetmasters, the rich, who own them. We are on the verge of total control by these legions of corrupt capitalists as the RFIDs embedded in our passports, drivers licenses, and credit cards, and if you have devices like OnStar in your vehicles, traffic cameras, and CCTV cameras watch and/or detect your whereabouts. In case you don't know it yet...some bank debit cards and credit cards have the RFID chips/with antennas embedded in them. The idea they try to sell you on is that it is so much more convenient to just wave your card in front of a detector in order to pay for things. Problem is that, theoretically, if you walk by a detector your card could be scanned without you even knowing about it. Your account could be debited when your card is scanned right from your wallet or purse. Other scenarios are also possible...your location can be detect when you pass by a RFID detector. Perhaps everytime you enter or leave a store that has the detectors at the door could theoretically tell someone monitoring it who you are, and where you are at a particular time. They would also have access to any other data...like sensitive bank card information. Warning! The following information is not intended by me to be advice and if you act upon the information then do so at your own risk and consequences. But it is all over the internet...do research...There is a way to destroy these chips in your bank cards. You can actually see a little square indentation on the back of the card where you can carefully cut the back side of the plastic card....dig in with an exacto knife... and scrape the chip out leaving the front side of the card untouched. The antenna runs all along just inside of the outside edge which you probably can't see. It is not important to destroy the antenna if you just get the chip. The chip is only about 1/8-1/4" square and the indentation can be seen if you view it at various angles. Some people just drill holes through it. You can get ideas on YouTube. I believe you would still be able to use the card for debits using the untouched magnetic strip. There is also a YouTube video of an interview of one of the stars of MythBusters on the Discovery Channel who talks about how pressure was brought to bear on the Discovery Channel by certain lawyers representing the credit card companies not to air a program on RFIDs. Of course you can also use a less destructive method of using a shield...but it's a lot cheaper just to make sure you've "fixed" the problem permenantly. Of course, if you still want to pay for your lattes the easy way then don't do anything and risk possible unexpected financial problems or being tracked in the future. The banksters love you to be more concerned with "convenience" rather than "security" anyway.

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Palindromedary 12 years 1 week ago

Woman in the SF Bay area boards her dog at a pet center while she goes on vacation to Mexico. When she gets back, she finds a small hole (about 1" in diameter) in the side of the dog. She confronts the pet center and gets the run around. She starts making comments about how badly her dog was cared for by this pet center and then she gets a letter from the pet center's lawyers threatening to sue her for making such comments on-line (bad publicity). She seeks help from a local TV station and I think the matter was finally dropped by the lawyers. One of the first tactics lawyers make seems to be writing threatening letters that they will sue. Most people will be so threatened that they will allow themselves to be bullied by those lawyers. This, I understand, has become a really big problem in that many "businesses" are now trying to "protect" themselves from "bad publicity" by getting their customers to sign an agreement (read the fine print), that you really do not have to sign (no legal basis), before they will sell you their goods or services. Isn't this basically what the medical establishment has been doing for a long time now? Getting you to sign a waver or agreement that you would not hold them responsible for problems that may occur as a result of their "negligence"? Anyway, this new thing has to do with getting you to keep you silent about complaints you have, expressing them on-line, that would be "bad publicity" and warn other potential customers away. I think we need more of this kind of thing....more on-line complaint sites...to warn people of bad business practices.

dnarnadem 12 years 1 week ago

Gov LePage of Maine is, or could be, the ULTIMATE poster boy for the conservative Party and the New Robber Barons.

Among the many other crazy policies he is pursuing in Maine is the one where he now wants to remove an art Mural from the Maine Dept of Labor that depicts various Maine Workers and Maine worker history because...ready...IT MAKES MAINE BUSINESS LEADERS uneasy as they enter the building!!! This in the Maine Department Of Labor!

Talk about stomping on Workers! Those who are actually responsible for making things in this country! (There is even talk of his wanting to repeal Child Labor Laws!)

The policies this man is pursuing here in Maine borders on the monumental ignorant! And observing what is happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Penn. and Tenn., this man wants to outdo them all, as if he is in a race to be the lowest mole in the hole!

