Hooper’s wife gladly signed the recall petition against her husband

As many as 100,000 - 150,000 people showed up outside the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin to protest Koch Brothers lapdog Scott Walker’s antics last week in illegally passing legislation that strips public workers of their rights. The crowd – far bigger than any Tea Party rally ever – vowed not to give up their efforts despite many who are now calling this political battle over. In an office building near the capital – volunteers are ramping up their efforts to get signatures to recall Republicans senator who approved Walker’s bill.

One of those Republican senators – Randy Hooper may have others problems to deal with. When protestors showed up outside his home over the weekend – they were told by Hooper’s wife that he no longer lives there – instead he’s living with his 25-year-old mistress who also happens to be a right-wing lobbyist in Madison. The blog “Blogging Blue” reports that Hooper’s wife gladly signed the recall petition against her husband.

I have a feeling that in the end – what Republicans in Wisconsin did – could work out very well for Democrats, at least in that state. Not only does it blatantly illustrate the Republicans war against the working class and democracy – a war that more and more people are starting to see – but it’s also awakened a labor movement that could carry the Democrats into the 2012 elections.

As for Walker’s crony senators – let’s hope they don’t even make it to 2012 and are recalled in the next few months – and Walker himself recalled at the beginning of next year.

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