Hooper’s wife gladly signed the recall petition against her husband

As many as 100,000 - 150,000 people showed up outside the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin to protest Koch Brothers lapdog Scott Walker’s antics last week in illegally passing legislation that strips public workers of their rights. The crowd – far bigger than any Tea Party rally ever – vowed not to give up their efforts despite many who are now calling this political battle over. In an office building near the capital – volunteers are ramping up their efforts to get signatures to recall Republicans senator who approved Walker’s bill.

One of those Republican senators – Randy Hooper may have others problems to deal with. When protestors showed up outside his home over the weekend – they were told by Hooper’s wife that he no longer lives there – instead he’s living with his 25-year-old mistress who also happens to be a right-wing lobbyist in Madison. The blog “Blogging Blue” reports that Hooper’s wife gladly signed the recall petition against her husband.

I have a feeling that in the end – what Republicans in Wisconsin did – could work out very well for Democrats, at least in that state. Not only does it blatantly illustrate the Republicans war against the working class and democracy – a war that more and more people are starting to see – but it’s also awakened a labor movement that could carry the Democrats into the 2012 elections.

As for Walker’s crony senators – let’s hope they don’t even make it to 2012 and are recalled in the next few months – and Walker himself recalled at the beginning of next year.


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yankeerebel64 11 years 46 weeks ago

Fox News commercial ad......

I was watching Fox and CNN news over the weekend for the Japan quake coverage and they ran a commercial ad for endofamerica10.com it was for the Stansbury report its worth checking out it had some interesting points and some lies about Europe . I would like to know Thoms reaction to this.. The ad was total fear factor, and the video on the web site was in my opionon geared toward the wealthy watch out for rioting poor people and subscribe to my news letter and i will show you how to hide your money from the goverment ..

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making progress 11 years 46 weeks ago

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

The pillars of the liberal establishment, which once made incremental and piecemeal reform possible, have collapsed. Let Wall Street loot the national treasury with impunity. Let sleazy con artists use lies and deception to carry out unethical sting operations on tottering liberal institutions, and you roll out the welcome mat for fascism. The liberal class has busied itself with the toothless pursuits of inclusiveness, multiculturalism, identity politics and tolerance—a word Martin Luther King never used—and forgotten about justice. - Chris Hedges


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Uncle Geo 11 years 46 weeks ago

On deck: Gov can dissolve local government.

What's happening in Wisconsin is evil but you ain't seen nothing til you see what the GOP is doing in Michigan. Chilling!

From Forbes Magazine online.


And from The Michigan Messenger:


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Dane 11 years 46 weeks ago

I cant answer that, but I hope every republican is recalled,and then the rest of the republicans replaced in 2012,I hope the rest of the country finally wakes up and does the same.

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reasonjr 11 years 46 weeks ago

I hope each and every one of them will be recalled and not only lose there jobs, but get themselves a hugh fine to pay also. I would even support prison time for what they pulled. Of course, justice does not belong to the people of America nor has it for many years, so, I would'nt doubt an extreme outcome as far as this story goes and that the people were to once again receive the shorter end of the stick. The shorter end of the stick is all I would need if I were to get my hands on some of those (B-word)'s.

Lindawyeth 11 years 46 weeks ago

Well, I was in Madison for the rally on Saturday and the get-together in the evening at the Barrymore Theater with speakers including our own Tammy Baldwin and Ed Garvey, as well as Laura Flanders of GritTV (she did a live streaming broadcast so check her web site for video), Jim Hightower, and Dennis Kucinich. It is very clear that ALL of the "Republican 8" will be successfully recalled -- more people than needed have volunteered to sign the recall petitions in the next 6 weeks or so. I am thinking none of the Democrats will be recalled. That effort is being led by a group out of Utah. The Koch brothers' fronts do not have the passion we progressives do at this point. At the various rallies I have attended in Madison and Eau Claire, there were very few Tea Party folks, compared with thousands of protesters on our side. On Saturday, I did see one person with a pro-Walker sign. Wisconsinites need to remember to get out the vote and vote on April 5 for JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court to replace David Prosser. Prosser says his job is to maintain the court's conservative majority and to "complement" our Republican governor and legislature. Hey Prosser! What about separation of powers and checks and balances?