This is a total insult to every working Man and Woman in America. This is the message that the conservatives and the new robber barons have for the American worker – you suck!

These are the type of people now running our government: Mean, Vicious, Reprehensible, Predatory, Greedy, Uncaring, and Criminal.

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2950-10K 12 years 1 week ago

In my judgement Phil Gramm has long been at the top of the list as being the person most responsible for the current REPUBLICAN DEPRESSION. If only he and his wife realized the pain and misery their money grab has caused for untold millions of working class citizens. History will not be kind to this chapter of selfish deregulation. God and FDR have mercy. Jail time!

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AlexanderE81 12 years 1 week ago

When we finally take back our country from the corporate banksters we need to take a que from Russia and create a gulag for them in Alaska (comparable to Siberia) where we can force them to break large rocks on the frozen tundra. Just a fantasy I suppose, but we can always dream. =)

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patriciat76 12 years 1 week ago

Prisoners are valued for the crimes they commit and the prisoners, represented by this value is bundled with other prisoners and sold on the stock market. Could this be a reason why the US has more prisoners than any other country in the world.? Whose the worst criminal? tried to locate the recent book about this and can't locate. See sites below


"What they are doing is selling stock in the prison system by selling the prisoners’ accounts as securities through the securities exchange. They are making huge amounts of money off it. They privatize the prisoners’ accounts and bring all these investors in and what they are doing is underwriting all these prisoner’s accounts (bonds). This is after the surety company guarantees the bonds. Then they are underwritten through an investment bank or banker. Then they are put out on the market and resold to the public." cited from address below

How to look up any prisoners number and find it on the stock exchange

"Prisoners now answer phones for corporations, make 36% of all appliances sold in the US, license plates, road construction, and various other jobs, all performed for the profits of the corporation. The corporations also collect from the states and federal governments while at the same time profiting from the contracting out of prison labor. The higher the prison population the greater the number of prisoner bonds sold on Wall Street. This is organized crime. perpetuated by private corporations who treat the prisoners as commodities." Cited from site below


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jsemanie 12 years 1 week ago

John Samuels of GE is one that should be jailed. Check out the NYT article about their non payment of taxes on billions in income. Zero Hedge also mentions it today.

Berry's picture
Berry 12 years 1 week ago

What I understood also is that the state gets about 45 thousand a year from the fed or should I say from you for each prisoner that is held.. So if that is true, just how much tax do you pay in on 45 THou each year. 2-3 thou....Of cause they get health care and many other things that homeless people may not get. I do not know what the cost is each year for one person in jail. I do know that a family of 4 can do very well on 45 thou with house exspenses Car payments etc...

dianhow 12 years 1 week ago

Lets see Thom Smirking Tom Delay finally got what he deserved. I think all the top honchos at Goldman Sachs should have to serve time or at least pay a huge fine & publically apologize for being such devious greedy crooks. DICK Cheney with his very sweet deals with big oil also deserve punishment. but I will not hold my breath. This is not the GOP I grew up with This is a whole other breed of non human heartless cretins.

dianhow 12 years 1 week ago

10 K Great choice. Former Sen & McCain close advisor Phil Gramm & his lobbyist wife made 900 K off that slimy Enron loophole deal that - wiped out Enron workers life savings / 401 K while the Gramms walked away more wealthy than ever Who said crime does not pay ? Why is it legal for lobbyists to' bribe ' our politicians ? Our system of justice sucks !

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johnmckinney 12 years 1 week ago

I owe like 5k to credit crd I cannot pay! If they throw my azz in there will ya bail me out Tom! I will sit out on the street and sell your books for a whole year! Help

BenDiesel's picture
BenDiesel 12 years 1 week ago

Thom stated in Hour 1 of Thursday's (3/24/11) show that if the Federal Governement (we) were to pay off all mortgages in America, it would amount to $1.2 Trillion which is less than the almost $9 Trillion we paid to the banks. Where can I get proof of this so I can ram this info up my local conservative radio station ass? This radio station is constantlty accusing the poor for the reasons why the housing market and our economy tanked over the last couple of years.

jaykaygee43's picture
jaykaygee43 12 years 1 week ago

We're talking about the war of the aristocracy against the peasants, aren't we?

