It's a FAKE threat while there is a REAL threat to America...

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Peter King’s hearing into American Muslim communities was a circus yesterday – with some of the most sensational and baseless accusations being hurled at Muslims. Republicans on the Committee and Muslim-haters who were called to testify tried to say that the hearings were no different than the numerous investigations into Nazi war crimes…huh?! They also argued that our nation’s constitution has been “surrendered to jihadists.”

An LA county Sheriff testified saying that most Muslims, “don’t even know what the Koran is all about.” Another witness argued that it would be “impossible” for the US to ally with a Muslim nation. And Republican Jeff Duncan said he was “outraged” that President Obama has not singled out Muslims as an enemy to America. Yes – this is the kind of insanity taking place within our nation’s government thanks to Peter King and the other hysterical lawmakers within the Republican Party.

Ultimately – it’s nothing more than a distraction to keep the America people petrified of a FAKE threat while the REAL threat to America – the selling off of our democracy to transnational corporations – is ignored.

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