dnarnadem 11 years 46 weeks ago

What is more frightening about all this is ALL those totally CLUELESS repugs who voted for this scum! Don't they know that when (NOT IF) the next great DEPRESSION arrives, they will also be part of the rubble? I will not give them that much intelligence nor foresight!

dnarnadem 11 years 46 weeks ago

LindawyethWell, I was in Madison for

The Utah bit - is that legal? How can out of staters collect signatures that would recall Wisconsin Senators?

They should also recall the repug representatives - they are also not innocent in this travesty!

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nilky 11 years 46 weeks ago

The problem of the Republicans being so much above the law and the ethics and the reasonable conduct and conversation with everyone goes back to when Richard Nixon, the crook, was pardoned by Ford.

That we let them get by with that told them all that they needed to know, and Reagan and the Bushes romped, much to the detriment of our nation. They think that they are beyond punishment for literally anything that they do... and that seems to be true.

Bush & Cheney should be tried by the world court... they would be found guilty of war crimes, and most likely executed, if not just imprisoned for life. The bankers that caused the collapse of the economy should be jailed for life. The senators and congressmen that let them get by with it should join them.

Lying to the public, whether if be campaign promises that are impossible to keep or completely untrue slurs on your opponent or taking bribes from businesses either while or after holding office should reap prison sentences.

We need to clean up our government, from the top to the bottom, starting at the top. Otherwise we will rapidly sink into a fascist hole that is impossible to dig ourselves out of.

John from Toronto's picture
John from Toronto 11 years 46 weeks ago

The ones who have acted undemocratically are the coward Democratic senators who turned tail and ran to subvert the will of the people. As a certain president once said, "elections have consequences, and in the end, I won." Yes, elections have consequences, not only when someone on the left wins. Scott Walker won. Get over it.

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John from Toronto 11 years 46 weeks ago

That's a good idea. Let's only have people in office who agree with the simple minded Dane.

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Palindromedary 11 years 46 weeks ago

"....the rise of amoral politicians such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who posed as liberals while they sold their souls for corporate money, have left us largely defenseless."

"The only hope now is more concerted and militant disruptions of the systems of power."

"The only place left for us is on the street. We must occupy state and federal offices. We must foment general strikes."

"All we have left is the capacity to say “no.” And if enough of us say “no,” if enough of us refuse to cooperate, the despots are in trouble."

---Chris Hedges... http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/power_concedes_nothing_without_a_dem...

nilky's picture
nilky 11 years 46 weeks ago

The president who said that, like you, was a jackass.

I have a feeling that the supreme court will decide this, and you will be even unhappier than you are now. We shall see what the will of the people actually is after the recalls are tallied.

"The People" did not want this. The assholes wanted this. The republicans lied to get elected. Pick a side... although I already know where you stand.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 46 weeks ago

Well, I hope that whatever Democrats, who manage to oust Republicans, are true Democrats and not sell-outs to the rich. But I believe that we shouldn't have the wool pulled over our eyes in thinking that just because Democrats are in the majority everything will change. We voted on change once and had a majority; but, Blue dog Democrats...including Obama... sold us out. I think that that's how the rich play the game. They'd love to have hard core Republicans in overt control but they will settle for useful idiot Democrats that can be bought off, sell out their base, and act as a sort of temporary buffer to keep the people temporarily stymied so that they can then, covertly, use the bait and switch tactics to get what they want anyway. They can always continue to play the game of keeping just enough hope alive that things will be different if we can just gain a Democrat majority and know that they can use that smoke and mirrors tactic over and over again as long as the people continue to believe that they have no other choice. The uprisings in the streets are a great first step to fight back.

nonclassical's picture
nonclassical 11 years 46 weeks ago

I warned people 2 years ago that "Weimar Republic"(con) was possible. It is here, and the posts included here are the reasons.