It was amazing to watch the gathering of municipal mayors, including NYC's Bloomberg, around Charlie Rose's table. They agreed that they can't raise taxes because the largest part of tax income is paid by a small number of individuals who could move away and decimate their tax base.

While the tax bases are local (municipal or state) wealthy corporations or individuals can threaten to leave to go where the "costs of doing business" are more favorable. With Federal taxes, the choice to flee will be to Haiti or Somalia for these crooks.

After all, here they are complaining and moaning about paying the biggest share of taxes, but they've spent their campaign contributions (and bribes) to keep wage rates down so low that the rest of us don't earn enough to pay much into the taxes. The stinkin' rich want it both ways.

My real fear is that most of the folks with inherited wealth depend totally on financial advisers who are in the shoes of C. Dicken's character in David Copperfield, Uriah Heep. They are terrifying their clientele into paying them huge fees for mediocre management skills and for advice that is designed to keep them in line. Note that Buffet is not so naive about who pays the taxes and who can pay, neither is Bill Gates nor his daddy.

Jail the exploitative fund managers. (remember the punks who designed and carried out the ENRON mess?)

Chubbell 12 years 1 week ago

Start with the supreme court justices who conspired to make corporations people... "people" who can influence every election and every thought that the dumbed down populace of our nation eats up like apple pie... a la mode of course. "People" that don't pay any income tax I might add...

then I'd jail most of the previous administration for treason (see Valerie Plame), removing habeaus corpus, shielding possible terrorists (flying royal family arabs out of country following 9/11) and for fiscal irresponsibility and misuse of public funds... (see mortgaging america to pay for two wars)..

the banksters for obvious reasons and finally...

Every Moron who voted for George Bush and his band of racketeers...

Dane's picture
Dane 12 years 1 week ago

We can start with Dick Cheney,he can be turned over to whover it is in the UN who tries people for war crimes,then the Koch brothers,the CEOS of bank of America, Chase, and Goldman Sachs,we can also arrest all the CEOs or former CEOS, of companies like Mansanto,as well as the Supreme court judges who ruled in favor of all these corporations ranging from Citzens United to giving mansanto the right to patent a living thing,oh ya, lets not forget the CEOs of AIG as well.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 1 week ago


Very interesting! I checked out all those links and thank you for posting them. I knew that our prison/legal system was corrupt and had heard vaguely about how some rich people were benefitting monetarily through the prison bond system but never really understood it as I do now. It is rather complicated but then that's how they keep most of us in the dark about such things. Derivatives, tranches, slicing and dicing, repackaging, etc.

I recently had a problem with incorrect bank charges that mysteriously appeared on my bank statement...one of which, after I looked it up on the internet, realized it had something do do with a company that charges prisoners, or their families, overblown prices for phone calls that they either made or received from the outside. I have never been in prison, or jail, and don't know anyone who was, or is. And so I never made any calls to someone in prison nor received any from anyone who is. So, I was really mystified. The bank finally straightened it out after I went to them and requested an investigation. But it took a month. They credited my account for the amount that had been erroneously debited. That's why you should always check your bank statements. Debits can mysteriously show up that never was caused by POS or ATM or writing checks...or normal bank fees. I often wonder if these corporations, maybe even in collusion with the banks, are making these debits hoping you never notice. This happens with phone bills a lot as well.

fatfax's picture
fatfax 12 years 1 week ago

The baby boom generation is FINALLY realizeing Ronald Reagan was a F-in idiot and the republican machine that created and brainwashed us into loving the right and hating the left for the last 30 years was corporate right wing anti-american selfish propoganda horse-sh*t. Now its time to riot Wisconsin style and kicks some ass folks... I mean whats the alternative ???? LET'S GO KICK THEIR BLANKITY BLANKING BANKING ASSES !!