This is an effort, by corporatizing profit$ for corporate campaign contributors, to drive the U.S. to Mussolini fascism specifically by PRIVATIZING all publicly funded infrastructure, taxpayer payed for, which will (like Obama's intent to devolve-"privatize Social Security") cause taxpayers to pay corporate profits while democratic access to any say or discussion of said services is emasculated. AND, perhaps more importantly, when taxpayers protest or eventually revolt, this will call for "martial law", and military authoritarianism. We will, as events play out, be living under fascist military dictatorship--Pinochet style. The original 911 was 1973, and involved CIA extermination of Alliende'.

It would be best for people to go beyond Howard Zinn, to William Blum's TRUE history of CIA="Killing Hope". Thiis book is so thoroughly documented-footnoted, people who didn't live through it will be amazed. And it's not just Alliende'-it begins with the beginning of CIA. Do people know about "Operation Phoenix", or "Operation Northwoods"? Are people aware of South America, 70's and 80's, and how (Perkins' book-"Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man") that pertains to Michigan "legislation" posted here?

nonclassical's picture
nonclassical 11 years 46 weeks ago

Where IS OBAMA??!??

It is absolutely unacceptable he is NOT in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, WITH THE PEOPLE!!

He has codified so much Bushit...he has refused to end Bushit taxcuts, which as Thom defined, along with 20% reduction of military budget Bushitters DOUBLED, not including the off the books 2 "wars", would END budget deficits--SOOOOO, Obama is also doing a Scott Walker-freezing federal worker pay for 5 years while giving Bushit buddies tax breaks!!?!! AND, the upcoming budget "debates" will mean Obama will devolved Social Security, after tax breaks!

Obama needs to go away-"Russell Feingold 2012" plllleeeezzzzzz.....

yankeerebel64's picture
yankeerebel64 11 years 46 weeks ago

John from Toronto if you are really from Toronto this doesnt concern you . If you are a Koch brothers employee then suck it the democrats did what they had to do to stop the vote Scott Walker had it without them illegally It aint over till the fat lady sings and right now she aint singing cuz she is choking on vomit from the sickening attack by the replublicans on the backbone of this country the american working class so that light you and Scott Walker see at the end of the tunnel is just a frieght train loaded with democracy and its coming your way better duck and cover..

dnarnadem 11 years 46 weeks ago

yankeerebel64 John from Toronto if you areCouldn't of said it better myself!! Yes, duck, because all of you RICH tax sucking stealing degenerates are all going to join the unemployment lines in America! And yes we will re-distribute your wealth BACK to the very people who created it - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!And to all you Obama hating Americans - get over it! If you have a better plan or idea then RUN FOR PRESIDENT next time and stop al the un-godly whining!!! You'd think you just entered a nursery of 2 month olds!

Jkirk3279's picture
Jkirk3279 11 years 46 weeks ago

Yeah, the "emergency managers bill" would allow an army of political appointees, elected by nobody, sweeping power.

They could go to any Democratic area, claim they were there to balance the books, and shove the local Mayor out of power.

Void any contract. Seize any public asset, like power plants, land, resources. And sell the asset with no-bid contracts to their friends.

Want to be these "emergency managers" will only appear in Democratic areas with something to steal?

dnarnadem 11 years 46 weeks ago

As Ed Shulze stated on his show tonight: don't the repugs know that this is COMMUNISM! This is exactly what the communists did in Russia. Don't the "Pee Party" folks know that they will also be part of this middle class killing onslaught? That they will also lose their jobs? That they will also be affected by all this middle class killing legislation? If they don't then they all need to get their brains scanned!

But the repugs have another agenda - destroy the middle class - eliminate the minimum wage - cheap labor - privatize everything - tax breaks for the rich - from which they will get from, or try to get, from the poor.

This is scorched earth tactics and it will most fortunately come right back and bite them all right in the !ss!!

Elioflight's picture
Elioflight 11 years 46 weeks ago

Well, said. Let's take the money out of the election process. We CANNOT get anything accomplished until we do that first. When the politicians have no incentive to listen to money, they will have to listen to those who vote and ACUTALLY pay taxes.

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