technotony's picture
technotony 12 years 1 week ago

Put the Greedy people in Jail

leighmf's picture
leighmf 12 years 1 week ago

G.H.Walker & Co.and J.P.Morgan Chase; tied for first place prisoners.

roy dahlin 12 years 1 week ago

When will the people ever unite, those damned wretched ‘ragheads’ have taught us our own lesson – Tunisia and Egypt. People have forgotten, bred out of it, their own power to amass a critical mass against these evils. Hartmann wants us to further be subservient to our masters, the ruling elite, by helping us to give up our God-given fundamental right to thwart tyranny. Just examine the models of Libya and the so-called “Amerikan Revolution” where the call to arms was necessary as a last resort.

This is why the people must demand and cause a full, international, unbiased and proper criminal investigation of the events surrounding the incident 9/11. Of course, hold those i.d.’d perpetrators accountable. When that is accomplished, then the next proper investigation gots to be of the lead up to and events surrounding the aggressive warfare on Afghanistan and Iraq. Then the next investigation would be the economic/financial collapse of Dec. ’08. At the completion of these real criminal investigations, we’ll have rounded up the major high criminals to begin to purge the cesspool and taking back control of the gov’t. apparatus.

Delster is absolutely right, unless the people unite all is lost. Folks this is the way to beat them at their own game. Rruppena is absolutely spot on, the same game is waged against the other debtors too.

Comments on 25 Mar. ’11 show:

Late on the Fri.'s show, Hartmann made some off the wall comments, I can’t sit idly by w/o speaking out. By the way, mahalo, thank you, for allowing and providing your personal e-mail adrs.

The 2d amendment is an absolute guaranteed right and not simply stricken/altered by the high court’s dicta. (the very court that gave us the Citizens United faux edict)

Courts are constituted by authority, and they cannot [act] beyond the power delegated to them. If they act beyond that authority, and certainly in contravention of it, their judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void, and this even prior to reversal. Valley v. Northern Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 254 U.S. 348, 353-354 (1920). See also Elliott v. Lessee of Piersol, 26 U.S. (1Pet.) 328, 340; Old Wayne Life Assn. v. McDonough, 204 U.S. 8, 27 S.Ct. 236.

Contrary to Hartmann’s statements, the high court does not possess the power to change, modify, amend or repeal any amendment or part thereof. There is a lawful process to accomplish the changes necessary which does not include the court, including the high court, making any of those revisions.

Each state, including the orig. 13, entered the compact, confederation or Union of Several States under the authority and framework of the Constitution of the United States of Am. Therefore, each state is subject to the provisions contained in said Const. including its Bill of Rights. If such states entering the Confederation wished to amend or change any provision contained in the Fed. Constitution, including Bill of Rights, it must adhere to the lawful process to make such changes and that does not include any state making unilateral changes of its own. It may only make it own decisions within those 9th & tenth amendments. Of course the 2d Amendment to the Bill of Rights falling outside their respective purview, each state must adhere to its mandate or seek to amend or repeal though the lawful process as specified. No state can lawfully do that unilaterally even within its own jurisdiction.

This is the precise reason why Gov. Wallace was "invaded" in the early '60's by the Fed. to enforce a Constitutionally guaranteed right of equal protection under the law and equal education no matter the color of one's skin, even if it be "nigger".

Further, the term “democracy” – Hartmann fails to mention that the term, “democracy” as defined in the Fed. Constitution applies only to members of the U.S. Congress in session and not to U.S. citizens residing in D.C. Outside the fed. Zone, the de jure indiv. and independent states are respective republics and not democracies. The mere fact each state has its own constitution makes it a republic and cannot by definition be a democracy.

Otherwise, I tend to agree w/ about 65% of what Hartmann has to offer. I definitely disagree w/ his unconstitutional, inter alia, stance on the 2d Amendment. Having said that, I respect and uphold his, Hartmann, absolute right to denigrate, although unconstitutional and anti-Amerikan, this important right to thwart tyranny especially domestically from their own gov't. officials.

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